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    . BUNKERpostponed till later date for techno assaultBUNKER
    be prepared for a sonic exploration of loud extremes and hard levels
2. ARTVC::more tba. outdoors. winter. techno. <ST>
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slowly the formation of the <ST> collective is supplying critical mass.
agents are becoming sancrosanct and realised. further rekon is always
appreciated and wanted. contact the list direktor.
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!! IT is IMPORTANT that all <ST> members understand the following !!
::ALL <ST> events are to be kept unrecognised by the PUBLIC::
-NO public reportage shall occur of any <ST> event or mention of any ---<ST> politik, philosophy, theory, occurrence, style or personage---unless it is deemed appropriate by the <ST> Collective and List Direktor.
::warning shall be issued to those in breach of procedures::
!::the official <ST> policy is one of secrecy::!
::official reply if enquired about <ST>--
<ST> denies all involvement
::send the inquirer to http://techno.ca/shrumtribe::
::or 604.444.8024::
--dissemination of information is controlled to maintain focus--
:: further rekon: Q O R K ::
got to the house portion of the event around 11pm. confusion, nobody quite knew whos party it was.. i was pretty sure i was in the right place, drawn towards the musik. this could be no ordinary house party with music this good after all. squeeeze into the important room, figure out a bit more what is what, see d-gs at the decks, it's good. clarity acheived. begin physical re.activity to music, f- is on now, reinforcing why i came.
techno. of course. tides of space seemingly disjoint from the music, dancing bigger then | de.limited | by people. mental focus folds in upon itself funneled to the (re-)source. switchup ground falls out and landing on
oldschool-y hiphop... hits me hard for a bit but not where my mood is at, move to the sideline listen & observe. floor taken by new crowd, dirty dancing style - mixture of perplexion amusement interest. move outside, cool off. meet listees, which is good. things get sorted, get on the go. environment change, more listee wanderings. environment acquired --- - music begins, invoking purposeful action by participants, various forms noted. spectators noted >>> intent vs instantiation. but there is nothing to see. the action cannot be nicely packaged and watered down for easy consumption, participation is a necessary condition for comprehension. observed from the outside looking in, and it has not be observed at all. spectation meets itself: nil in, nil out : and is gone. aesthetic juxtaposition noted. intent noted. accident fills the spaces left by intent, for reality is too complex to be fully intentional. the only reelly sketchy part a strange incomprehensible "conversation" I was coerced into with a drunk "biker" type fellow. He kept asking me questions with the purpose of finding out if I was drunk/high and when I was not, he called me a punk and proceeded to "crystal-gaze" telling me somebody was going to make me their bitch and the handshake (the last of numerous ones) i was
getting was the last real handshake I was going to experience. wierd.
action complete, wander city, rest in park, bus to ferry, bus from ferry,
victoria, home, pancakes, 2pm SLEEP. =) that is my subjective interpretation. more than just a wierd party. more intent than events turned out to require (as far as interference & the plans for) but necessary all the same.
Hello T-- and other S--. I enjoyed the party, very much so. For me, it was refreshing but I don't know if that had to do with the state of mind I was in, or if that had to do with the party's quality and purpose. I think that an earlier start would have been better. The music was stuff that I had not heard in a long time and my ears welcomed the sounds of minimal techno with glee. I felt very proud to have been a big part of the party that spawned qork (L3:). The space was beyond appropriate for a techno party such as this. I noticed the words T-- placed around the vehicle of beats and pondered them. I have recently been woken up by the world's attrocities and therefor understood what T-- was trying to put forth. Two months ago, I would have looked at them and that would have been the extent of it. I did have some questions in regards to his statement that art does not belong in galleries but understood more after I enquired. One more thing... I remember distinctly feeling like a bitter, jaded, old school raver for the first part of the evening. I also felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of tired out, old school, hippy, cynical ravers too. My bitterness decreased and my energy levels increased about five minutes after the first DJ started spinning though. Thanks T-- and all others that were a part of this gathering.
:: info ::
http://www.twinkiesproject.com/  Food war: TWINKIES
http://www.scene.org/mono talented with no technology
http://www.kiyoinc.com/WRP99.HTM Y2K
http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,28112,00.html?st.ne.fd.gif.d copy ?
www.toreadors.com/martha/ martha stewart for goths
NorthWest Hard Techno page moved:: this is the new location ::
www.techno.ca/atommusica David Nunez RA
www.biostat.wisc.edu/~rose/house/wbmx.htm classic house mixes
http://user.glo.be/~gd33463/joost.htm electro
::nov. 13 (van) SHITE NITE 3 604.444.8024
    http://listen.to/shite    noiz/techno  ! dj Fishead !
::nov. 19 (sea) Experimental Audio Research ARO.SPACE $8
::nov.28 (tor) SHIFT Adam Beyer/Joel Mull/Claude Young/Jay Denham
    Punisher Live/Christian Smith/Doc Scott-by pHryL; tix. 1.800.870.8000
-nov. 21, pdx. DJ TRAXX. Bent Events:: 503.973.1505
-dec. 19, pdx. Stacey Pullen @ Zoot Suite. Nuclear Family
>>ShiteNite3: Excremeditation<<
Friday the 13th, November 1998 (6pm-2am)
The @ Gallery (110 W. Hastings), Vancouver
10 4/door 604.444.8024 -- http://listen.to/shite
Fishead (Winnepeg, Northern Hardcorps/Massive Magazine/Activated
Magazine) Musikill -live...kills music dead!, Tobias <ST>,Foolish Bird -live
ambient to noise to unclassified, Caffeine Charlie -live, with DJ 8-Track & his revolutionary mixing system, Kuma (Campbell River, Kitty chan Records) drone'n' bass, Miss X (Victoria, Nice Productions/Snatch Face Records) the hardcore dominatrix, Shit for Brains hard skull-grindings, Seedy (Northern Hardcorps/Serendipity) penetrating sleazecore, Clone (Siliconundrum) genericatharsis
'' I BOMB ''
>The rapidly approaching ubiquity of technology and its inevitable but
>rarely discussed terroristic use demand for immediate exploration and
>development of technology disruption devices. In the ensuing world
>dominated by technology and information, the true culmination of power
>will rest not with the institution controlling the information but the
>organization, group, or individual capable of disabling, altering, or
>destroying the underlying support structure of information:
>electricity, telecommunications, and computers.
>The efficient execution of an Information War (I-War) campaign against
>a modern industrial or post-industrial opponent will require the use
>of specialized tools designed to destroy information systems.
>Electro-magnetic Information Bombs or I-Bombs built for this purpose
>can provide a very effective tool for conducting an information
>warfare campaign.
>I have researched and constructed a fully functional I-Bomb that is
>the first stage in the evolution of future information warfare
>The device that will be operated is only one of several such I-Bombs.
>The device allows for the disruption and/or disabling of electronic
>devices and systems within a limited range and without physical
>contact. It will also corrupt and/or erase any magnetic storage
>medium such as floppy disks, credit cards, etc. The result is the
>creation of a physical space guaranteed to be devoid of technology, a
>Technology Free Zone (TFZ).
>These spaces are unique in that they allow direct human-human
>interaction to flourish while disabling or destroying any and every
>technological element and/or device within the zone. The ensuing
>result is the forceful removal of all technology from a pre-defined
>space. Individuals that choose to enter or cross into this region are
>forced to acknowledge all personally carried or worn technology and
>remove such devices. Failure to do so will result in the automatic
>disabling of the surreptitiously concealed equipment.
>TFZ systems are very selective. They do not affect organic or
>non-technological systems and are therefore safe for most humans. A
>TFZ abhors and strikes directly back at any technology within its
>range, leaving humans unaffected. Of course the irony is that these
>zones are themselves actually monitored by sophisticated mechanical
>and electrical systems that ensure a constant and continued state,
>devoid of technology.
>This device is a true information warfare machine and as such almost
>all commercial electronics devices within its range (about 1-2 meters)
>that lack protection against electro-magnetic pulse disturbances will
>be completely vulnerable to electronic disruption and/or destruction.
>Several devices and technological artifacts will be used for
>demonstration purposes. Attendees to New Fangle are also invited to
>interact with the device by placing any unwanted technology into the
>Let the warfare begin...
tobias - "claustrophobia"
uh oh, it looks as though a certain somebody hasn't been taking his
anti-psychotics. side a is fast, furious, banging hard techno. mixed together one morning on a whim, it very successfully recreates the energy of a live performance, nicely keeping up the pouding intensity for the duration of the set. a 45 minute-long panic attack. side b starts off with slightly melancholy, dubbier minimal and continues in this vein for several tracks, before disintegrating into a collage of wobbly loops. this sparse collection of demented sounds gradually transforms into eerie, creepy minimal, and eventually ends in a typically tobias manner. one of the most bizarre mixes i've ever heard, and also one of the most rewarding. :)
<review from agent g-Line>
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"During these months of internecine strife, zealots on both sides have
mouthed pleas for respectful dialogue between human and natural scientists or between rationalist leftists and relativist leftists. But like badly dubbed voice-over, the dialogue itself has been shrill, and as in a bad film, the heroes and villains have all been caricatures. Lined up on one side we have naively scientific, unimaginative dogmatists fenced in by their unexamined bias that truth and reality exist untouched by the
society that describes them. On the other, we have enigmatic writers and
irrelevant nihilists so enamored of their intellectual dithering that they
no longer even know that jumping out of a tall building will cause them to
-kristina zarlengo in salon magazine
|>|Don't even bother responding, Tobias. I'm not interested, so it won't
|>|get read. |Fuk them. I put on my big foam head, |found the biggest spotlight in front of the speakers, and |went for it with arms in the air!
>Although they may not recognise individual glory within the group, they< >seem to glorify themselves above others<
List Direktor tobias@techno.ca