::in the mix tonight::
o1 binary n o iz :expanding aural
o2 binary artifakts
o3 binary movement
o4 shrums :: communications
investigate: n o i z
project: infiltrate and research aural weapon known as "noise"
)Biophilia n o i z(
)C8 n o i z sickfuckers(
)hardcore noiz(
)fixing cd players( tomakethemmakeNOIZe
)Organized Noise( 
)n o i z  list(
)))n o i z-r((((
noiz-radio LIVE noise artists/guests
alt. friday with Saibot CITR101.9FM
v a n c o u v e r 4:00-5:00PM
)))noiz((( with Anirtak, the other fridays
| || |||making the connection|| |||
)North-West Hard Techno Alliance(
)dj mixes- international- jeff mills live @liquid room(
)Marco Zaffarano- dj mixes- hard minimal(
)shift interviews vancouver's mark spybey of DVOA(
)hard tekno( 
|>?> boundaries ?>?
)NTT InterCommunication in Tokyo(locus for experiments in interfacing scientific technology with artistic culture)
)Sakamoto & DJ Spooky audioexperimentation(
)Toshio Iwai & composer Ryuchi Sakamoto(
)Coldcut plays live. PLEASE| DO NOT| post this
to any other list|(
?|?|??| b i na ry...?
)richie artifakts tour detroit oct 24 1998(
Who: Richie Hawtin
What: Artifakts Tour
When: October 24, 1998.
Where: Unknown Detroit, Michigan
Info: none available
||||||||||||further recon|||))(((
)deep house label(
)ninjatune label(
)uk jungle RA(
)french meanderings with java and RA(
)live music from Mental Floss MPEG(
)Detroit Electronic Music Discussion Board(
Comix 101
An Evening with Art Spiegelman
Tuesday, Oct 13 8:00pm
Robson Square Conference Center
Tix $15, Student $10
info 604.264.0499
MAUS, A Memoir of the Holocaust
An exhibition of original artwork from MAUS will be on display at the
Holocaust Education Center oct 15-Dec 15.
50-950 West 41st Vancouver
dimension (portland) a bent event
mike huckaby harmony park.dtr (detroit)
date:9.25.98 info:503.973.1505
location: se7@market portland, oregon
Fusion 9/26/98 Portland,Oregon, by Nocturnal Noize
Kikoman - deepfried records- Detroit (first west coast appearance)
Jon Williams - organised noise- SFO info: 503-973-1505
DJ Spooky. (van) October 25. Sonar.
3 decks, one sampler and a shrimp cocktail.
Oct 4 @ the Fenix- seattle 1-206-343-0716
Oct 5 @ the Gate- Vancouver
Mark Spybey of Dead Voices on Air and noted ambient guitarist James plotkin open up for the Damo suzuki band (ex can singer with former Can axe man Michal Karoli and others)
Werkshopso2 sept 26 604-816-6244 v a n.
algorithm db tyler stadius len
!!!! s h r u m s !!!!
ShrumTribe Infoline:
604. 444. 8024
reports updated weekly
phone now for takeover actions
report: bsideSTOP is down.required info: new takeover.
STOP. hostile? action: communicate number6044448024
www.canadians.org MAI is death
This is very serious.... This is not a game.... Please read on...
There are a group of people based in San Fran who are going from rave to rave with hypodermic needles filled with HIV infected blood.
)))shrum tribe denies all involvement(((