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http://www.absolutvodka.com/ commercial history of the dj movement
http://www.velocity.net/~galen/psexfaq.html erotic animalia
http://www.hungryghost.co.uk/forsale.txt rekkids for sale
http://www.mcluhanmedia.com/mmclpb01.html marshall mcluhan
http://reports.guardian.co.uk/articles/1998/7/17/11774.html watchya !
http://www.techno.de/love98/ love parade--berlin
http://www.braverave.com christians say rave is bad
http://www.foundkids.com christians say rave is good
http://www.n2it.net/finalscratch/index.html mixing MP3s
-the nature of intelligence
http://www.kiss.uni-lj.si/~k4fg0073/ Expire and Absense labels
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http://www.fiesta.be/ilovetechno Berlin techno event RA
-classic house mixes from 1979 and onwards: Frankie Knuckles, etc.
http://dancemusic.simplenet.com/ more classic house mixes
`interview: Thomas Brinkmann: creator of Concept:vr:96
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nov.27 BUY NOTHING DAY .be a good consumer.
nov.28 <pdx> funkshun. john howard (sf) (503)727-3368 7th&market
nov.28 <sea> downlow. ambient improv. 206.568.8533
dec.o3 <van> namaste. Herbert live (UK). Sonar. hard candy.
            charity event for White Ribbon-
            men against violence against women
dec.12 <van> X-Mas II. teamlounge presents:
Pilgrims of the Mind live (map)
Dan Handrabur (nettwerk)
enkephaline (sea)
& ambient & dnb djs
>REDneckWHITEtrashBLUEmovie XMAS
> 1998 TOUR
> Pigface (will post names once confirmed!)
> Thee Magesty (Genesis P-Orridge, Larry Thrasher, Brian Dahl)
> Sow (Anna Wildsmith)
>Wed Dec 16 Eugene, OR WOW Hall
>Thu Dec 17 Seattle, WA Fenix
>Fri Dec 18 Portland, OR Roseland Ballroom
>Sat Dec 19 San Francisco, CA Martime Hall
"if people are saying, 'We don't want The Prodigy becoming popstars.'
Don't worry because we won't." -Liam Howlett '95
You have to be critical of your media sources and their motives.
Quite a feat when you consider I was tired and had just had a martini.
"That's our goal," said neuroscientist Anne Blood, who conducted the study
at McGill University in Montreal.
Consumerism, IS a plot. It IS a plot by advertising companies, corporations and governments, all groups of people with one similar group mentality: to make a shitload of money with no concern for the people involved.The full-force of consumerism today as a pablum force of degenerate lowest common denominator thought and policies for the masses need not be necessary.
Subversion implies a certain dedication to constant critique and observation to try and make subversive choices and to realise the consequences of your actions.

The movement is against the way of mass-consumerist thinking which, believe it or not, is not a priori knowledge but something we have corrupted ourselves to become. We weren't born to partake in advertisements. And we do not have to have mass corruption of original ideas. I could be pessimistic and say that the majority are sheep and so there is no hope in creating a sense of value, purpose and discovery in humanity past the great wisdom of the Spice Girls, but I can't afford C4.

The spirit, ideology, whatever of the underground is a method of rejecting mainstream because the information process (read advertising) of the mainstream in fact contains no real information at all but is blatant propaganda about what has become dog shite after it has been realised for years in the underground, before being made more palatable for the weak sphincters of the masses. And there is no point in having "spirit" if you do not follow it with ACTION, for anything less is an armchair hypocrite.
And most certainly Commercialization CAN take this away.
But I will also admit that to constitute being an underground person is something quite difficult.
I think that the difference is that people are looking for the underground in all the wrong places.
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