::r a i n   r e p o r t::
1: ST Action:  q o r k/oddity (o10.o24.o98)
2: )))))))))Sonic Terrorism((((((((
3:  cl au st ro ph ob ia
3: troop m o v e m e n t s
4: Aural-Mind Stimuli
5: d.prg
7: Adden-dumb
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..s  h  r   u m  t r  i  b   e..
q o r k/oddity
o10 . o24. o98
with aural-operators:
Forest Green
(Oakland, CA)
forest lives in her own warehouse in oakland.
she spins techno from hard to swedish to minimal.
she does it with style.
(ST, vancouveR)
tobias sucks.
dub gnostic
(Together 604 Network
Bug Girl Sound, vancouveR)
dub gnostic has been doing this for way too long.
. night of techno haus resistance.
.a  r e s istance. .
. sonic terrorism. 6o4.444.8o24.
. more intelligence only on sT.
        p ro p a ga n d a
::transmission:sonic terrorism::
after the sonic-shut down of new moon o2 and the subsequent
mainstream Po-Lice recommendation to the RAVE the next night.
after Shrum Tribe has been regathering resources and intelligence for
a further Sonic AsSalt-
after the n o i z of everyday traffic of sirens of car alarms of muggers
of dogs of the dishwasher the car starting the computer hum the dryer the modem
the local biker on his harley drone the kids screaming baby crying feed me people on TV wanting money checkout girl it's busy a dangerous walk across the street in front of the cappucino machine and loading docks while mowing the lawn ferry boat horn resounding we losesoundwelosesoundwelosesoundwelosesound s o u n d
(( s i l e n c e ))
sonic- assault. we reclaim sonic terroritory in the heart of the city. the loss of public space is further undermined by the loss of public sound-free aural peace.
after we reclaim the space and detriment the peace.
qork: sonic terrorism:
::cl au st ro ph ob ia::
90 minutes in a box.
techno . m in imal. electro.
@ bassix, mekanix, futuristic flavour
by mail tobias@techno.ca
::troop m o v e m e n t s::
::oct. o5 Mark Spybey, James Plotkin, Damo Suzuki band
        the Gate, Vancouver. 1-206-343-0716
::oct. o6 dub gnostic @technocracy, the Savoy, Nanaimo
::oct. o7 Pilgrims of the Mind @ Luvyourhair
::oct. 24 q o r k/oddity 444.8024
::oct. 25 Dj Spooky @ Sonar, van.
::every thursday: Fission @ the Pit Pub, UBC. no cover.
                        o8: Neb Eliven, 15: Chris-Bee, 22: Kultcha,
                        29:Midnight. a cheap night in the Pit of Hell.
::aural-mind stimuli::
http://www.fm961.com/english/reale.shtml (little T/Renee and guests)
http://jungle.syspace.co.uk/jungle/home.html (jungle RA)
www.groovetech.com   (What's New-Jacob London RA)
http://www.hyperreal.org/~bit/heatsync (Heatsync MP3s)
www.urbansounds.com (interview with I-F (electro, germany))
www.motor-web.com/ThirdEarth/ (Detroit artist Abdul Haqq)
(order energy flash UK edition)


||d. prg||


On August 22nd a group of people threw a small and modest party here in
Edmonton, Alberta, which went by the name "Build." Our event was
designed to be an attempt to start something new in Edmonton's
party scene and spark interest in new music and in a more authentically
"underground" approach.
"We" here refers to a group of us who have chosen to go by the name
D.PRG, pronounced "de-program." The name reflects our desire to
consciouslly resist the efforts of those that Mad Mike from Underground
Resistance terms "the programmers": the mainstream media, the
government, corporations, and political parties.
The intent of our parties is to broadcast this message and to provide a
venue for music that is genuine in spirit and avoids cliche and hype,
regardless of what category it may fall into. Nevertheless our focus
is primarily in Detroit techno, minimal techno and house, tech-house,
experimental noise & ambient, as well as tech-step and experimental drum
'n bass -- i.e. "the good stuff."
We intend on growing our network of interested individuals by word of
mouth and by email. In the near future watch for our web page which
will feature RealAudio (as well as MP3, etc.) clips from D.PRG DJs and
musicians, pictures from BUILD and other events, announcements of
upcoming parties, random propaganda clippings, and tactical linkages.
In the meantime we urge those interested, whether they are located in
Edmonton or not, to subscribe to the D.PRG mailing list. If you wish
to be included, contact ryan@techno.ca and I will add you ASAP.
1. http://www.techno.ca/shrumtribe
2. 604.444.8024
3. Do any agents have copies of ST o2 ?
4. I just wanted to warn everyone that there is a nasty flu going
around in Seattle. I got one at a party last weekend from drinking
water from a common bottle. The symptoms include sickness, throwing up,
__Shrum Tribe denies all involvement__
List Direktor
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