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1. <ST> communique
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3. Dandelion Collective
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<ST> communique
1. <ST> new year's eve
            NO EVENT scheduled
            stay tuned for january event
            possible date jan 24 more tba
2. <STC> first meeting to be held in the new year
               interested in joining contact tobias@techno.ca
               <ST> group resistance
3. http://techno.ca/shrumtribe
    604. 444. 8024
http://www.v-records.de/audio.html dj Rush and others RA
http://bentcrayon.com thomas brinkmann live MP3- remixer of Concept
http://www.matador.recs.com/news/index.html matador signs Pole
http://emil.techno.org swedish house/techno
http://www.tbp.mb.ca/audio/ Winnipeg's Venetian Snares
http://pages.prodigy.net/pointofview Mad Mike (UR) radio show
http://www.flyfm.net/html/djs_bio_detroit.html as above
http://www.theservice.net/audio.htm Teak RA: jungle/trip house
http://www.teamlounge.com/dj_main.html jungle RA via Link
http://www.hi-jack.com/realaudio/djintox7_1.ram dj Intox 1
::dub gnostic online::
http://techno.ca/dj    "dub gnostic"     new smells for floyd
                                                       strange primate
http://www.s6313.com/html2/main.html detroit e-zine sigma6
http://www.e-sheep.com/ another e-sheep edition
burning man photos
your christmas needs::
http://goon.stg.brown.edu/bible_browser/pbeasy.shtml Bible
<<the Dandelion Collective>>
join The Achene from this web page :
Think . Design . Act . Create . Play
1. reverse switches on 1200s call 773-581-JAMS (Hot Jams Records)
    They cost $150 a turntable.
2. Sniper Dub Plates. Toronto. (416) 256-7682, Roy.
    10" acetate, 7mins 10secs per side, $85 CDN 
||troop movements||
dec.17 (vic) ED RUSH @ Legends. 8$ Boomtown. jungle.
dec.19 (pdx) Nuclear Family 5 <STACEY PULLEN>
            tix @ Starbass pdx & Platinum sea $15 adv. $20/door
NYE (van) Come Together. Micron, Tobias. http://loungex.com/e_together
NYE (montreal) celebration 99      
                university of montreal physical education centre
                            info 514.723.CREW
                                        7000 tix only. door $90
I am presently looking for my socks.
They were last seen flying off my feet during Claude Young's set at Phryl. The precise moment may or may not have been his DMC battle style solo, which ended with him pointing casually at the record which kicked in so hard every raverkid in a ten mile radius swallowed their pacifier. "Daddy Drinks Because You Cry"--
Man: God IS dead. And here is the body to prove it.
God is only a symbol of God
God is only a symbol God of
God is only a of God symbol
God is only a of symbol God
God is only a God symbol of
God is only a God of symbol
God is only God a symbol of
All this makes trance a populist, accessible alternative.
Our Gross National Beats Per Minute is at its lowest point since 1991.
And this type of thinking is the type of thinking I wish to eradicate.
Musik is not a commodity. It is an experience, it is life, it is art.
This does not mean that artists cannot sell their musik. It just means
that musik should be freely available and easily transferrable. Copyright laws only support the artists who can afford to sue, and those are the ones rich enough-- the mainstream pop stars. The underground artists couldn't give a damn because the copying of their musik helps it spread the regonition of the artist itself. In a case like techno (i.e. mixtapes), it is this sort of collage which is essential to the very musik itself, and if it is pushing back such stagnant laws of capitalism, then those stagnant laws be damned-- they should be torn down.
We should embrace new technology, not puritanize it.
We should be controlling the technology to allow the free expression of art and musik--
not allowing capitalism to control us by the almighty dollar.
"You can activate different parts of the
brain, depending on what music you listen to."
604.444.8024 info
list direktor
"The theater is closed
Cut word lines
Cut music lines
Smash the control images
Smash the control machine."
- william s. burroughs