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<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>
    jan. 30 <de.lurk>
    feb. 06 moebius
    feb. 20 ? (tbc)
    feb. winnipeg (tbc)
    march ? (tbc)
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
2. >><STC>
meeting 015 underway
conclusions next post
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra Live broadcast
Hello My Name is Unit.
Seattle hip-hop.
Underground Resistance Live in London
http://www.thewomb.com Anthrax 10pm-12am EST mon.- house
http://www.realhamster.com/ For a Limited Time.
Third Eye Tribe website.
<modernmusic list>
I have started a mailing list, modern music, dedicated to the more intangible and theoretical, as well as important financial/copyright aspects of making, recording, promoting, and selling music in this incredible era, as, with the advent of the web, the old industrial model of distribution and marketing crumbles, and we can do an end-run, for a few years, anyway, around the stranglehold the megalithic corporations and organized crime have on the music industry.
modernmusic is dedicated to all facets and concerns of today's modern composer, recording artist, producer, record label, musician: web distribution, promotion, MP3 and related technologies and how they can be harnessed to our advantage ... piracy issues, copyright and royalty issues in this nascient distribution model ... resources (manufacturers, magazines- on and offline - other lists, websites, etc.) ... marketing and selling music that is neither exactly DJ nor radio friendly at present ... and music that is DJ & radio friendly, as well ... pitfalls of dealing with distributors, labels, and so on.
Self-promotion is welcome. Spell-checking is encouraged. Anybody in a flamewar who writes a message containing three or more typos will be bounced from the list. However, the courteous exchange of ideas and information is the goal of modernmusic.
Please join us.
Yours on the infobahn to happy destiny,
Knox Bronson
Here are some useful email addresses (you can also find them on the mailing list page at the http://www.instrumentality.com site):
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Bio-Mechanical LoveBomb Vignettes: http://www.instrumentality.com
Yoshi, the Premier Art-Pig of the Internet:
||24 Hours of Radio Art||
CiTR 101.9FM presents
in association with The Western Front
        24 Hours of Radio Art
        on Art's Birthday
        january 16 midnight saturday to
        january 17 midnight sunday
JANUARY 17. 1999
live perfomances by, on real audio:
Tetsuo Kogawa from Tokyo- live
Vienna Art Radio- live
as well as Noiz-R
and special guests from New York- live.
To be broadcast on 101.9fM and on http://www.front.bc.ca
In 1963, French artist Robert Filliou claimed that art was born one million years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. He declared Jan 17th an international paid holiday in honour of art's birthday, so everyone could take off from work and school to celebrate and make presents for/of art.
The idea is that maybe there could be two days of holiday, then three, then four until a million years from now art's birthday would be 365 days a year and we could go back to living life.
This is a unique radio event in honour of Art's 1,000,036th birthday. Tune in for experimental and innovative sounds: soundscapes, collage, mixing and sampling, live improv, radio plays, readings, non-sequitors. Jam sessions with local and international artists at midnight, noon and 7pm PST. International collaborators include Tetsuo Kogawa from Tokyo and Vienna Art Radio.
"Art is what makes life more interesting than art." --Robert
Filliou. Call Anna at 822-1242 for more info.
<It must be noted that Kim does not mean "techno" in the Detroit sense and these projects do not relate strictly to Techno musik. t.>
s c e n e ... n o t ..... h e r d !
Scene Not Herd is a non-profit venture dedicated to
exploring unique forms of music,expression, and thought.
One of its functions will be to spread information via a printed,
black-and-white magazine which will be funded with as little
advertising as possible and distributed throughout Seattle
(and possibly other cities as well). Some of the subjects included will be electronic music and the surrounding culture, philosophy, current relevant social issues, poetry/creative writing, and anything else that touches or expands the mind, heart, or soul of the reader.
Scene Not Herd will be funded by donations, subscriptions,
and small, concept-oriented techno music events. These events
will not be "raves", nor will they be promoted as such. This idea comes as a result of my frustration with the current state of techno-culture. I feel that this concept will help provide an important communication forum for those who are not online,
and hopefully will encourage innovation and creativity as well -
in events and in other areas. It will also be a place for the numerous artistic and eloquent members of the community to share their visions with others.
I would like as many people as possible to get involved (assuming they are seriously interested and will put effort and spirit into whatever they do.)
For more information, visit the Scene Not Herd webpage at:
Just for DJ's. Low cost DJ recording.
$20 hr for Hard Disk recording.
If you only record for a 1/2 hour it's only $10 (go figure)
Mastering to DAT : $35
to Tape or CD-R : $30
(CD-R coming soon)
Small run copies will be available.
:/troop movements:\
jan15(SF) Paperclip People @Kate O'Brien's (howard@soma)
jan16(pdx) Nuclear Family 6 Dj Pierre NYC @Zoot Suite
jan23(vic) Dumbfast Drastik, Kuma $10
jan29(sea) Hydrogenated Funk Release Party
                    Carlos Miguel/Drazil on 4 decks
                    Toiletduck (jacob london/technoWest) 
                    206.515.9833 tix @ Delicious 5$
jan30(sea) HARDCORE v.o1 Nitsuj, Kris Moon
                at CIX NIN XOO $10
feb06(van) Mobius// algorythim tobias $12, 916-1311
            part one of a 3 part Speed Records series.
feb27(sea) Delicious Green Velvet/Cajmere, Kenny Glasgow
Last night, with the help of high blood alcohol levels, some friends and I, (through a very messy and somewhat ugly chain of events,) reached a point in the evening where:
1) one young man was gagging himself with a hot quarter inch input that was lining into a distortion box, which lined into a sequence of two guitar amps which were cranked. (you can probably imagine the sound that this produced)
2) another young man dropped on Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" CD lining the output of the player into a flage which was not working correctly, feeding into the same amps.
3) another young man was smashing his own furniture (including full reclining chairs) onto the hard wood living room
4) all were contributing to smashing lamps and bottles against the floor and the walls while running and thoroughly smashing everything in site
5) I contributed to beating the back of one of the local "noise" fellows with a jagged broken broom stick and whipping large wine bottles at his car as he sped away.
The cops did indeed arrive, likening the look of the house to his "old days in the fraternity!"
I think the most beautiful thing is that I recorded the events (from
completely sober, to 7 hours later of pure frenzy) by intermittently recording the audio of the joint onto my handheld recorder. And to think, the last time that guy had a party, burning his garage down to the ground was nothing compared to last nights events.
list direktor tobias@techno.ca