:::in the mix tonight:::
1. Sound and Visual reports
2. Upcoming Airdrops
3. Beating the Establishment
_Sound and Visual_
feat. tech-house from starbass records. 8pm-12am tonight (tuesday).
Weird and amazing JavaScript in a mission i haven't figured out.
Kevin Saunderson grilled, Neil Landstruum next week.
Jeff Mills combats Jockey Slut. June/July issue.
Underground Resistance music for militants.
History of techno (left over from NWR battle).
More leftover battle artillery.
Detroit and Japanese techno artists. Need japanese decoder on browser.
Agent Juan Atkins.
Swedish agent Adam Beyer.
////Be Prepared for these Airdrops/////
ONE        26 Sept. 213-960-1671 location:LA
              Thomas Chrome, Chris Liebing, Neil Landstruum
ex-CAN    Oct 4 Fenix, Seattle
                Oct 6 Vancouver ( tba )
                Damo Suzuki and Michal Karoli formerly of Can.
                James Plotkin and Mark Spybey opening.

///.../report from Agent Kuma///START.Influence Can have had on the sounds you are listening to today is immense. Somewhere, sometime, they have played a part in someones listening experience. This will be the first time that members of Can have played together ever in North America. Mark and James are promoting a new album called "a peripheral blur" which is gonna be released in the next two weeks on Kranky Records.STOP.If you have a passion for ambient, experimental or tribal musics, or if you just happen to be into new sounds, you must go check out this once in a life time opportunity.STOP.

 ?        Cambell River B.C. early october. t e c h n o.


///action successful: establishment retreats///

Negativland finds a pressing plant.
USA - $16. Canada - $18. Europe, UK - $20. Japan , Australia, etc. - $22.
Send check payable to NEGATIVLAND or well concealed cash to-
1920 Monument Blvd. MF-1
Concord CA 94520 USA
Intelligence gathered by tobias@techno.ca
Information from the front welcome.
Please notify of events 5 days in advance minimum.
shrum tribe
*Peace ? It's something you have to fight for.
*Love ? We want it if you mean it.
*Unity ? Not if it means I have to wear the same clothes as you.
*Respect ? It's something you earn.