<st.026> transmissions
1. <ST> communique
2. audio visual
3. <STCo1> :: in partibus ::
4. Belgrade: A Dj's perspective
5. troop movements
6. addendum
::<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>    
    april 10 "un-named event" van.
    april 17 with Algorithm (tbc) van.
    may 08 <STCo1> :: in partibus ::
    may 11 STATIC san fransisco
    may 21 Cloudbass, seattle.
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview"
2. >><STC> 01 in partibus   
saturday ::MAY 08 666-1
featuring:: CONFIRMED :: Dj SHAGGY ::
from Oregon/N.J.// spinning hard melodic minimal techno
(for full info see below)
2.:audio visual::
Submerge Radio (Detroit)
http://www.flyfm.net/html/liveradio.html submerge~ the show (Detroit)
http://www.flyfm.net/html/djs_bio_detroit.html  more info
http://www.submergetheshow.org  more info
http://bak.spc.org/radio/live.ram Christoph Fringeli
http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/5102/index.htm dj Phonopsia
Kooky Scientist (Fred Gianelli) interview
Ones And Twos Mix: Somewhere in Between (Toronto)
http://node109.med.wisc.edu/book2.htm Jesse Saunders and house
http://www.shift.jp.org/028/ interview with Jodi.org artists
http://www.skinny.com/music/label/miami/ Schematic/Chocolate Labels
http://www.snarg.net/ web art updated
http://www.speakeasy.org/~manarts upcoming at the Speakeasy (seattle)
cop shirt on sale
Afrika Bambaata
http://www.fly.co.uk/afrika.htm interview
http://www.allmusic.com/cg/x.dll?p=amg&sql=B50618 discography
Aphex Twin Window Licker Video:
http://www.warprecords.com/warp/vision/movies/licker.zip zipped .rm
http://www.serbia-info.com/news/kosovo/index.html the Serbian side
http://www.iwpr.net Institute for War and Peace Reporting
http://www.justiceforall.org Kosovo Task Force (US Islamic Groups)
http://www.workers.org Workers World PArty, pro-Milosevic
http://www.marxist.com/ Marxist point of view
3. <STCo1>
:: in partibus ::
thee shrum tribe collective presents
:: in partibus ::
in the land of the heathens
08 mai 1999
v an cou ver b.c.
ca na da
disciples of storm, oregon
technoWest, bug girl sound, victoria
x-max, vancouver
<ST>, technoWest, saturn
[various planets]
experiment in sonic tactile environment
fascist elements are unclear and yet laid b(e)are
all paths lead to chaos
performance art musikal harmony
>>info 1. 604. 444. 8024
>>tickets $12 @ Bassix, vancouver.
>>door not guaranteed.
>>limited capacity 200.
>>sonic extremes~ earplugs provided.
>>for out of town advance tickets contact: tobias@techno.ca
This event marks the return of Shrum Tribe in a new format as a Collective drawn from recruits from the <ST> list and surrounding vicinities. The collaboration of thoughts, ideas and movements has resulted in a culmination of creation encompassing all areas of sound, visual and tactile stimulation. The Shrum Tribe Collective is proud to represent and speak out with their first combined event~ :: in partibus ::
<STC> is a growing Collective that welcomes membership with anyone who lives by the <ST> Purpose of Resistance: http://www.techno.ca/shrumtribe/html/info_mailing.htm
For more information:
1. 604. 444. 8024
4. Belgrade: A Dj's perspective
 <taken from conversations of Andrew Duke (Halifax) with Radio B92>
"andrew: thanks for the support. at least we can still use internet. it
was pretty scary when i heard first distant explosions last night. now i'm trying to get used to. hope this nigtmare will finish soon. radio b92 has been
shut down 2 days ago..."
"andrew, sometimes music is the *only* thing that gets me from one day to another"?
<from andrew>
radio b92 belgrade has been shut down and almost shut down so many times since it opened 9 or so years ago and it keeps on going. people keep throwing parties. people keep djing. i get more dj mixes submitted to the show from belgrade than anywhere else in the world! (that's why there's been 3 belgrade djs on the show) because these people have to try harder to geth through. john acquaviva used to play there in belgrade all the time but hasn't been backagain since the situation started to escalate again. but these people, regardless of what their nationality, keep on going. when i'm seeing all the tv and print coverage it makes me sick because it's just another "persian gulf" or "desert storm" ie. CNN type of newstory being milked to sell papers and tv. it disgusts me that within hours of the first NATO bombing, CTV had a "The Crisis In Kosovo" graphic slammed on all of their related reports and there were commericials in *every single batch* to "stay tuned for the latest on 'The Crisis In Kosovo'". It's sickening.
<from someone else in the techno scene in Serbia>
From: Nikola Stosic <ampheta@infosky.net>
Subject: (313) KOSOVO (1389 - 1999) - CONQUERING THE WORLD
I'm a DJ, I'm from Belgrade, and I'm a serbian, probably first on this
list, and I will try to connect DETROIT and my urban zone BELGRADE.It's
very hard to me to talk about this crisis on this kind of mailing list,
but I can see more from one interests. Situation in Belgrade now is very
critical, because we have information that NATO will bomb some military
buildings in the center of Belgrade. I will remember you that population
of Belgrade now is between 2,5 and 3 millions of people. We will see.
What is connection between DTT and BGD ?
When techno philosophy come to Belgrade at late eighties and in the
beginning of nineties some of Belgrade DJ's starts with classics, ACID
HOUSE, then germanic influence, also some of Detroit classics.
In the year 1993. some of DJ's started to play records from EYE Q,
SUPERSTITION, and other cheesy, trance labels. That music for me is O.K.
but bad thing in all this is that this people stops to play records from
Detroit [and records with DTT philosophy].
In a meantime, some my friends and me starts our radio show, also radio
B92 [last year award] started to play some hard records from CHICAGO,
also DETROIT and we started to organizing parties with this 'alternative' music. Two years later (1995), most of techno population in Belgrade starts to going to parties with DTT and CHI music. But unfortunatly when the
summer comes up, we had another strike from T.I.P. records from Paris.
In that summer '95 from Paris comes so many managers that our holiday
totally throws down. But again we started to organizing underground and parties on the very strange places. And we beat them. Now Belgrade got a lot of talented DJ's which plays quality music [DTT philosophy]. Two mounths ago we had expedition in Berlin and we are booked again very soon. In the 14. century when the TURKEY expansion starts to imperil the Europe, and starts to conquer all world, first nation who try to confront them was SERBIAN nation. That was happend in the year 1389. on Kosovo.
Are NATO states and US goverment has same destination as a Turkey 610
years later ?
I belive in American people.
Best regards
>>5. troop movements
apr04(vic) VELVET @ Steamer's.
apr17(pdx) KENNY LARKIN @13 NW 13 (503) 727-3368
DADA: Crosswire~ Community through Art, Architecture and Music
8pm-1am. 400 Main St @4th St, LA. 323-466-5141
DJ Dazee, DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, Johnny L, Bailey, Randall, Ed Rush, Optical,Swift, Technical Itch, and Decoder, DJ Craze, and MC Chikaboo, among others.
apr23(sea) Aro.Space
apr24(van) Sonar
apr24(van) MILLIONS FOR MUMIA Vancouver Art Gallery, Noon
apr28(sea) PAN SONIC @Breakroom
apr28(sea) UNDERWORLD @Showbox-- tix @ TicketBastard.
apr29(van) DUBTRIBE @Sonar 683.6527
        604.916.1311 day of. $10 @ the door.
may08(van) <STC>01:in partibus 1.604.444.8024
july31(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains
>>6. addendum
<not from me>
How to become a girl DJ in four easy lessons:
1) Be a girl.
2) Buy (or somehow get access to) 1200s.
3) Buy (or beg from a friend) some records.
4) Disappear into your basement for a while.
Lessons two through four apply to boys who want to be boy DJs. These
lessons will work for anyone, although quality results are not guaranteed.
Best comment I've ever heard about the idea of DJ lessons:
"I'll tell you how to mix two records together right after you tell me how
to balance a bike."
<not from me>
Perhaps I'm too cynical. what i'm talking about is "safe" mixes. dry tracks, no chances taken in the mix, all dancefloor all the time, you know, "book me" tapes. I can't think of a better way to describe it. the mixtape as a booking tool is undeniably the business card of all dj's, but unfortunately the mixes lose a lot in the process because so often it's what the dj thinks people want to hear to book them at a particular venue, and then this sucks out the natural flow and soul of a mix. all my tapes are done straight out of the crates, i never pick out records ahead of time, never practice a certain set or mix unless by coincidence, maybe pick a crate to use but otherwise the mixes i've heard that have the most entertainment value are ones that are improvised and from the heart, rather than the typical practiced, practiced, practiced set.
I like to hear dj's that realize what tracks to play while they're playing.
not planned before. and in people's worry to get everything absolutely
perfect, it loses it's funk. I just got my hands on a Larry Heard mixtape
(mr. fingers) and damn that man is smokin. some of the mixes are a little
sloppy, but I'll be damned if doesn't have some serious funk, you can feel
the mix flowing almost like sitting in the pasenger seat, you never know
what's next.
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