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<ST>        (Bug Girl Sound/Together 604 Network)
>intimate gathering shall commence the evening>
!! >please RSVP for this event by emailing: !!
!! tobias@techno.ca> to recieve directions> !!
>dependant upon weather ST shall proceed to the first location>
>locations will be announced by code from the infoline>
>code-map will be made available to <ST> prior to the event>
>required fee of 5$ to support the action. financial support necessary to maintain ST- please support.however it is a donation- if you cannot afford it we still want you there>
>if weather permits we shall continue on sunday outdoors>
>>if ST decides to go ahead with the Downtown-Action, it is necessary all involved know the basis and intent behind this OCCUPATION:
>>This will take place in a downtown parking garage on the eastside. Starting time will be approx. 2:00AM. This is being done for several reasons:
1)As an action to reclaim public space
2)As a peaceful protest against the Anti-Entertainment ByLaw
3)As a protest against poor City action within the Downtown Eastside.
It is important that any participatory members know the motivations behind the event and agree to them before participating. We are hoping to run the event without police interference. If we are dealt with, please send all inquiries to Tobias. If asked, we are doing this as a PERFORMANCE ART PEACEFUL PROTEST. If we are dealt with, please leave if asked, and call the infoline for the next location.
The event will be PERFORMANCE ART: we are all the Performers.
NO SPECTATORS. This will be a new chance to show what is left of "RAVE" culture as a force that is trying to say something in a peaceful fashion. It is an opportunity to do something more than just dance. It is an opportunity to dance for a cause, to be a part of a small pocket, however insignificant, of localised resistance.
If we are dealt with by the police, the police will be made fully aware of the purpose of the event- as a Performance Art Peaceful Protest. We are construing the event though so as not to be dealt with in such a fashion and so as to continue unhindered until we deem it necessary to move.
Declaration of Purpose
Peaceful Performance Art Protest
Whereas we realise the problems within the city
Whereas our peaceful actions constitute a far less problem to the city
Whereas beneath our feet and around the block lie far more serious problems
Whereas this is an ironic juxtaposition as we realise this
Whereas we realise our right as citizens to peacefully protest
We do this to support those beneath our feet and around the block
We do this to show where the help should really be going: to them
As different strategies are needed to cope with the problems of the Downtown Eastside
As different strategies are needed to cope with the night culture of the city
We peacefully protest the City’s history of dealing with the Downtown Eastside
We peacefully protest against the unconstitutional Anti-Entertainment Bylaw
We therefore peacefully protest in a form of aural performance art
We therefore make our point
We therefore when peacefully asked to do so, leave.
As this is a peaceful, performance art protest we do this only to raise awareness, and to make people stop and think, to reconsider the irony of the situation, and realise compassion and the need for freedom.
And if asked to do so, we shall peacefully leave, as it is not our mandate to disturb.
.a peaceful performance art protest.
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Renegade Actions
10.24    QORK/oddity    604.444.8024 van.
10.27    John Aquaviva   503.973.1505 pdx.
11.13    ShiteNight 3:    Fishead (Northern Hardcorps/Win.), Music Kill (live), Foolish Bird
            (live), Tobias, Clone, more tba. 604.444.8024 van.
Meatbeat Manifesto Tour
11.16    pdx w/Wink & Scratch Piklz
11.24    LA- Palace
11.25    San Fran- Fillmore
11.27    Seattle- Showbox
-vancouver ?!?-
Chain Reaction Tour
:san francisco -nov 8th, 9pm-4am, 715 Harrison St., $13, info: 415.281.9432
:los angeles -nov 13th
:new york -nov 14th
:Detroit still a possibility.
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We have been monitoring this channel for some time now. It is fairly clear that
there are those who would steal our children's future through drugs and
its associated crime. It is also clear that there are those, like the Rev.
Nurse who has seen through the web of deceit woven by those involved in these
drugs. We, Concerned Parents of America, fully endorse everything that Rev.
Nurse has said. It is clear that drugs and crime are inexorably linked and
that the culture of 'rave' music is one in which drugs play a key role. If
you do not take drugs, you cannot be 'in the rave scene' and these drugs are
supplied by the criminal fraternity.
>>ST denies all involvement<<
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