<st.020> transmissions
1. <ST> communique
2. audio visual
3. Locked Grooves
4. Philosophia: Notes From the Underground
5. Free the Poles
6. Seattle SoniCabal
8. troop movements
9. addendum
<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>
    feb. 06 Notes from the Underground
    march 20 Victoria (tbc)
    march 27 Pullman WA (tbc)
    april 10 "un-named event" van.
    may 07 <STC>
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
2. >><STC> Event
    MAY 07 featuring from OREGON/N.J.
    featuring Shaggy (Oregon-- tbc.) 
    Lunatech, dub gnostic, tobias and denny lajeunesse live. 
to join the <STC> collective, contact~
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
http://www.christian.email.net/ Christian dating service
http://www.2bsys.com Real Audio Converter
http://www.spacemoose.com/ underground comic
http://www.tbp.mb.ca/~daath/  morph.com.223 website
http://www.midiwall.com/aharchives/ AH archives for xbase/jomox
http://www.newenglandworks.com/ booking agency, djs, etc.
http://www.sven-vaeth.de/ Sven Vath booking agency/site; also
feature Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin.
http://www.djax.nl/merchandise/m2.html T1000 designed slipmats
Let them know you support public and small radio!
<<Locked Grooves>>
The Locked Groove Society is putting together a web page & annual publication ...any & all info about locked grooves would be greatly appreciated...releases (artist, title, label, catalogue #, release date[I love the older ones best] and contact info) producing,
mastering, cutting, manufacturing, distribution, mail order, mixing, etc.
||Philosophia: Notes From the Underground||
<for event info see Troop Movements>
It is our goal to further the long tradition of forward thinking and social activism imminent in techno music. With this event we hope to foster a small community of conscientious individuals committed to the actualization of beauty - in music, art and culture. We also hope to create a sustainable network of empathetic individuals committed to egalitarian principles and altruistic values. We encourage you to give of yourself at this event; our community can and will not thrive without YOUR creative expression, participation and charity. Participate and interact in every way you see fit, through dance, gift-giving or conversation. At a bare minimum, please encourage and support the phenomenally talented musicians, who are giving you their unparalleled gift of performance without financial compensation. Enjoy the event ...
Thomas and Jonah.
Notes from the Underground
For a history of techno music, progressive thought and social activism, and to win a pair of tickets to Notes from the Underground tune in this Wednesday, February 6th, to Rachel's Song at 5:30pm on 101.9 CiTR FM.
"The techno rebels are, whether they recognize it or not, agents of the Third Wave. They will not vanish but multiply in the years ahead. For they are a critical part of the advance to a new stage of civilization."  Alvin Toffler: "The Third Wave" (1980)
>>Free the Poles<<
>Free The Poles
>Free Yourself
>Repeal the Seattle Poster Ban
Public Meeting Saturday Feb 6th at the Douglas Truth Library (23rd &Yesler) from 12noon to 2PM.
We are Free Speech Seattle. A grassroots organization created with the intent to amend Seattle's Poster ban. We simply want to strike the words "utility pole, lamp post" from SMC 15.48.100 Unlawful posting of signs. We believe the City of Seattle is infringing on citizens basic rights enacting laws such as this. They need to hear the voice of the people. This law has caused great harm to Seattle's Music and Political communiites. It has caused harm to anyone who ever lost a cat or had a garage sale.
We need 18,000 signatures of voters registered in the City of Seattle.
>>Seattle SoniCabal<<
The February meeting of SoniCabal is on Tuesday at 8pm at the Parlour Room (163 S. Jackson, 3rd Floor in pioneer square). All sound artists and musical experimentalists are welcome to come!
||troop movements||
feb06(van) Notes from The Underground
        algorithm tobias  dacheboard live $10, 916-1311
            part one of a 3 part Speed Records series.
feb10(van) RICHIE HAWTIN 3dex & 909 m@rs
                advance tix@bassix~ $12
feb13(van) RAPTURE HQ jungle/TeamLounge ambience
                NUCLEAR FAMILY 7 503.727.2444
feb27(sea) Delicious Green Velvet/Cajmere, Kenny Glasgow
mar12(pdx) TERRY MULLEN @Zoot Suite 503.727.3368 $10
Totalitarianism is latent in technology. It was not merely
Hitler or Mussolini who were totalitarian, or the Pharaohs as
far as I am concerned. Totalitarianism is already present in
the technical object. - Paul Virilio-- oh and nice boxers ;)
*Music Two; God Bless Detroit
OK, That is it.
I am an o-fish-i-al
Tobias Groupie
Move over Karen...
It's all about the sci-fi operatic mysticism.
so before they even started to look up i ran screaming as loud as i could KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL they didn't even have a chance to react and i was through a courtyard and disappeared. one old lady seemed shocked. Actually,
although I heartily loathe 98% of it, I am not its enemy. That would,
firstly, give it energy and, secondly, attract its hostile attention towards me. Neither serves my aim. I remain impartial to its operatives, unless they impact negatively upon myself or my family.
"One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft promotional ad
"Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" - Adolf Hitler
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