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3. sound and jeff mills
4. Definitions of Hardcore
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<ST> communique
there will be no <ST> event/involvement on jan. 09
<ST> assaults are being planned for February//
expect a monorythim of hardness to invigorate soon
:<STC> meetings//the <ST> Collective:
!! first meeting friday january 015 7PM !!
for location email tobias@techno.ca
to join <STC>
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
http://www.radiovalve.net techno realaudio
http://www2.ciut.utoronto.ca/groups/ciut/ radio N-TAC techno
http://www.hraves.com/beta beta broadcasts
www.nac.org/sensory/overload.html Sensory multimedia
soundbites from new AXIS and TEKNOTICA
http://www.club1075.com chicago house real audio
dj tobias claustrophobia online
Brian Eno Oblique Strategy Concept Cards
http://www.genobyte.com/robokoneko.html build a robot
http://www.maps.org drug info
http://www.eta.org/309/comparison/ drum machine comparisons
http://www.shoutcast.com Winamp streaming audio
http://www.ambientsoho.com London's all Ambient record store
Vinyl Groove Productions
--sound and jeff mills--
After three hours with Jeff Mills I have
found out the secret:
1. Cue your records in three seconds and mix it in.
2. Work three turntables like second nature.
3. Create impromptu tracks with a 909, some of which are really banging and sounds better than the records playing!
4. Shake your butt.
5. Work doubles on the go, i.e. change the patterns live as the two records are played out without cueing...
6. Be left-handed, and wear a studious-looking specs
when not DJing.
Real Sound
It was a 7000 seat arena (or so i was told) with the floor covered in pressboard. the sound was about the best you could hope for in a venue that size, stacks in each of the 4 corners of about 24 speakers each (just a guess, i didn't count). Still a little distorted and boomy in spots, but quite good for most of the arena floor.
24 speakers a corner, 4 corners.
Real Sound.
Definitions of Hardcore
"At least in music we should know, after the electronic revolution, anything is possible. And this should be a signal to life. And that's dangerous! Because> it short-circuits Control and opens up the Pirate Dimension. Hardcore is such a sonic weapon, but only as long as it doesn't play by the rules, not even its own rules (this is where Jungle, Gabber etc. fail). It could be anything that's
not laid back, mind numbing or otherwise reflecting, celebrating, complementing the status quo. Hardcore is even the wrong word (but not completely, since it also refers to a secret complicity with co-conspirators something that is miles away from the 'Tribal' structures that after a short time start replicating the hierarchical structures of dominant society). So maybe we should find another word, but only as a disguise."
(christoph fringeli)
"The ex-hibition of sounds is about a self-sufficient and vicious contemplation of these metaphoric isolated shreds of contemporary art museums ; and there is absolutely no will to control, since the contemplation stays completly gratuitous. Hardcore celebrates the brutal, abstract and cold repetitivity which trepans awakening and tickle the unusual thoughts, these thoughts that come to our minds and could not have came... more than an electronic surprise, hardcore is an esthaetic of contingency, and goes farther than Noise, which is the quintessence of contingency but without the esthaetisation of it. In Noise, the absence of constraint does not really allow for the full acknowledgement of its possible richness. Hardcore is the best compromise between the need for our thoughts to have a frame and the will not to be prisonners of a system, as it occurs in techno."
(hangars liquides)
:/troop movements:\
jan23(vic) Dumbfast Drastik, Kuma $10
jan30(sea) HARDCORE Kris Moon, Rama, Nitsju
        at CIX NIN XOO $10. email djrocketboy@hotmail.com
jan30(sea) <de.lurk> emmetropik live, tobias $10
feb27(sea) Delicious Green Velvet/Cajmere, Kenny Glasgow
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 03:41:42 -0500
Below is my reply to a CIA operative who has been stalking me on the News Groups attempting to silence me. You can recognize CIA operatives very easily. I am wearing a wide brimmed cowboy hat painted with aluminum heat resistant paint as we speak because it contains a lot of aluminum. Aluminum
does not create microplasma. Call me at 937-846-1247 or 937-845-5968 and I will talk to anybody in person who wants to talk.
Another explanation comes from some historian's assertions that the word "fuck" is actually an acronym developed by English sailors during the 18th century, representing "Fornication Under Censorship of the King."
"Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below."
Song for St. Cecilia's Day, st.3
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