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1. review |response :: <STCo1> :: in partibus ::
((( <STC> would like to thank all who completed mission <STCo1> ::in partibus::
<STC> results: full movement success: few casualties || friendly fire kept to a minimum STOP. Transcript below: delved and ascertained from various public forums and lists by intelligence agents. Names have been removed to protect the guilty: UKUSA approved. )))
[HAH!!! Boo-hoo, your party was too dark. You scared me. I want my
the atmosphere was crazy and intresting and the overall party was NEW and FUN...not the same old crap parties that happen every freakin weekend...i'm saving
my money for events such as this.
>Well I have to say, this was one of the best parties I have ever been
>to. Kudos goes out to <STC> for this.
word. this was by far the best party i've been to in vancouver, and one of  the best parties i've been to in general. it was more than a party -- it was an Experience. the overall quality of this event and the Incredible  Talent involved impressed me -- i will make a point of attending shrumtribe  events in the future.
>The space looked great, they really did an excellent job of transforming
>the place.
black plastik walls, umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, those pop-able packing bubbles on the walls, a headless doll dangling... and i especially liked the red light (red being my favorite color.) the place had an  atmosphere... which i really like.
>The sound was the best! None of that piercing high end
>crap. The bass would make the whole building rumble at times!
incredible sound, i'm surprised windows weren't blown out!!!! i was VERY grateful for the free! earplugs. this was my first time hearing dub gnostic spin -- ever. few words come to mind other than mind-blowing. it's not something that can really be described, but only experienced.
>Shaggy came next and filled >the place with the loveliest of music. He played some of the best >samples I have ever heard. I particularly liked the Speak and Spell. shaggy's set was a great example of successful sampling... again, my first
time hearing him spin. the music was hypnotic and very penetrating -- the
fast flashing of the strobe light added to this effect. i'm dancing my ass
off at this point, near asthma attack, but cannot pull myself away.
>Tobias then came a long and proceeded to rip shit up. At first I was
>thinking something was a little off, a little different but I wasn't
>sure what it was. Then somebody pointed out to me that he was going at
>it on 3 decks! It was wonderful to watch as well as listen to!
and just as i was thinking that the night couldn't possibly get any
better.... tobias = wow. it was fascinating to watch him at work, with his clever
little flicks of the wrist (does he always do that?) -- and on three decks!
there's something about minimal techno that's very intellectual and mind stimulating to me. yet at the same time, there also is a very physical and raw emotional aspect to it. it makes me simultaneously think, feel, and physically surrender to it. i'm not sure exactly what it is, but i like it.  perhaps i hit on it earlier to day when i said that lack of matter points to matter because they define each other. or perhaps it's just getting really late. all-in-all, a Quality event -- i *highly* recommend shrumtribe parties.
 oh wow .. this party was so good im so glad i stayed in vancouver this weekened .. something i dont do enough of got there at 10 ish with the crew and chilled for abit
to lunatechs set he always rocks my world.. apprantly he played fraggle rock but i missed that wheni left at 11 to take d-- back to SLurrey.. highlights of the night ,, the space man walking in the space suit twirling the planets ,, that dood was crazy! YAY!!.. Shaggys set with a vocal sample "welcome to earth" nICe! Tobias offering us chinese food that hadbeen sitting out all night Ewwwww .. Surreal Jar.. I love you guys the set up was amazing .. nice and dark with strobes .. a red room and a
green room.. cant we have more parties like this? free earplugs and coffee candies in the morning was a nice touch Dub Gnostic .. this guy is SO good! i must have a
mixtape.. Tobias always has the sickest sets and just .. well themusic spoke to me and woulndt let me stop dancing ,, Props to Tobias and the Shrum Tribe Crew for an Excellent job ..
well, this was one of the best events i;ve been to. the music was rad, the space was rad, the people were rad, the decorating was rad and the ear plugs were appreciated:) umm.. yeah. i was muchly impressed by it all
***holy shit***
review: ohmygod! k, this is the best party i have ever been to.
let me count the ways...
- the sound was really good. lots of bass. and free
- the decorationing was phenomenal, i have seen
nothing like it before. so much work was put into it, and i
like the dark n scary stuff. and it was so much fun to run
around popping bubble wrap.
- the music was soooooooo good. god i love
techno!!! and three turnables!
- not too expensive.
- no smoking in the main room!!! yay!
i could go on and on but i won't.
WOW this Techno Event rocked, it was one of the best parties I've been to! I have never scene a location so decorated!!! The music was so moving, I could not
stop dancing till my energy ran out, so we left got me some food, and went back it.(yes unlike a rave we where treated like people). All the DJ's were grate, and DJ
Shaggy was just so WOW! The crazy guys in the Bio sutes hahahha you rock!
Lunatech your dress with the big *thing* hanging was so sexy! Cause of the venue use it was not smoky one bit, and it only was is $12 (presale). plus on top of this there was so much room! even enough for a bunch of people to lie down.
Instead, as the music started and the evening began I found myself in a room lit only by red lights, dark walls draped with obscure hangings, and inhabited by painted masks and a monster-like things sitting atop a fantastic array of speakers. The music was amazing! And above everything, it was loud--but not the peircing kind that hurts your ears. The huge impact of the sound hit me when I took out my earplugs to listen to Shaggy's set. After Lunatech's funky set and then Dave's drum'n'bass which flowed onto the darker side and then created a mellow web of sound, Shaggy's hard fast techno and the sudden killing of all the lights (except one on the huge banner of Hal's eye behind the dj) was like running into a speeding train at full impact. It blew me away. Suddenly I was dancing, and so was everyone else, the heat rising like a sauna from the moving bodies. I got lost in the trembling bass and fast moving rhythms only to resurface some time later with Tobias playing on three decks! The concentration evident on his face as he worked to keep the decks locked reminded me of this vision I have of a mad scientist who has been working fervently on an experiment for days, and who is going through the final crucial steps--one mistake, and everything will explode! It was like basking in a polyrhythmic sea of music. Neb Eliven's set was wonderful, and it is unfortunate he played only to the few people who were left and the rest of us cleaning up. It was a great morning groove, and it brought the party to a nice end. Surprisingly enough, by the time the last decoration was pulled down, and the speakers loaded into the van, I didn't feel in the least bit tired--except for my feet which will undoubtedly be nursing blisters--and my stomach seemed to be doing fine...It was a good party.
::<ST> communique
1. upcoming <ST> events
june 25     n e w . m o o n o3
august 07 <stco2>
2. >>appearances
tobias <ST>    
    june 12 (vic/duncan) Stick Insect: City of Totems
    june 24 (van) Plutonian Nights, CiTR 101.9FM- midnight
    june 25 (van) n e w . m o o n o3
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
    july 03 (van) select rooftop gathering
    july 09 (van) ?
    august 07 <STCo2>
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview" then "Tobias"
2. (Dj Tobias Fan Site, Including Exclusive Interview)
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b) contact information
3. audio visual
Creepy Funk
http://www.nirvanet.com/en/nirvanottv/ Jeff Mills and Carl Craig RealVideo/Audio
http://avalon.net/~kent/teep/teepset.ra D/L for offline listening
http://www.geon.com/about/lead.html Waldo Semon, inventor of vinyl, died @ 100
http://www.thestranger.com/AE/dance.html Mathew Corwine writes for the Stranger
Fuck Music Journalism!
http://www.cilb.com/ Register All Canadian Websites!!
Dj culture hits Playboy
::necessary (?) consumerism::
http://www.earcandymusic.nu more online ordering
NW Gear Board- Buy/Sell
Rainbow Gatherings and the Organised Hippy Rebellion
http://www.hyperreal.org/raves/dc/ Organised Pro-Rave Protests
http://www.hyperreal.org/music/d.part/ D.Part Detroit Resistance
http://www.iseelucy.com/ Fuck Lucy Goldberg!
:: Techno Rebels ::
http://www.techno-rebels.com the Techno Rebels book is finally finished
Street Date: May 15
:: foreign roots ::
http://www.agora.stm.it/Mau.Dami/masala.htm Masala-- Indian-Italian Group
http://www.agora.stm.it/Mau.Dami/tpengl.htm Third Planet- kurd/ind/ital/algerian
http://www.agora.stm.it/Mau.Dami/oex.htm Orient Express- ethno-ambient dub
4. n e w . m o o n ::o3
<ST> in conjunction with other to-be named Forces
presents the anticipated return of
n e w . m o o n :: o3
JUNE 25th, 1999
from Arizona
STARTfor those who witnessed Brahman's assault in seattle|
survivors can attest to Brahman's techno-movement expertise
<ST> is proud to present him at the 3rd new moon installment
reclaiming publick space || new . moon o3
warning:: this event is conditional upon weather and poLICE
cost: $5 donation
info 604.444.8024
vancouver local outdoors
featuring X-MAX sound
5. <STCo2>
START after determined successful movement of <STCo1>
<STC> returns with the second installment of the Shrum Tribe Collective
AUGUST 07, 1999
featuring from San Francisco
owner and recording artist Belief-Systems
Tektite, Cytrax, DropBeat recording artist
Static techno night pioneer
playing minimal techno
Bassix records, Vancouver
Fever resident and Sonar pioneer
playing morning dub house
<ST>        <STC>
vancouver area outdoors
featuring full X-MAX contra-bass sound
6. troop movements
june01(van) LEAPS @Performance Works, Granville Island, 1218 Cartwright St.
    $10 door. 604.438.8134 Live Electronic Arts Performance Series
june01(sea) JOHN AQUAVIVA aro.space $10 advance@Delicious
june03(sea) DSCI4 @ aro.space $10 adv. @ delicious
june03(van) BILL RILEY, CONRAD BLACK @the Wett Bar. $10.
june12(vic) STICK INSECT: CITY OF TOTEMS 604.444.8024 $10
    FOREST GREEN (SF) Tobias, dub gnostic, paola | outdoors
june15(van) DAEMON FARM @303 Columbia $3 19+ http://surf.to/mediacore
    featuring SPASTIK, BAD FENG SHUI vs. ERROR 404
june 18-20(sea) Thee? free outdoor no-spectators festival 206.ani.hipo
june06(pdx) Ohms
june11(sf) Justice League
june12(sea) ARO.space
june13(van) SONAR
~june20(van)LOWBROW '99 @ Brickyard. 685-3922. artist gallery.
june25(van) n e w . m o o n (o3) dj BRAHMAN 604.444.8024 <ST>
july01(sea) ED RUSH, OPTICAL, RYME TYME @ aro.space
july02(pdx) RICHIE HAWTIN 503.727.3368
july02(Spanish Pyranees) X.72- Free Party At the End of the World
july31(van) RENEGADE DAYZ HQ festival http://www.hqcommunications.com
august07(van) <STCo2> 604.444.8024 <ST>
aug20-23(midwest) EVEN FURTHER
aug27(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains.
7. addendum
Neat. do i get a gold star or something?
LINE 10: Whine whine whine
Bitch bitch bitch
- You suck
- No, YOU suck!
- I suck?  How dare you say that!  At least _I'm_ not immature.
- Anyone that would say that is immature, and you take the cake!
Wah wah wah.
So and so genre totally sucks, I hate their music.
Well you're a moron!
Am not!  I bought their CDs and didn't like them.
Well why don't you go sodomize yourself because if _I_ say somehting sucks then it MUST suck!
Babble babble babble.
You can't spell!
Oh YEAH?  You cant speel neither!  and yur grammer sux!
Blah blah blah.
Todd: The classical methodology of rational dialectic is our only road
to truth! Don't try to deny it!
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