1. <ST> Future Movements
2. the <ST> Collective
3. Q O R K/Oddity Intelligence
4. dis/persed info/mation sound/text
5. Troop Movements
::<ST> Future Movements::
1.    NOTICE::last TWO weekends of NOVEMBER::
       possible <ST> event ::BUNKER::
       hard techno stylings//ambient withdrawals.
       more info tba tbc tbd tbe tbf tbasaptbtbtbtbtb
2.    ::ARTVC::
       winter 1998. stay informed <ST>
       outdoor winter experience
3.    << ? >>
       late januray 1999. stay informed <ST>
4.    http://techno.ca/shrumtribe
       !!::updated links, pages, information, history::!!
       more intelligence forthcoming including philosophy of <ST>,
       history of tekno theory debate, photo rekon of QORK, RA
       stylings of technoWest djs, anarchist manifestos and psychosis//
5.    http://members.tripod.com/~immediate
       ::membership has its privileges::
       Jeff Mills MP3s and unreleased Plastikman
the <ST> Collective
<ST> is recruiting active individuals to become an agent of the deconstructive hierarchy that is <ST> to (re)create events/installations/ occupations/(re)definitions through Time, Effort, Work, Artistry, Money.
/successful candidates will broach the following skills:/
The passion and desire to FUCK the mainstream and create events that subvert the bland status quo of society's low expectations of "high art" as an entity stuck to gallery walls in non-interactive forms;
The passion and desire to FUCK the rave mainstream and actively construct and create necessary TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zones) with artists dedicated to altering their environments and the minds and bodies within in the spirit of generousity and non-profitalism;
The passion and desire to DARE to do something different, to see musik as a vehicle for social action on a larger scale, however small our victories and great our losses, in order to show the politik that we will not be controlled and harassed unto conforming to their stagnant, anti-human and repulsive laws;
The passion and desire to see our wishes of FREEDOM to express and to gather and to dance and to be a tribal-entity and a community REALISED;
The passion and desire to do this PEACEFULLY, but with ACTION.
subversion--normative resistance--deconstruction--occupation--musik
>>An appreciation for the subtlies in the vehicle of our resistance:<<
>>the continually evolving innovation of MUSIK, in the form of styles<< >>which have not fallen to stagnantation and commercialisation<<
>>a realisation of the history, roots and real life of such Musik<<
>>and those who wish to LIVE it<<
<ST> is looking for individuals willing to be a part of creating events to call their own and be proud of something others can interact with.
::interested recruits contact tobias@techno.ca ::
>>Q O R K/Oddity Intelligence<<
>>reviews as submitted to ST. props to all agents who participated in the Occupation of QORK and the Oddity of the house event. Special recognition to agents G-Line, Qat, db, For-est and ALL who took part.
Your help, time and effort is much appreciated. Names removed to protect the innocent<<
::::::::::::::::::::::: | :::::::::::::::::
Forest said she had a *blast* and that it was the coolest/weirdest gig
she's done. :) I'm glad it went off and went well! And I also really enjoyed the house party -- I was very amused by the ecclectic crowd, but not in a chuckle-chuckle sort of way, rather I was  genuinely happy to see different types of ppl mingling. :) Even tho R-- I missed the Occupation, we made sure to contribute to the donation jar, so i hope the event didn't do much damage to you student loan! ;)
:::::::::::: |
something I found ironic both at the L3 party, and at qork, was the fact
that parties in other locations (mechanix a few blocks down in a building on hastings, and spooky at the richmond raver hall) where shut down, while we were allowed to play loud music, and stay in a parking lot, a very public place, in the middle of downtown, without interruption. Of course the numbers at both parties were considerably smaller, but I think we achieved something important by demonstrating that we are peaceful, what we are doing is art, and that just partying and getting high and causing trouble is not what we are about. I hope that these events can serve as catalysts toward larger gatherings which will attract more attention (hopefully positive) toward our culture, and help address a lot of the issues which t-- pointed out in the declaration.  It was late, it was cold, and it was not comfortable. this gathering was bare bones, stripped of things such as heat, lighting, lasers, smoke machines, decorations, and the djs were forced to play in cramped quarters.
however despite all this, the true nature of the event shone through.
Everything was brought to this party by the attendees, including endless positive energy, and the desire to create and share music. f-- g--, d--, and t-- all played memorable sets. Thank you!!!!
::::::::::::::: |
A house somewhere. and the Party.
Bodies jammed so close--a constant stream seemilngly coming in.
Bottles and cans of beer, drunken laughter. In the small living room, speakers take up half the space, and the floor bounces up and down as people dance. A mix of bodies and sweat as two sub-cultures are suddenly made aware of each other. D-- - G-- starts the night off, moving into drum 'n bass, then leads us into techno as F-- takes the reigns. And it's smooth, smooth, and hard, and the people dance,
while others stop to listen. And the music is fantastic.
A state of living the not-ordinary.
A parkade in the city.
It is kind of like having one of those out-of-humanity moments, right at
the point when you find yourself most in it. There I am, suddenly awoken from my weird dreams interwoven by sounds of techno, to find myself in a concrete parking garage, speakers aimed outside of a van, dj crouched in the van behind the decks, while dancers stomp, swaying, creating movements, intertwining with the rhythm. I walk around in a half daze--that state I often find myself in between sleep and awake. It seems so surreal. Manifestos on the wall--urging us to take action against the binds and injustices of society that entangle us into monotone existence; the hard, echoing sounds of the music reverberate against the cement walls; and from the top level of the parkade the darkness of the outside world is illuminated by the small twinkling lights of the city. We are suspended in time.
And then before the night begins to lift her heavy veil to the advancing
rays of dawn, T-- comes on to play Plastikman's "Sickness". Sounds
emerge as the frequencies are altered by the dj; reverberating base tones; the music swells and grows louder, to finally end in errie silence.
:::::::::::::::: |
good music all night, even the breaks party dude...
you've made a small breakthrough- it could be the start of something
if you approach cultural engineering very carefully over the next few
months- we can't let in any influence that will turn the non-ravers
away, yet we don't want to alienate the dance crowd either...
> could you see and notice juxtaposition ?
a little bit... the transitions between DJ's were somewhat abrupt... i though f-- was going to play deep house, and the breaks DJ could have been smoothed into if programmed right... but who gives a fuck- it was just a house party...
> did you think this was intentional or an accident ?
accidental... you didn't know what would happen as a result of the
two scenes coming together... i think it worked remarkably well and
there has to be some careful planning to foster the relationship...
::::::::::::::: |
qork was certainly an experience. i think that most people were aware
that qork wasn't a rave/party/whatever, but there were a couple of kids
who seemed oblivious. i think that posting qork on loungex was slightly
sketchy. different priorities, t? sure sure, having fun is cool too, but
sometimes there are higher purposes in life [which include
electronic music]. i appreciated that people weren't sketched out on
drugs [were there? i think some people were hotboxing k--'s car]. it
would simply be self-destructive. qork has rekindled the necessity to
revatilise van's ug. commercial massives have been killing van's
potential for quite some time. sucks but it's true. tune out and drop
in, van's ug won't go anywhere if you don't come along.
the house party was odd!
a shrum tribe collective would be brilliant.
big ups for qork, t.
:::::::::::: |
>how did you see and interpret qork/oddity ?
with a mixture of skepticism (there's so much boxed rhetoric out there) and curiosity (but of course, you never know). fortunately, curiosity won out.
>how did it affect you ? was it just a weird party or something more ?
went into it wondering if i'd feel anything at all. i wasn't expecting a
party, but seeing the scene at the house (whoa) and all the equipment in the van, i was sort of wondering if maybe a party was all it was going to be. once the music started at the parkade, however, everything just changed. suddenly everyone was doing something to alter the space around them.
>could you see and notice juxtaposition ?
not sure if this is what you're asking, but the juxtaposition that really
hit me out was the view over the railings coupled with what was going on in the parkade. here was this great vibe (lovely, balanced people, sweet music, nice energy) and all you had to do was look outside to the wasteland that is now gastown....a pile of rubble here, boarded up windows there, and that eerie noise the billboard on the street down bellow made when it flipped the ads around. then there was the odd desperate character who wandered by, totally cold and alone, only to hear this mechanical music blasting and echoing out of this huge parkade.
>did you think this was intentional or an accident ?
don't know enough about ST say for sure, but i'd like to think that the
location was scouted out with these things in mind. it seemed that the
location had been chosen by someone who has actually spent some time in that part of town, watching how people live and how the area has (d)evolved over the last few years.
if this wasn't the case, it was a pretty lucky choice.
::::::::::::::::::::: |
Here we go...
> how did you see and interpret qork/oddity ?
...an occupation, direct action, agressive.
it was not a rave. political, obiviously.
non hedonistic. criminal, yay! (breakin the law...)
civil disobediance. an act of joy, life.
> how did it affect you ? was it just a weird party or something more ?
i had half hoped for some sort of confrontation with the police. didn't
feel like a party, but an...? not sure of word. liked it. had fun. didn't
feel spiritually empty like i do at "real" parties.
> could you see and notice juxtaposition ?
yes. ohh...you want to know what it was.  a bunch of predominatly white middleclass youths being in such alocation. tekno played from a family minivan in a rundown parkade downtown feels ironic. the whole house party oddity felt very juxtaposed. fratkats and people i met at apec protests like j--, that girl yelling for chumbawumba and top 40 during f--'s or d--'s set. wierdest  wierdest was the drunk philosophy ma telling me that the a priori was unaviodable and for this reason ayn rand was right about extreminst right wing politics.
> did you think this was intentional or an accident ?
juxtaposition is unavoidable for the most part, and irony is everywhere.
some was intetional, some was not.
:::::::::::::::::: |
lthough I didn't actually attend it, this party gave off some of the
best vibrations I've gotten in ages. As a firm believer in non violent
protest I was pleased to see something like this happening. The sounds were guranteed to be good. The vibes were right...I figure the lay lines  were right so cosmically it was guranteed to be a sucess.
I got some very good energy from just thinking about the party.
i look forward to more st assaults.
I look forward to parties with a difference.
:::::::::::::::::: |
I thought the event licked! ;)
Pung nasty!
The event should have had "three rooms and 18 deejays!"
To be serious though, it was really good. Would have like to have seen more people though... errr Spoo! A concession would have been nice too but somehow the vibe and the music kept my thirst and hunger down. Especially liked db making the van move.
:::::::::::::: |
Well, the event most definitely lived up to its name, with the House
Party portion providing oddity to the extreme. Quite the interesting
mix of people. I felt a bit out of place without a beer in my hand, but
the musical offering definitely made up for this. If any of you people
ever even have the remotest chance of getting to see F-- G--
practice her trade, I highly recommend you check her out. Ultra smooth
mixes held for what seems like centuries. Mmmmm, techno... This portion as rounded out with some old school flavoured Hip Hop stylings. The DJ (A--?) threw down tracks by such illuminaries as The Sugar Hill Gang, Erik B. and Rakim, NWA, old Run DMC, the Beasties, and capped the evening with an offering of "The Message", something which had been on my mind since he took to the decks... The occupation met with a surprisingly minimal (how appropriate) amount of resistence. Tests were performed. Security rode by a few times, just passing by and heading back to the ground level. All was well.  Outlets were utilized to bring about one of the more original car audio systems I have yet experienced. The DJs were definitely suffering for their art, spinning hunched over the tables in the back of a mini van.  More nice sounds with excellent skills. All was peaceful, confrontation was avoided...
:::::::::::::::::::: |
(dis)persed sound and text
pnm:// Sven Vath techno
http://jungle.ffwd.bc.ca/advance jungle beats from FFWD 5-7pm fridays
http://babaluba.tierranet.com Mailorder and RA
http://blaff.rcc.se/pb/deeper.ram Deep house, techno and electro MIX
<ritchie hawtin interview:: thoughts on minimalism>
www.cs.monash.edu.au/links/postmodern.html p-m essay generator
http://www.woodworkrecordings.com Sunkissed techno
http://www.petzold.com/Gold/ a book
http://www.dce.utah.edu/network/lks/seperated/slimac.htm Happy Friday
http://www.navigate.org/nachttanz/ GERMAN OCCUPATION resistance
http://www.mcluhan.utoronto.ca/coach/coach.html Marshall McLuhan days
http://www.pulpfiction.com/pax Naked Flesh, ecstasy and wine
-oct.30, cgy. MOOHK an experimental mind project 541.6205
-oct. 30, van. Evil Eddie Richards, Mark Ambrose @ Celebrities
-oct. 31, vic. Evil Eddie Richards, Mark Ambrose 1.250.413.9181
-nov. 5. van. Combustible Edison @ Starfish Room $15 685.1133
-nov. 6. van. !Tchkung! @ Starfish Room<<< !!!!!! VERY GUUT !!
-nov. 9, van. DJ Krush, Wagonchrist @ SONAR $18 adv, $20 door
-nov. 21, pdx. DJ TRAXX. Bent Events:: 503.973.1505
-dec. 19, pdx. Stacey Pullen @ Zoot Suite. Nuclear Family
>>ShiteNite3: Excremeditation<<
Friday the 13th, November 1998 (6pm-2am)
The @ Gallery (110 W. Hastings), Vancouver
10 4/door 604.444.8024 -- http://listen.to/shite
Fishead (Winnepeg, Northern Hardcorps/Massive Magazine/Activated
Magazine) Musikill -live...kills music dead!, Tobias <ST>,Foolish Bird -live
ambient to noise to unclassified, Caffeine Charlie -live, with DJ 8-Track & his revolutionary mixing system, Kuma (Campbell River, Kitty chan Records)
drone'n' bass, Miss X (Victoria, Nice Productions/Snatch Face Records)
the hardcore dominatrix, Shit for Brains hard skull-grindings, Seedy (Northern Hardcorps/Serendipity) penetrating sleazecore, Clone (Siliconundrum)
>>Chain Reaction will be performing at Mettle<<
Friday November 5, 1998 TORONTO:: Sunstance DJ, Scion LIVE, Vainqueur DJ, Pole LIVE @ We'ave - 330 Dundas St. West $10
>The Cult of Po Po and Sound Sphere present:Samhain in Wasteland<
Saturday October 31 11pm toronto.
dj: asi, polyphonic, eric downer
live audio: prrr, mazikeen (detroit MI)
myfanwy ashmore, adrian blackwell, daniel borins, jubal brown, churla
burla, monty cantsin, paul couillard, jada dada, sandra erazo, magda
genewska, travis gledhill, jason hallows, louise liliefeldt, s higgins,
josh the dog faced boy, richard k, s.a.m, margaret radnick, stephen
rife, songs of the new erotics, zoe stonyk, kika thorne, and you.
WARNING: You are responsible for your own life and death, use
discretion and beware. Samhain is the night when the barriers separating
this world and the next are lowered, the doors are opened, the veil
rended. This is the night when the gods of the waning season are
slaughtered, and the new year is born. Bring a flashlight, sensible
shoes, and a lust for life.
Info: 416.760.3466 or me.
604.444.8024::<ST> info
B O N E H E A D C I T Y, N.C., Oct. 26 - A 20-year-old man died after
swallowing dozens of over-the-counter caffeine pills on a dare from a fellow
community college student. Ecstasy is a dull pastime compared to naked flesh and wine. Okay, ecstasy and naked flesh and wine is all good.
Don't masturbate---everyone knows it's evil.The events described above all took place without any chemical assistance whatsoever. If you assumed otherwise, you've been lured into a trap of your own manufacture. No money back guarantee. The instigator of the ambush assumes no responsibility for poor workmanship during manufacture, and therefore makes no claims on the quality of assumptions of casual users. Some brain-power required. Proper assembly is not an automatic guarantee of extension of life, phallus, or sexual endurance. Shoot up or snort at your own risk. Wear earplugs. I should emphasize though that this critical analytic activity is being done to build better models and tools and I'm not interested in theory per se. Ok guys I am like totally sorry.It seems none of you guys have a sense of humor,so I will install one for you. So we suggest you get those projects rolling!
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