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1. <ST> communique
2. audio visual
4. <underground consumerism>
5. "my screen play idea"
6. troop movements
7. addendum
<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>
april 03 Cloudbass, seattle (tbc).
    april 10 "un-named event" van.
    april 17 with Algorithm (tbc) van.
    may 11 STATIC san fransisco
    may 15 ? (tbc) vancouver
    may 07 <STC>01: in partibus
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview"
2. >><STC> 01<<
        in partibus    saturday ::MAY 08 666-1
featuring:: CONFIRMED :: Dj SHAGGY ::
from Oregon/N.J.// spinning hard melodic minimal techno
to join the <STC> collective, contact~
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
dj Mathew Ryan
http://www.sfdb.com/sounds jungle
http://www.cavestudio.com/S+V/moog_endless.ram 24-hour Moog cam
http://www.dotmusic.com/news/March99/99318news1376.asp Coldcut
http://members.xoom.com/chachi29/web/n0rp.htm candyraver porn
http://i.am/noisy noise culture, pictures
http://members.xoom.com/demagogue/lamentations.html resistance culture
http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9903/17/medical.marijuana/ marijuana
http://www.hacked.com cluster-fuck
http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/insites/dvorak_print/jd_p.htm Dvorak on MP3s
http://www.ircam.fr/index1-e.html IRCAM theoretical music experimentation
http://www.dotmusic.com/News/march99/99319News1379.asp microsoft/mp3
Fishead presents:
lowercase-sound is a unmoderated discussion & announcement list concerning a disparate group of musics, sound art & listening experiences that emphasize or include some or all of the characteristics of low volume,
silence, soundscape/environmental/field recordings, indeterminacy,
psycho/acoustic treatments of space, environment & context & possible
relationships of this work to art in other media ie painting, drawing &
film & poetry. Some examples include the music of Morton Feldman,
Panasonic, AMM, John Cage, Artists on the Trente Oiseaux label (eg bernhard gunter, Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden), Field recordings of Chris Watson & visual work by Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman , Stan Brakhage & Andre Tarkovsky. Discussion of particular works, personal listening experiences, recordings, technique, theory, reviews & announcement of related performances, conferences, festivals & recording releases are encouraged.
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http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/lowercase-sound for subscription
>>James Coleman , list manager
Shaka, when the walls fell. Temba, his arms wide.
Jelaad, his eyes open
Darmok at tenagra.
4. <underground consumerism>
Think harder.
Keep in mind that you can be active or passive about your cassette,
record, or compact disc purchases. There is more music being released
now than ever before. If youíre serious about your music, youíre going
to have to think harder about what you buy.
Keep in mind the four levels of music releases:
#1: no label-an artist puts material and sells it without a label
involved; some of these artists may go on to create their own label
#2: small independent label-usually run by an artist who releases
his/her own material and may release material from others as time
progresses; most of these companies survive from one release to another
#3: large independent label-a label that has grown and has been able to
broaden their roster, advertise, and gain a larger profile. Some large
indies, however, are now operating more like majors.
#4: major label-larger staff, advertising, and publicity budget; with
recent mergers, a handful of major labels now control the majority of
music we hear about. Only you can make the choice whether to support an
indie or a major.
Buy a turntable--it doesnít have to be a Technics 1200--
you can get a good used model at a flea market/pawn shop just about
anywhere. If youíre just buying CDs, thereís a lot of good music
available only on vinyl that youíre missing out on. But, in the same
regard, buy the records because you enjoy the music--donít be sucked
into the hopes of becoming a superstar DJ. Enjoy music for the sake of
it; leave the ulterior motives behind.
Be political about the music you buy; music is the only universal
language and yet we take it for granted far too often when we bring out
our wallets. Make your music purchases personal: donít buy anything
just because youíve heard itís good, read itís good, or itís been
charted by a certain DJ or in a certain magazine.
Support your local music store before the national chain; support your
local music scene and put an end to the sad reality that most artists
are never appreciated in their own area. Listen to everything before
you buy it-any store worth supporting will let you listen to a release
to help you make your decision. The next time youíre drawn to the top
sellers wall, examine why you should even care about whatís selling.
Does the fact that a release is selling well mean it deserves more
attention? Is that release selling well because of a major advertising
and promotional campaign or because itís quality music?
Radio: examine the radio youíre listening to. If itís commercial radio,
keep in mind the fact that music is played between the advertisements
only because this is a requirement. More and more stations are being
automated because itís cheaper to have computers play the advertising
and the music than it is to have humans do it. Is this what you want to
support? Think of the repetition to which youíre being exposed on
commercial radio. The playlist you hear is designed to appeal to the
lowest common dominator: are you the lowest common denominator or is
there more to you than being just another sheep in the fold? By making
the choice to seek out alternatives, you are taking a stand against
sameness. Music television functions the same way; you canít deny it.
Should the amount of money spent on a flashy video influence what ends
up coming out of your home stereo speakers?
Buy music as if you might be stranded on a desert island with it. There
wonít be anyone there to show off that youíve got the latest this, or
the limited edition that, or whatís #1 according to your favorite
magazine or DJ. Youíve got to work to shape your own music collection
because there are too many people trying to shape it for you. Think
>SCENE: A rave somewhere in the US.
>KID AT RAVE: Do you know Jeff Mills ?
>T-1000: Yeah.
>KID AT RAVE: Why won't he play in America ?
>T-1000: BANG !
>KID AT RAVE: *thump*
<not mine. ed.>
6. troop movements
$16 @ Bassix(van), Platinum(sea), Starbass (pdx)
503.727.2444 >>1 Year of Nuclear Family
                  ADAM MARSHALL, LOTUS
                  (playing after Sonar appearance...
                   $10. info: 916-1311.
mar24(van) LTJ BUKEM @Palladium $25 604.515.6789
mar29(van) ANDREA PARKER @ SONAR $5
DJ Dazee, DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, Johnny L, Bailey, Randall, Ed Rush, Optical,Swift, Technical Itch, and Decoder, DJ Craze, and MC Chikaboo, among others.
apr23(sea) Aro.Space
apr24(van) Sonar
apr28(sea) PAN SONIC @Breakroom
apr28(sea) UNDERWORLD @Showbox-- tix @ TicketBastard.
apr29(van) DUBTRIBE @Sonar
may07(van) <STC>01:in partibus
july31(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains
7. addendum
Let's face it, in 1999, the underground is no longer A PLACE, but a STATE OF MIND. The perfect example of this is Stardust. Here is a great track, made in a true 'underground' fashion, that became a huge anthem. The first time I heard this at Winter Music Conference last year, I knew it was a hit! Who knew that it would blow up and become the HUGE track that has moved probably close to a million copies on all formats worldwide?
please do not comment on anything you don't know
detroit techno is more than what you think, boy
tresor, 313 has done and influenced more than music, culture, soul and mind
past, present, and future, highly intelligent
it represent much more than just music for me, at least
its evolution of mind, getting school by all the highly intelligent spirits
its truly beautiful american culture, sub culture, counter culture, Afro-
american culture and communication tool
Its better than what they try to program you at these crap universities
I love all that swede stuff, though
but I rather get more than just music
please do not try to predict what you think
or say what is good or bad
usually good shit will smell good
and bad shit just looks bad (going to far)
let history tell the story
RZA "fuck what you think, its what you know"
here its a post card I received from red planet, submerge
All Life on mars, all of its inhabitants, its civilization and all sentient
beings are beyound the perception of human thought. No probes sent from earth could ever detect the life on mars. Thousands of years ago Martian
inhabitants observed the earth with the power of their thoughts and dreams.
Some thought that they had even coexisted among humanity. Realizing the chaos and destruction that humanity would cause to the earth and later to the solar syatem, it was decided that drastic steps needed to be taken. It was then that Martian civilization phased out of our existence. And with them they
took all forms of life. All planet and animal life, every microbe, bacteria and virus phase shifted from human reality. The Martians eventually phase shifed Mars' mighty oceans and rivers which were abundant with aquatic life. All life as we know it (and even some as we do not know it) was eventually phased from human reality and perception.(continued...)
And last I do not wish to battle, on lest I have to have we learn enough, as human culture approach 3rd millenium we have enough blood and hate already and it definitely did not solve any problem
enough said


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