<st16> operations
1. <ST> communique: NYE CHILL
2. technoWest
3. audio visual
4. techinfo
5. death squad
6. troop movements
7. addendum
<ST> communique
i) NYE CHILL <environment>
<<start>>        <ST> reports invasion of Chill-Second Room
                        area at Come Together.
        musik shall be in a minimal vein of
        techno haus minimal ambient drone
                musik provided by
                kuma (technoWest) Campbell River BC    drone n' bass
                    tobias    <ST> (technoWest) vancouver     minimal
                        denwa live <X-MAX>    nanaimo    909 techno
pending special guest appearance--<tbc>
           dub gnostic   (technoWest, Bug Girl Sound) victoria BC
            techno haus dnb'
in the main room 11-1am (666-1) tobias.
<communication hard minimal mental techno>
info:        604.258.8084    http://loungex.com/e_together
    tickets $20 Mekanix 750 Nelson vancouver
                    raverbooks 1205 E. Pike St. seattle
<ST> info 604.444.8024 (also)
ii) <ST-C> group collaboration of the <ST> collective
        meeting announced in the new year// pending action soon
            interested? contact tobias@techno.ca
iii) contact <ST>
        http://techno.ca/shrumtribe new Rotation list
604. 444. 8024 <ST> infoline
604. 801. 7559 dj tobias contact    tobias@techno.ca list direktor
west coast artist booking collective
based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Musically, we represent up and coming DJ artists who have an interest in progressing muscial boundaries far beyond the status quo, as well as DJ artists who have a strong working knowledge of the history of electronic music to facilitate an entertainment(al) collective with integrity.
We are not interested in fly-by-night commodities such as speed garage, goa trance, progressive house and 'da funky breaks'.  While we maintain an attitude of complete indifference towards these genres for selling out to a mainstream audience for short-term gain, our interests lie in creating a movement that is virtually invisible to this scene and in accordance with this philosophy will no longer concern ourselves with the politics of an us versus them 'free market economy.í
We are dedicated DJ's and producers who are interested in developing THEIR OWN SOUND, and we consolidate our artistic standards amongst those we feel are of like mind on the west coast of north america.
tobias/ vancouver bc         minimal techno tech/deep <dub> haus
dub gnostic/ victoria bc     techno experimental dub drum n' bass
leanne/ vancouver bc        bassy funky deep-tech house
forest green/ oakland CA  techno electro tech-house
kuma/ campbell river bc    ambience drone n' bass
toiletduck/ seattle wa       hard minimal techno hard/deep house ambient
sutekh/ san fran CA         producer/dj: techno
more associations tba.
updates: http://techno.ca/technowest
bookings: technowest@techno.ca
http://inter-source.net/~junglist/kent/mr10.zip Yamaha MR10 drum box Marco Carolla djing Juan Atkins djing
http://www.hi-jack.com/realaudio/dmntd_121398_1.ram Hi-Jack RA
http://www.cybercable.tm.fr/~earmag/gear.html EAR magazine
http://www.metamorphicsound.com metamorphic recordings
        RIAA takes on music downloads
If you know the tempo of a song and you want to create a loop that fits a
precise number of beats, here is a formula You can use to calculate the loop length: Length of the loop x 60,000 x the sampling rate(in kHz) divided by the BPM.
> > sound enterprises, 34540 sims ave., wayne, michigan
> > (thats west side detroit) 48184 usa
> > fax: 734-728-5177
> >
> > acetate dubs: one side / both sides (in u$d)
> > 7" single-ep $30 / $40
> > 10" single-ep $30 / $40
> > 12" single-ep $40 / $50
> > 12" single-lp $50 / $60
> >
> > the brochure sez: "all acetate dubs are cut from a flat transfer of
> > your tape. NO EQ adjustments are made and cutting levels are    generally 4db below mastering levels."
> >
> > this is the same place that mastered all of the motown records from
> > the berry gordy era (the man who invented bass as a concept in the
> > mixing room), and also mastered all of the detroit techno scene
> > stuff too (this is the guy that invented lock grooves while cutting a jeff mills master plate). not to mention did the early industrial strength stuff up to the bastard loud shit... among others.
<stolen communique from a hardcore performance art group>
hours before the 100 aktion by death squad
a communique from the bunker has been received, this bulletin contains extreme language and content, it is not fabricated but more pure than any other information in the past-- if you are easily offended delete now.
email : dasbunker@dasbunker.com
tel: 562.599.6170 ( friday evening )
562.691.5100 ( all other times )
a communication from the management and all operatives
Today marks the 100th event or presentation made by this organization.
Though it has been very difficult over the past 9 years we feel that
our message and tactics are still successful and effective . Regardless of the so-called criticism that has been stated by numerous individuals
that politics and experimental sound should not be used together . We
find this to be an in-accurate and short sighted view of what experimental audio and video can achieve or accomplish . We have
chosen a path that cannot ignore the current or past status of this world , itís prevailing turmoil and strife as well as the constant systematic
elimination of thought . We have made a rational conscious decision to immerse ourselves and our lives in the continual re-programming of the world . Whether it be 2 or  200 . This information simply must not be ignored . To chose another path for us would be a crime . And if we were not able to express and address these terroristic topics then as a unit we should be killed . By  others or ourselves . To dabble in imagery and simple shock tactics alone would only de-emphasize the meaning and points we are attempting to clarify and convey . So many continue to use the same images and ideas for no other reason than to do it. It has been done by so many before us . It is not  our path . There must be meaning and substantiated intention behind our work and this will never change . Because so much has already been done . With imagery , violence , presentation , sound , art . This though will not stop our members from achieving there goals . This project must  not be halted . This project will not stop .
In Rostock Germany a decision was made to discontinue our efforts . A
tremendous amount of stress and emotional failure was the cause of
this . In line with the many fearful aspects of low self moral and identity
. The project did die there. All subsequent actions were unauthorized .
And after several meetings of our group we have chosen this show
(December 18th 1998 ) to be the turning point back into system of
creative destruction . We have been dead for quite some time . Our
feelings and patterns of abuse have been neglecting the greater idea
of Self Annihilation . We take on the responsibility of these ideas now
as we have gained energy and momentum in our lifeless corpses. Awakening from the ruins of revelations and tactical loss . As this performance occurs , a country far from here is being leveled . Civilians and the working class alike are being murdered , and for what . Busy christmas holiday shoppers in america . Consuming the newest gift craze . Fighting each other for parking spaces and discounts , in false celebration of a long dead god . There is no reason or way to understand it . Shell fragments tearing the faces from Iraqi children while ours sit at home opening gifts . Do we actually give a FUCK . Do we actually care . Apathy is another form of suicide and we are all dead . Donít fight it , donít question it . We are already dead . Tired miserable empty lifeless , if you were to commit suicide right now that might be a step in the right direction . And allís that it would accomplish would be that you moved in a positive direction , away from here . These arenít people around you , they are monsters , none of it exists , it is all someone elseís nightmare , someone elseís dream . Orgasmic rushes come , in prison camps on the outskirts of Dachau . We can commit more atrocities . Just work at it . Just try a little harder . Feed into the hate , become the idea of separation , it is very easy . You deserve it all . Every ounce and aspect of screaming violence and destruction , this is what you have created and fed into , you are no different than anyone else , it is your fault . And eventually you will come to realize this . The only way anyone in the united states would begin to understand and sympathize would be if a nuclear bomb was dropped on every major city in  this country . This is what we are asking for . This is what we want you  to help us with . If Each metropolis was annihilated , woman ,children , adults , babies , the elderly . All of these people terminated ,  leveled , flattened , killed , slain. If this were to happen then maybe  one of you pathetic fucks may begin to care . Those who canít are eliminated . Those that do deserve the same fate : elimination. As
simple as that . We need to kill ourselves before we can begin to understand or love others . Otherwise what is the point . Help us attain these goals in the cleansing of earth through the genocide of humanity.
The information war is just beginning . We are still puppets of control
and creative fascism , whether we believe it or not . Perpetuating within
our small circles isolation and criticism beyond any global conflict .
In-fighting , attitudes , egoís and hatred . This is how the creative
world will be destroyed . When we are unable to work together as one ,
then we have become another atrocity along the roadside amusements of history .
Our patience and tolerance for the inability of others to in any way
engage , accept or help our forms of expression is no longer an issue. We have removed ourselves from the normal avenues of collectivism and  will continue on without the support of the pre-existing system . To  explain further : our views and perceptions of the underground is like any other community here, dead . We are cutting the connections free . We will work with no one . We will fill ourselves with the ideas and philosophies which we see fit . No explanations , no sympathy , the end  justifies the scales of attack that we create . This is not a warning simply a statement . There have been few that have been honest and compassionate to our  endeavors . They know who they are . And have been notified . The rest have been consumed by their own mediocrity . Ideas and conjecture that they re-invent in the small narrow furrows of their minds . We have no need for such energies . Our lives have existed because we have chosen to on our own terms . Our creative projects have been realized because no one else but ourselves . Nothing else , nothing more .
the management
<<troop movements>>
NYE (pdx) bent/funkshun prod. john howard 503.727.3368
NYE (van) Come Together. tobias <ST> chill 604.258.8084
NYE (montreal) celebration 99
                university of montreal physical education centre
                            info 514.723.CREW
                                        7000 tix only. door $90
jan. 016 (pdx) NUCLEAR FAMILY dj Pierre (NYC)
feb. o6 (LA) The ADVENT (uk)
feb.11 (sea) RICHIE HAWTIN arospace 21+ usc prod.
merry consumerism.
it totally reflects the gerbilo frantic and then getting exhausted and then
when it gives up it somehow goes into a state of gnosis which permits it
to magically transcend the barrier of the glass aquarium wall- a state of
bliss is experienced briefly before the big dog devours the small creature at the very end. overall has the audio aesthetic of a pannicked gerbil trying to climb up and out of an aquarium while a big dog waits slobbering outside. <db on claustrophobia>
"Shall I mail a check somewhere for that tape? And is it a tape of your
show (with talking over some parts) or just the MUSIC<MUSIC
<MUSIC? There's nothing like that trance/funk stuff to do some serious housecleaning by, interspersed with interpretive dancing"
How to spot one: Mondorama long sleeved black shirts with bold color print (orange, lime, green) and trendy trainers.
How to spot one: One shoulder is lower than the other. They have bad posture from bending over their decks. They always have an entourage surrounding them - managersm friends that need to get in free, groupies of the male or female persuasion. With their gear.
"You cannot teach American history to American students. You can teach the iconic version that portrays America as beautiful and unblemished or you can teach a radical version that demonizes the country. But American culture does not equip young people to deal with the "irreconcilable conflicts" embedded in their own history, the past does not yield to patriotic moralisms. Race is the most obvious example of what I mean."
-Lawrence Goodwyn, Duke University
list direktor tobias@techno.ca