<st.031> transmissions
1. <STCo2> cydonia
2. <ST> communique
3. audio visual
4. troop movements
5. addendum
 ::1. <STCo2>
START after determined successful movement of <STCo1>
<STC> returns with the second installment of the Shrum Tribe Collective
                                        >AUGUST 07, 1999<
         <STCo2> cydonia
            ::transmissions from the red planet::
                 ::the dark region speaks::
       :: musikal spheres from the dark region of mars ::
::updated web rekon::
 featuring from San Francisco
owner and recording artist Belief-Systems
Tektite, Cytrax, DropBeat recording artist
Static techno night pioneer and resident
technoWest agent, from the heart of the experimental
techno underground, playing minimal techno and electro
Bassix records, Vancouver
Fever resident and Sonar pioneer
playing morning dub house
from the depths of the <ST> Collective, technoWest and <ST>
cutting techno-minimal madness: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
from <STC> and onze bas brun
smoothing harmonies of house and techno groove sadness
featuring the full X-MAX JBL Soundsystem with Contra-Bass Bins
a ritual far from the city in defiance of modernist oppression
come join us as we celebrate our resistance
infoline : 604.444.8024 :
tickets $10 CDN @ Bassix: Vancouver,
Boomtown: Victoria, RaverBooks: Seattle.
vancouver area outdoors
2. <ST> communique
1. upcoming <ST> events
august 07 <stco2> ::cydonia::
2. >>appearances
tobias <ST   
    aug06(sea) PARADOX
    aug07(van) <STCo2> cydonia
    aug13(sea) Seattle Live Electronic Night with Flux @ aro.space
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. Shift Techno Magazine Japan
under "Interview" then "Tobias"
2. Dj Tobias Fan Site
b) contact information
604.444.8024 infoline
technoWest bookings: 1.250.384.9247
Someone once asked me if I felt like a pilot when I DJ and if everyone dancing [felt like] my passengers.
"No," I said, "everybody dancing should be a pilot. I want to be the weather."  
-- DJ Lotus.
3. . audio visual
10pm-1am PST Monday
with SJB spinning jungle
Jave enabled browser: http://www.webradio.com/kbga/
Dj Michelle- Vancouver- house/tech-house
Static Dj's - San Francisco - static dj mixes (dnb/techno/electronic)
POA - Toronto - disturbing nature--live@OM (techno)
>>tomas >>san francisco >>en route >>jazzy dnb
>>spencer >>victoria b.c. >>it is what it is >>house-tech-house
>>alley cat >>san francisco >>post-deutch mix >>dark dnb
>>peter crno >>montreal >>main.artery >>soundtrack inspired electro-beatz
http://www.the-lab.com 12 hours of DVOA, among other things
http://techno.ca/studio/jeff_williams minimal techno from TO's Jeff William
http://mp3.com/djclone dj Clone sparse ambience
http://www.mp3.com/artists/31/ice_9.html Mental Floss dnb'/ambient
http://c8.com/tunes/tunes-music.html noise madness and experiments from C8
http://backspin.supahfly.com:8000 Ma3str0's horrible noizcast- 64k stream
Forest Green vs. Dub Gnostic
http://techno.ca/survey/ techno.ca asks you the questions-- fill it out!
http://www.babcom.com/principia/ illumination reading rekon
http://plaza.v-wave.com/bert/bert.htm Dear Jeffrey Dahmer
Seattle Times Editorial on Teen Dance Ordinance.
Andrew Weatherall
http://www.endresdesign.com/shockbox/ Shoutcast for Mac
http://cgi3.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewListedItems&userid=ryan@techno.ca Gear for sale.
http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/9195/mullets2.html Guide to Mullets
Demographics of TV shows: they are watching you watch them :
http://mediacore.cjb.net Mediacore production-- vancouver
http://members.tripod.com/~vancouverzine/pma.html Flyer of the year
http://www.hyperreal.org/~spaz/AMF/ Autonomuos Mutant Festival
http://www.beatseek.com music search engine
http://welcome.to/primenumeric Prime Numeric jungle night in Seattle
Http://www.gvoon.de German performance art
Window Licker .mpg
A related series of studies shows that intrinsic interest in a task - the
sense that something is worth doing for its own sake - typically
declines when someone is rewarded for doing it.
::4. troop movements::
July 15 - Olympia Washington, $7, all ages.
Capitol Theatre, 206 East 5th in downtown Olympia.
Doors 2:30 pm, show 3pm, Negativland 6pm.
July 16 - Seattle Washington, Showbox, 206-628-0221.
doors 8pm, show 8:30 tix are $12 or $14. 21 and over .
July 17 - Portland Oregon, Crystal Ballroom.
doors 8pm, show 8:30, tix $12, all ages show.
The show is over two and a half hours long with an intermission and is made
up of (almost) all new material never heard or seen before. The Weatherman
will be there, albeit electronically, performing a suprise epic new/old
piece, Pastor Dick is coming along, as well as five movie projectors,
three slide machines and a TV set. We are quite pleased with how the whole
thing has come together. http://www.negativland.com
july14(van) ANDREW WEATHERALL @ Palladium, $12.
july15(van) ARTURO w/ PHIL WESTERN @ Starfish Room, $8.
july18(sea) SWAYZAK LIVE @Flammable, The Rebar, about $8.
july19(van) SWAYZAK LIVE @ Sonar. 7$
july24(van) FREE TIBET CONCERT @ Starfish Room, $8.
july24(van) FRED EVERYTHING @ Sonar
july25(van) MICKEY FINN @ Sonar
july29(sea) DERRICK CARTER
july29(van) IAN POOLEY @ Sonar
july31(van) ASADI RIZVI @ Sonar. $9
july31(van) RENEGADE DAYZ HQ festival http://www.hqcommunications.com
august07(van) <STCo2CYDONIA 604.444.802, $10 <ST>
aug20-23(midwest) EVEN FURTHER
aug27(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains.
::7. addendum ::
Basically the article states that the law which they used to kill
speakeasy is dead, ding-dong the witch.
In the early seventies the French military built a prototype sonic deathray
called "Le Monstre." It was a phased array (row) of resonant tubes powered
by a jet engine. Just like radio and medical sonograms, the phased array
could be steered. The resonant tubes were 78 feet in length for an extremely
directional 7Hz output. This horrific device could kill a man more than a
mile away.
Could there possibly be a fresh angle on this story of human hubris and
misplaced faith in technology? Under his neon prosceniumarch, the ship is a tiny toy creeping along at a Robert Wilsonian pace while Himself plays the iceberg.
"A 7Hz tone of sufficient amplitude can crack the walls of a masonry
building and can affect a phenomenon known as brain entertainment whereby
normal brainwave frequencies are reclocked and vital processes are
catastrophically disrupted. Individuals, thus 'down converted,' usually die
within seconds, though not before experiencing excruciating pain as internal
organs are literally churned by tsunamis of air. Terrifying indeed." - Dan
Sweeny, WSR v6 n1 issue 32
Allow me to "spread some knowledge"...
Our media image is important to us. We have Anti-Rave laws popping up
all over the U.S. That are denying us our constitutional right to peaceably
assemble. As the pressure of the media drives parents to take legal action
they are taking our rights and our scene and flushing them. Instead they,
the parents of children that are underage, should be taking action within
their homes, talking to their children about drugs, maintaining open
communication lines so they know where their kids are and what they are
doing. They are trying to close down the entire operation instead of dealing
with the problem at hand...And the problem at hand is that parents of our
generation are disconnected from their children in a way far more ugly than
any drug their children could do. The main reason why children that age are
attending parties to begin with is probably to find the people that
understand, listen and love them the way they need to be understood, listened
to and loved.
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