<ST>  Manifesto and Purpose of Resistance 1994-1999

 :: (I n f o r m) at i o n  ::

<ST>Shrum Tribe is nondefinable: past definition. In a non-world of hyperinformation where the Now is the Past and where the Past cannot be defined, out-of-context, an historical anomoly, Shrum Tribe does not define itself in this state of flux. <ST>

<Side> projects: mission (o1): produce techno and experi-mental focused concept-events mainly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Events are sonically focused upon experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what is defined as "musik".

music”: arcane definition

(militant) techno are/is not the only focus (eye-stract); the sounds
range from drum n'bass to dub to minimal to abstract noize to ambient to .!>@. ‘e’vents are designed with a focus and a vision in mind <ST> try to envelop the par/tic/ipant in a full habitat of audio, visual, tactile and olfactory

participant-driven experience does not make you think, sweat, cry, laugh or be left in a general disarray of confusion-malfunctions mission (ob/sub)jectives have not been sufficiently assigned. we have not done our job.

Shrum Tribe is not a "rave" (denies)
we do not want to be bound by those restrictions.

history: Vancouver area since 1992.


<ST> Purpose of Resistance




The passion and desire to FUCK the mainstream and create events that subvert the bland status quo of society's low expectations of "high art" as an entity stuck to gallery walls in non-interactive forms;

The passion and desire to FUCK the rave mainstream and actively construct and create necessary TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zones) with artists dedicated to altering their environments and the minds and bodies within in the spirit of generousity and non-profitalism;

The passion and desire to DARE to do something different, to see musik as a vehicle for social action on a larger scale, however small our victories and great our losses, in order to show the politik that we will not be controlled and harassed unto conforming to their stagnant, anti-human and repulsive laws;

The passion and desire to see our wishes of FREEDOM to express and to gather and to dance and to be a tribal-entity and a community REALISED;

The passion and desire to do this PEACEFULLY, but with ACTION.

subversion--normative resistance--deconstruction--occupation--musik

>>An appreciation for the subtlies in the vehicle of our resistance:<<

>>the continually evolving innovation of MUSIK, in the form of styles<<     >>which have not fallen to stagnantation and commercialisation<<

>>a realisation of the history, roots and real life of such Musik<<

>>and those who wish to LIVE it<<