In the Mix Tonight
1. q o r K.oddity
2. RA and lynx
3. Movements
shrum tribe presents
sept.24 1998
localised resistance
forest green
(oakland, california)
dub gnostic
(Bug Girl Sound, Together 604)
information required for participation:
-transportation required. this may/could be a mobile event.
-warm clothing required. outdoor locations utilised.
-capitalist funding for parking required in metal form.
-weirdness, art, performance, NO SPECTATORS rule applies
as always to all ST areas of resistance.
:location-maps will be available from bassix for $5 with this password:
:call infoline with the location-map to understand our resistance location.
:a pre-event will be held sat evening with DJ Forest Green. info forthcoming.
infoline 444-8024
ST map needed to navigate
RA & Lynx .techno sets. .US pir8radio. weirdness. .techno label, RA, dj resource, links.  .apocalypse millenium visions.
(link to techno-novel) future visions of music and art incl. Pablo Fiasco.  swedish rekkid store  noise webzine
oct. 16 Foundation, pdx. Brian G (chi), Lanier (chi), Aaron (Sea). 503-973-1505
oct. 16 Motherfunk, pdx. Liquid Soul, Q-Burns Abstract Message.503.727.JIVE
oct. 18 Bang on the Can All-Stars, van. Arts Club Theatre, Granville Island.
oct 18-20. MixMove, paris. DJ Expo.
(ST) oct. 24. q o r k/oddity, van. Forest Green, Tobias, dub gnostic.604.444.8024
Evil Eddie Richards in British Columbia
Tuesday October 27th - Mark Ambrose- 5-0 - Vancouver
Wednesday October 28th - Eddie at Marrs - Vancouver
Wednesday October 28th - Mark - Victoria
Thursday October 29th - Eddie & Mark - Vancouver "intimate
Friday October 30th - Eddie and Mark - Vancouver
Saturday October 31st - Eddie and Mark - Victoria
.Shrum Tribe.
.Plastikman unreleased.
604 . 444 . 8024 infoline.
spinning for 8 years, holyshit.............
do you own all of your own equipment..........
how much will they pay you for a 2 hour set............
whats your dj name???
how many records do you own?????????????????/
how often do you do parties...
do you only spin at raves or at clubs as well??
djs probably get alota bitches eh?
write back wit answers
..Shrum Tribe denies all involvement..
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