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QORK has been disbanded as local guerillas have decided to
throw support behind the MIKE HUCKABY event @Sonar on
saturday september o5. Mr. Huckaby likens from Detroit, USA
and guarantees to deliver some quality Detroit techno and house.
Shrum Tribe & Together 604 apologize for the late decision as
QORK was being considered as an after-event for Sonar. However
current situations deem this difficult.
Status: random expression of QORK could occur soon, but
NOT this saturday. The infoline will NOT be used for any of
our events this saturday.
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troop movements
-sept. o5, Mike Huckaby (detroit) @ Sonar
-sept. o6, van. Full Moon Party (Jim Trickett's old crew) 878-4774.
-sept. 19th, sea. PLAY (feat. Double D- hardcore) (206) 689-6993
-sept. 19, tobias & db in Smithers, bc
- 8pm thursdays @Zeitgeist coffee, Pioneer Square, sea. (jackson & Occidental) an interactive experimental exhibition of discourse on deconstructionism/ modernism.
-Tecknowledgy, fridays, van. @Fluid Lounge. HQ Communications dnb'
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(contribution from agent SLY)
Well, I have impecable taste, so what I write here should be taken as
the law.


End of story...

So, I just tried Cranberry Lemonade from Bel-Air for the very first
time, and I must say it's pretty good.  A little bit on the sweet side,
but that can be easily remedied in one of two ways:

1.  Add extra water to the mixture, thus diluting the mixture and
reducing the sweetness.

2.  Add some Real Lemon lemon juice to the mixture, thus introducing
another tangy element to the mixture to combat the sweetness.

A combination of these two may be attempted only by trained

Some other plus sides of this beverage:

-the price-  at $0.85 a can, you can't go wrong...
-the mixing instructions- add FOUR CANS of water, creating more liquid
than can be achieved with a more expensive can of orange juice...
-the colour-  dark red, not pink like all those other sissy lemonades
out there.  This is the shiznit for the REAL MAN!!!

Well, I think that's enough incoherent ramblings from me on the topic of
non-alcoholic beverages.  I hope you all enjoyed this quiet interlude.

Stay tuned next time our next in-depth report:

V8- Vegetables are for Eating, NOT Drinking.
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