<st.021> transmissions
1. <ST> communique
2. audio visual
3. 24-7 365 Society
4. propaganda for sale
5. the Heidelberg project
6. death of Taxi Radio
8. troop movements
9. addendum
<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>
    march 27 Pullman WA (tbc)
    april 10 "un-named event" van.
    may 07 <STC>01: in partibus
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
2. >><STC> 01<<
        in partibus
    MAY 07 featuring from OREGON/N.J.
    featuring Shaggy (Oregon-- tbc.) 
    Lunatech, dub gnostic, tobias and denny lajeunesse live. 
to join the <STC> collective, contact~
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
Pole's new LP
Pure Weirdness.
>>Darkstep Mailing List
3. 24-7 365 Society
...we struggle with hypermarketecture's future: we know it will have
arrived when:
~ Design becomes more ecological, ethnic, hybrid,inclusive, soft and
polycultural (multi-layered)
~ We realize that if "less is more" and "least is most," then "nothing
is everything"
~ When preferences replace values
~ A radical simplification, or spirit of voluntary simplicity, informs
our decisions
~ Team-based learning is the norm at design schools, design firms and businesses of all types
~ Water is treated as an aesthetic resource (Heute Selbstverstandliches wird Luxus sein)
~ Old-growth forests are saved on aesthetic (not endangered species)
~ Information's value approaches zero
~ Point-of-view emerges as a precious commodity
~ The provision of advertising-free surfaces becomes a zoning issue for product designers and architects
~ Technology completes its closure on the human body and penetrates the skin (bionic parts/AI hehehe)
~ PC memory,screens, peripherals and keyboards disintegrate into the surface of furniture
~ The "post-credibilization" of media culture is recognized
~ The ongoing professionalization of all manner of products is complete (barcoding living organisms)
~ Our homes and offices are full of products whose abilities are far in
excess of our own
~ A new understanding for the possibilities of reinventing what already
exists manifests itself
~ Already-produced elements are used in a process of magical yet
economical re-combination
~ Legally segregated ownership of content gives way to broad
interownership of content
~ Corporate identity is premised on strategic disruption and change
~ Media-defined advertising gives way to consumer-chosen advertising
~ Mass is completely replaced by information
~ The rental car welcomes us back by name, and instantly turns on the radio as we get in
~ Our semi-shared electronic culture prevents us from the terror of
~ Silence never occurs
points by:Steve Skov Holt
Frog Integrated Strategic Design, Germany
4. propaganda for sale<<
currently on sale at both Bassix and Boomtown:
Plastikman T-Shirts. Blue and Green. Reflective Logo. $28
M_NUS T-SHIRTS. Black with the Consumed design and Plastikman Logo on Sleeve. $28
Plus 8 T-Shirts. New Logo. Green Shirt. $28
for info on getting limited run Longsleeve Plastikman Sweatshirt with
embroidered logo contact: dub-gnostic@techno.ca
also on sale: the dub gnostic trilogy (1998)
@ Bassix, Boomtown.
-new smells for floyd (house)
-devotchka (techno)
-strange primate (drumnbass)
all representing the artist on 3 decks with a roland
DJ-2000 mixer w/ FX. $15 each.
"new smells" and "strange primate" also available at:
futuristic flavour and mechanix
for more info email: dub-gnostic@techno.ca or
visit www.techno.ca/dj (Real Audio).
5. the Heidelberg project<<
In case you dont know, the heidelberg was designed by Tyree Guyton to transform the ruins of a detroit block and street into a spectacular work of art. I know what this street looked like before and what it looks like now is completely altered. This street has been a controversial battle for years by the city council to destroy the block and the streets art. This block has been in ruins practically since the detroit riots when then prestigous street got abandoned. Tyree transformed the whole street to one huge canvas. This is really f'ed up if you think about it. There is plenty of other things in detroit that the could focus in on besides this. This street was an eye sore before and now it is a work of art The detroit city council or a.k.a. the detroit nazi's have decided to tear down the project and I mean tear, they went in with cranes, bulldozers and mutilated the whole street. The fucking "nazi" detroit council needs to be clued in. write them and tell them what you think about the destruction of the heidelberg project which almost anyone who comes to detroit has seen or wants to see. It is afterall the #3 tourist attraction in detroit. Highlight the address's at the bottom of the page and write something even if its on y a couple words. together we will let them know how important this is to or future...
p.s. if you like kraftwerk, we took them over there to see this and they loved it... theres a good reason huh?
~micho leeraven
~synthetic - detroit
6. death of Taxi Radio
***For those of you who listened to "housecall", like myself, on TaxiRadio 96.1 Thursday nights...the show has been cancelled. If you're choked about this, like myself, read below and phone Fairchild and let them know. Vancouver needs stations/radio programming like this.
Thank you for listening, and sending your email, and comments to us.
They were all very appreciated. We loved the feedback.
Unfortunately, due to an evil force, there will be no more Taxi Radio
or House Call on 96.1FM. They pulled the plug on us so to speak.
If you would like to call into Fairchild Radio during the day 708-1201
/ 708-1234 and show your support, it would be much appreciated.
Thank you again for listening and taking the time to send us your
Melanie, Little T, and Leanne
8. troop movements
feb13(van) RAPTURE HQ jungle/TeamLounge ambience
feb15(sea) MSBR @ The Last Supper Club $5 8pm
                NUCLEAR FAMILY 7 503.727.2444
feb20(sea) JOHN AQUAVIVA $10 @ Showbox. 21+
feb23(van) METASONIC Paola (mexico), Jereme Oliver
        7$ @ door. 604.650.0858 day of only.
feb27(sea) Delicious Green Velvet/Cajmere, Kenny Glasgow
mar3(van) ED RUSH Richards on Richards $9 604.515.6789
            http://hqcommunications.com 19+
mar12(pdx) TERRY MULLEN @Zoot Suite 503.727.3368 $10
mar24(van) LTJ BUKEM @Palladium $25 604.515.6789
july31(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains.
9. addendum
It says volumes about our times that when most Americans talk about the year 2000 they think not of the many symbolic or mystic implications of the Millenium, but of the mundane but potentially significant programming glitch that threatens many computer systems. Because you know what? - The musicians that made
all that great music that's enhanced your lives through the years? THEY WERE REALLY FUCKING HIGH ON DRUGS.
One tag I have begun to use is "musik culture." The "k" word "musik" I use to distinguish between popular forms of music (as in pop, mainstream what-have-you), and musik, a form of sound which also encapsulates some sort of culture, philosophy, mode of living, literature, visual art...close to Wagner's term "gesamkuntswerk" which was a complete art-form of opera, which included not only the score and the lyrics but the costumes, the actual opera house (he built one specifically for his operas!), the lighting, setting, posters, choice of actors, instruments, orchestra, conductor, stage-hands, tickets, method of promotion and advertising...gesamkuntswerk. I am aiming for a similar concept in "musik culture."
Yet, in scarcely over one hundred years, it has become clear that technology is not only voraciously consuming what is left of "nature," but is also busily constructing it anew. i think the biggest problems with this article are a) the bad verbiage, and b) the rather extremist conclusions that aren't backed up...
Of course, the virtual class is going to need protection from the
mounting tide of flesh-and-blood resistance to the extension of
neoliberal technofascist control across the globe...and so it is that
we find ourselves, blood capsules inside our mouths, strategically
placed around the room, waiting for the fresh-faced 22 year old
Marine with face paint and 50,000 dollars worth of computerized
weaponry to begin his talk...
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