<st.027> transmissions
1. <ST> communique
2. <STCo1> :: in partibus ::
3. audio visual
4. 1200 Mailing List
5. Underwire Mailing List
6. Protest Chinese Premier Zhu!
7. troop movements
8. addendum
::<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>    
    may 08 <STCo1> :: in partibus ::
    may 11 STATIC, san fransisco
    may 21 Cloudbass, seattle.
    may 28-31 OODE III, oregon.
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview" then "Tobias"
:: in partibus ::
08 mai 1999
v an cou ver b.c.
ca na da
thee shrum tribe collective presents
in the land of the heathens
foundkids.com, oregon
technoWest, bug girl sound, victoria
x-max, vancouver
<ST>, technoWest, saturn
plastic puppet motive
[various planets]
experiment in sonic tactile environment
fascist elements are unclear and yet laid b(e)are
all paths lead to chaos
performance art musikal harmony
>>info 1. 604. 444. 8024
>>tickets $12 @ Bassix, vancouver.
>>door not guaranteed.
>>limited capacity 200.
>>sonic extremes~ earplugs provided.
>>for out of town advance tickets contact: tobias@techno.ca
This event marks the return of Shrum Tribe in a new format as a Collective drawn from recruits from the <ST> list and surrounding vicinities. The collaboration of thoughts, ideas and movements has resulted in a culmination of creation encompassing all areas of sound, visual and tactile stimulation. The Shrum Tribe Collective is proud to represent and speak out with their first combined event~ :: in partibus ::
:: in partibus :: speaks from the land of the heathens, from a desire to return to the hedonistic relation with nature and musik. To accomplish the mission all participants will be immersed in The Cube. Resistance comes from within.
<STC> is a growing Collective that welcomes membership with anyone who lives by the <ST> Purpose of Resistance: http://www.techno.ca/shrumtribe/html/info_mailing.htm
For more information:
1. 604. 444. 8024
3. audio visual
<<sample sites>>
http://www.analoguesamples.com/ synthesizers and drum machine samples
http://www.backspace.org/radio Christoph Fringelli & Hecaet, wednesday ra.
http://www.policescanner.com  police scanner real audio
http://www.spelunk.com/ecto/ ectomorph electro real audio
<Fuel Records jungle Real Audio and Video>
OODE II sets: Drenalin, Sabin & K-Go, Tim & Beau
<Beau plays the hard techno>
the legality of shoutcasting
http://www.techno.ca/revolver new Toronto techno label
http://www.ant.zen.com/noisex noisex homepage: noise
http://www.ant-zen.com noise organisation
cutting edge musik technology
http://www.indielife.com underground indie zine
<new versions of Impulse Tracker at:>
http://www.ffwd.com/crackpot/ crackpots of the net
http://www.newgrounds.com/tubby/tinky.html once again: drugs & teletubs
http://www.sleeve.com/meth-death.gif Tommy the Tweaker Video
http://www.airtoons.com/17.html what to do when the plane goes down
car record player
http://www.srl.org Sonic Blast technology
sonic blaster
http://www.inet.co.yu/kamera/  live Belgrade camera
http://www.truthinmedia.org/ Truth in Media (?)
http://helpB92.xs4all.nl/ Radio B92 Belgrade
Chomsky on Kosovo
unconstitutional Seattle Teen Dance Ordinance, and Resistance
<fucked up film>
4. 1200 Mailing List
I would like to invite you to join the 1200s mailing list.
The description of this mailing list is:
Discussion about the construction, repair, modification, (ab)use of the
Technics 1200-series turntables which are primarily used in DJing and radio broadcast. Topics covered are to be modifications to the operation (backwards rotation, pitch adjustments, etc.) At this point we speculate the list to be relatively low-traffic, however, one can never really be sure how lists like these will take off. The list is (somewhat) moderated by the people behind textures (http://textures.org).
You can join this list by going to the following web page:
List Owner
5. Underwire Mailing List
I am the moderator of the *underwire* mailing list. This mailing list has
been created to discover, promote, and discuss the work of women in modern and/or experimental music, regardless of whether the music is coming from a "pop" or "academic" perspective. A related record label is also being planned.
I would like to encourage all interested women and men to join the list. You can email me at <martygal@email.unc.edu> for more information.
Thanks for your indulgence,
*UNDERWIRE* documents the adventures of women in modern music.
(mailing list) send email to: mailto:underwire-subscribe@onelist.com
(record label address): UNDERWIRE
PO Box 4362
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4362 USA
6. Protest Chinese Premier Zhu!
<Vancouver, B.C.>
Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji will be at a luncheon in his honour at the Pan
Pacific Hotel Tuesday April 20th. CTC Vancouver will be joining our
friends from the Taiwanese Independence movement to ensure that our message will be heard. If you are downtown or you want to show your outrage to Mr. Zhu please show up by 11:30am across from the Pan Pacific Hotel. Let's make sure that Zhu leaves Vancouver with at least a case of heartburn. April 25th is the 10th birthday of His Holiness the Panchen Lama, Ganden Choekyi Nima, the world's youngest political prisoner.
7. troop movements
apr17(pdx) KENNY LARKIN @13 NW 13 (503) 727-3368
DADA: Crosswire~ Community through Art, Architecture and Music
8pm-1am. 400 Main St @4th St, LA. 323-466-5141
apr20(van) ZHU PROTEST @ Pan Pacific Hotel, 11:30am.
DJ Dazee, DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, Johnny L, Bailey, Randall, Ed Rush, Optical,Swift, Technical Itch, and Decoder, DJ Craze, and MC Chikaboo, among others.
apr23(sea) Aro.Space
apr24(van) Sonar
AMBIENT BRUNCH TOUR "pleasuring your every nerve"
FIRST LIVE COURSE Dogon, Perfume Tree, Spool, DJ Jhno
then *three weeks later, same places*
2ND DJ COURSE Banco de Gaia, Bossa Cuca Nova, Dj Cheb i Sabbah
Afternoon and nightclub gigs with a free brunch during the concert!
apr25(pdx) Ohm Club
apr27(sea) ARO.space w/ Terrence McKenna
apr29(sea) The Fenix Underground
may02(van) Starfish Room -->Perfume Tree starts here
may07(pdx) Ohm Club w/SuperSoul
may14(sf) Great American Music Hall w/ DJ Banco de Gaia
may16(sf) Backflip All Day Pool Party
apr24(van) MILLIONS FOR MUMIA Vancouver Art Gallery, Noon
apr26(van) ANDY SMITH location tba.
apr27(pdx) ANDY SMITH location tba.
apr27(sea) DUBTRIBE @Showbox 21+ $11 adv. TicketBastard
apr28(edm) ANDY SMITH location tba.
apr29(sea) ANDY SMITH location tba.
apr28(sea) PAN SONIC @Breakroom
apr28(sea) UNDERWORLD @Showbox-- tix @ TicketBastard.
apr29(van) DUBTRIBE @Sonar 683.6527
        604.916.1311 day of. $10 @ the door.
    66 Water St. 604.683.6695 $8. free with New Music West wristbands
    http://www.mapmusic.com more info
may08(van) <STC>01:in partibus 1.604.444.8024
july31(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains
8. addendum
President Clinton announced today an all out bombing offensive against England will begin in two weeks, unless a peace accord is ratified by England and its break-away province of Northern Ireland. I took all of my gear *out* of my bedroom..... and set it up in the kitchen... Im starting my *own* scene, as a "kitchen musician", and you can all kiss  my ass!! when the fridge kicks in, my ESQ-1 might crash but I go with it,  go with the mistakes..
2) The world we're living in is really a game inside a bigger world.
seriously... fuck that...
"belgrade radio b92 has been taken over by government on friday
morning. Bands/DJs/Musicians no longer have to conform to the sellable qualities and styles that major record companies have imposed to ensure sales. Music is part of the human experience, share it, publish it for free, live free."
I mean shit... he didn't even stop to wave his arms around or dance or even just stand there with his hands on his hips... he just kept putting on new records and mixing and scratching... BOLLOCKS, I say!!!
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