<st.030> transmissions
1. n e w . m o o n ::o3
2. <ST> communique
3. <STCo2>
4. audio visual
5. techGnosis mailing list
5.5 filtration
6. troop movements
7. addendum
>>1. n e w . m o o n ::o3
<ST> in conjunction with other to-be named Forces
presents the anticipated return of
n e w . m o o n :: o3
JUNE 25th, 1999
return to the <ST> tradition of reclaiming publick space
a 5$ donation, outdoor event close to the heart of downtown
resistance fighters for the night are: 
from Arizona and Seattle:
STARTfor those who witnessed Brahman's assault in seattle|
survivors can attest to Brahman's techno-movement expertise
<ST> is proud to present him at the 3rd new moon installment
from Victoria, B.C.:
dub gnostic
blending drum n'bass and dub,
from technoWest and Bug Girl Sound
local rekon Vancouver:
minimal mental madness from <ST> and technoWest
neb eliven
miraging Detroit and Chicago tech-house, house and techno
from onze bas brun
::reclaiming publick space || new . moon o3
::warning:: this event is conditional upon weather and poLICE
::prepare for the invasion:: resist outdoors
cost: $5 donation
info 604.444.8024
vancouver local outdoors
featuring X-MAX sound
2. <ST> communique
1. upcoming <ST> events
june 25     n e w . m o o n o3
august 07 <stco2> cydonia
2. >>appearances
tobias <ST>    
    june 24 (van) Plutonian Nights, CiTR 101.9FM- midnight
    june 25 (van) n e w . m o o n o3
    june 30 (van) Plur My Ass!
    june 30 (van) Manifestations: A History of Musik and Manifestos, Pt. II
                        CiTR 101.9FM, 10am-12pm
    july 03 (van) private event
    july 09 (van) Hoe Down
    august 07 <STCo2> cydonia
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview" then "Tobias"
2. (Dj Tobias Fan Site, Including Exclusive Interview)
b) contact information
5. <STCo2>
START after determined successful movement of <STCo1>
<STC> returns with the second installment of the Shrum Tribe Collective
AUGUST 07, 1999
<STCo2> cydonia
the dark region speaks
featuring from San Francisco
owner and recording artist Belief-Systems
Tektite, Cytrax, DropBeat recording artist
Static techno night pioneer and resident
technoWest agent, from the heart of the experimental
techno underground, playing minimal techno and electro
Bassix records, Vancouver
Fever resident and Sonar pioneer
playing morning dub house
from the depths of the <ST> Collective, technoWest and <ST>
cutting techno-minimal madness
from <STC> and onze bas brun
smoothing harmonies of house and techno groove sadness
featuring the full X-MAX JBL Soundsystem with Contra-Bass Bins
a ritual far from the city in defiance of modernist oppression
come join us as we celebrate our defiance in ritual far from Earth
tickets $10 CDN @ Bassix, Vancouver
vancouver area outdoors
4. audio visual
10am-12pm PST, Swope Transmissions
http://www.belief-systems.com/context RA for new Sutekh and Twerk releases
http://www.plugresearch.com P.R. "mock radio"~ Trash Esthetic
http://www.breakbeat.co.uk/jungle/listen-dubplates.html Jungle Dubs RA
http://www.backspace.org/radio Datacide Radoi- London (Christoph Fringelli) +archives
http://www.flatplastic.com/ archived mixes of Mumtaz, Mike Grant, Giles Dickerson
http://www.satellite-records.com/ram/45247.RAM new Suburban Knight 12" (UR)
http://www.betalounge.com archived UR, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch
http://www.technologix.org/ram/djs/algo1.ram Algorithm @ Blue R.A.
http://www.groovetech.com/broadcast/arospace/archive.html Pole/Neotropic R.A.
Adam Marshall vs. Ali
An Excellent Flyer and Tape cover:
http://lavarand.sgi.com/ Lavalamp random number generator
http://www.telusplanet.com/hispeed/hispeed.html BCTel gets competition for ADSL
why piracy is good
::ART and MUSIC::
http://www.annihilist.com/loop/loop.html Loop musicians and artists
http://www.everfresh.org Toronto Dj Everfresh
http://www.srl.org Survival Research Labs~ art or war?
http://www.techno-rebels.com Dan Sicko's definitive book on Detroit techno
http://minimise.com new techno label
http://globalgoodys.com/ifj16/ Iron Feather techno zine
http://www.astralwerks.com/source_direct/ Source Direct website (jungle musicans)
5. techGnosis mailing list
This is to announce the creation of a new mailing list,
called The Techgnosis List.
"TechGnosis" is a term I coined in 1990, initially as an update of the
concept of "Hipgnosis" which an old friend named Adrian Haggard came up with
in the early 60's (and which soon became the name of a graphics team who
produced many of the album covers for the Pink Floyd and others.) In the
90's there came with a new generation a resurgence of the 60's concern with
Gnosis, but this time around not crippled by the Hippies' disdain of
technology and enterprise, though reaffirming of their transpersonal
Recently a book has appeared, entitled "TechGnosis", by Erik Davis, a San
Francisco author. When I first thought of the word, It struck me as one
that was certain to occur to other minds, and it was with some relief that
I gathered from the reviews and excerpts I have found on the Net that Davis'
use of the term is consistent with mine. Indeed, the term seems to have
entered the language (Greek, really) in a number of places, as a web search
will reveal. While Davis uses the word as a portmanteau word for
"technology" and "gnosis", I had at the outset also in mind "techne" (art,
skill) and "techno", as it was evident even then that the dance rituals
which were taking place in a few underground venues were the emergence in a
universally accessible form of what one might call the trance-yoga of dance.
The Techgnosis List will not essentially be a forum for interpersonal
dialogue or debate. Members will be asked to contribute articles,
quotations, and, perhaps most usefully, links to texts (and graphics)
which relate to the TechGnostic perspective - pro, contra, and neutral. The
list will be moderated by one simple guideline: it is asked that all
postings be appropriate offerings to the membership in its entirety. A
website will also soon be activated, on which contributions to the mailing
list will potentially appear, assuring continued access beyond the life of
your message files.
If you are interested in helping to co-create this conceptual polyphony,
or just want to see some interesting texts and links from time to time,
please reply offlist to this message. If you can tell me anything about kind
of source material you are looking for , so much the better.
Chris Case
I tell you another question. Are you true or not?
Vinyl = underground = techno/house = indepedant labels = scratching, art of
mixing = turntable music instruments...
I'd say there are 3 things keeping vinyl alive today in terms of being
the majority of DJ's number one medium...
1. Vinyl will continue to see widespread use until another format comes
along that "truly" is as useable and versatile as the vinyl/1200
combination... (it will have to be affordable as well).
2. No matter what anyone says there are too many vinyl releases that are
just not available on CD (in unmixed form of course).
3. Some people may disagree with this one but I believe that on a LARGE
club/rave type system vinyl does sound better. CD's tend to sound very
clinical at high volume. You may not notice the difference on an
average home stereo but on a large system I think there is a noticeable
---------------------------5.5 filtration---------------------
"I think that people don't like to talk about that. I get asked about where
I'm from and how it all started, but no one wants to talk about what it's going
to be like in three or four years, or next year or next month. They don't like
to talk about where this music is going, what it could be, because I think it's
very hard for people to predict because the music is so... see, I grew up thinking
that techno music is actually something that you can't imagine. That is techno
at its best. If you hear something that kind of sounds like you've heard it
before, then it's not techno. It's something that you've never heard--it
catches you completely by surprise. Like when we were young and we heard Kraftwerk,
it was something that we had never heard before. That's techno at its best. I
always thought that a techno party is when you walk through the door and see and you
hear something that you've never seen or heard before. I've been spinning for years
and I've never walked into a party and ever seen that.
So the whole idea of techno is to make something that is unimaginable. It's
not implying that it's something that's very easy to do and that's probably why most people don't approach it. Because it's not. It's not very hard to do in techno. It takes a
very long time, sometimes... and a wild imagination. You have to be able to dream, I
suppose. You have to be able to leave everything that you know and everything
that you have learned. You have to leave that behind and create something completely new."
--Jeff Mills, Vol. 2 Issue 1, February 1995 Generator magazine (article: Tim Barr)
6. troop movements::
unlimited guestlist available, email: technowest@techno.ca with all names
~june20(van) LOWBROW '99 @ Brickyard. 685-3922. artist gallery.
june24(van) SOURCE DIRECT~ Metalheadz, Science, Good Looking @ Wett Bar
Andy Bullock's Farewell Party. 604.515.6789 http://hqcommunications.com
june21(van) LEE SCRATCH PERRY @Sonar. $30 @ Bassix, Zulu, Sonar, Scratch.
june25(van) n e w . m o o n (o3) dj BRAHMAN 604.444.8024 <ST>
june25(kalamazoo, MI) BLACK NATIONb feat. CLAUDE YOUNG, JAY DENHAM
june27(van) MIXMASTER MIKE @ Sonar
june 30(van) VELVET @the Gate, 1176 Granville. http://www.digniti.com
july01(sea) ED RUSH, OPTICAL, RYME TYME @ aro.space
july02(pdx) RICHIE HAWTIN 503.727.3368 $15@ Platinum, Starbass
july02(Spanish Pyranees) X.72- Free Party At the End of the World
july4(van) CDN. DMC FINAL @Richards. 15$, Bassix, FF, FWUH. 604.878.4003
july6(van) TERRY FRANCIS @ Sonar. 7$
july18(sea) SWAYZAK LIVE @Flammable, The Rebar, about $8.
july19(van) SWAYZAK LIVE @ Sonar. 7$
july22(van) MUSHROOM JAZZ TOUR @ Sonar
july29(sea) DERRICK CARTER
july31(van) ASADI RIZVI @ Sonar. $9
july31(van) RENEGADE DAYZ HQ festival http://www.hqcommunications.com
august07(van) <STCo2> 604.444.8024 <ST>
aug20-23(midwest) EVEN FURTHER
aug27(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains.
7. addendum
Individuals, thus 'down converted,' usually die within seconds, though not before experiencing excruciating pain as internal organs are literally churned by tsunamis of air. i'm sort of wondering if it's too abstract or if it can be decrypted and hit
its mark... comments?
the doll you had hanging from the ceiling reminded me and my travel-companions of a doll we saw earlier that day at some sort of clothing-type store downtown. the doll was strapped into a chair, and had IV's in her head, and her arms. there was an IV drip hooked to it, filled with something resembling blood. her umbilical cord was still attached and sort of wrapped around her binding her to the chair and seemingly suffocating her. her eyes were replaced by some sort of machine looking things, but i'm failing to recall exactly what.
thomas beck, "more than meets the eye":
one of the most important aspects of techno as a medium divinely inspired
to deliver this message is that it does not detract from the message it
in purist techno, the musical patterns change little. however, prolonged
listening creates the perception that the sounds are continually changing.
why does this occur? because we can only process one sound at a time. as
we get disinterested with one sound, our ears quickly pick up another
sound, and the mind sets to examining it in detail. yet even while the ear
and mind are intent on unraveling the riddle of one layer of sound, they
are both made aware that to examine one part forces us not to be able to
analyze the other parts which are simultaneously interesting. this forces
the decision: either try with futility to examine the sounds one by one or
submit to the driving steady beat and experience the song in its
entirety. this decision is teh perfect analogy to that of the one we must
make in our lives. we must choose to either futily pick apart experience,
or experience joy through opening ourselves up to it in its entirety.
when you open yousrelf up to techno @ a party you can feel like the party
is its own separate entity in space -- since the vibe inside is so much
more positive than all the bullshit going on in the everyday world. hence,
techno and the party experience allow us to feel what it is to exist in
another dimension, as opposed to just reading about one. how many times
have you been dancing so hard you can hardly breath at 6 am, when you
suddenly stop and smile to yourself when you think of all the people out
there who are spending this same moment sleeping away. no other experience
can more acutely demonstrate so simply the new reality taht coexisting
dimensions are continually interacting, and that the passage between these
dimensions often disregards our conventional view of time. through
techno, body, mind and soul are all gently and directly taught through
experience the divine nature of reality.
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