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1. <ST> communique
2. ::SATYRICON::-- updated ticket information
3. :: SATYRDINNER :: --pre-Satyricon dinner
4. Seattle Noise Ordinance Action
5. audio visual 
6. troop movements :: activism near you
7. addendum
[1. <ST> communique]
1/ [EVENT]
 <ST> would like to direct member's attention towards:
::october 30, 1999::
::full info below::
<ST> contact information
604.444.8024 infoline
:: dj tobias information ::
CHAOS THEORY @ Celebrities, mondays w/Jereme Oliver and Otaku.
next appearance: monday, november 1st, 1999:: thanks to all those who came out last week~ the place was "rockin" !
-nov18 Plutonian Nights on CiTR 101.9FM
[::Full tobias info::]
Includes a full appearance listing and links to Real Audio,
Top Ten List, Upcoming Appearances, Links and all relevant
technoWest bookings: 1.250.384.9247
 Ambient techno artist Richie Hawtin, aka
Plastikman, has been commissioned by the
French government's Department of Culture
to compose two pieces of music to be included
in the French Millennium 2000 celebrations.
["ambient" techno ?!]
[3. ::SATYRICON::]
B-Side, Shrum Tribe, HQ Communications and TeamLounge bring you the night of Roman orgy and exploration~
saturday october 30th 1999
604. 444. 8024
[in the roman orgy arena]
mannheim, germany
(Vibrations,Walzmuhle, Omen, The Bunker, The Box).
Playing electro and techno.
seattle, usa
(Delicious Music, eatKnowledge, eatHouse)
Playing techno.
(B-Side, Sessions, Wavelength)
tech-house for the soul
(<ST>, technoWest, Chaos Theory)
detroit and minimal
(HQ Communications)
ambient dnb'
[in the los vampiros lesbos lounge]
.ambience from teamlounge.
~quad sound in the main room featuring the X-Max and HQ soundsystems in their first ever sound-pairing with contra-bass bins
~visuals on the giant screen by Mr.7 (including the movie Fellini Satyricon)
~special horror effects make-up for participants
~comfy space with chill out seating, two rooms, a giant visual screen, easy accessibility by bus and car 3.4 minutes from d/t vancouver
**limited tickets, no guarantees at the door
so buy your tickets early. Tickets in stores NOW!!
Canada: $15 advance, $20 @ the door
@ Bassix, Boomtown Van, Futuristic Flavour
USA: $10 USD @ the door guaranteed admission w/ US I.D.
$10 USD advance @ Delicious Music and Raverbooks
**tickets will also be available @ Raverbooks and Delicious Music on Monday, October 23, 1999**
$15 @ door guaranteed admission with Vancouver Island ID
INFO 604.444.8024
.there are no rumours about this event.
.only facts.
[3. :: SATYRDINNER :: --pre-Satyricon dinner!]
As a dinner-warmup and pre-meet for Satyricon, B-Side, HQ Communications, Shrum Tribe and TeamLounge are invading DV8 on monday, Oct. 25th for some musik:
oct 25, 1999
@ DV8, Vancouver
JOHN LEMMA [Satyricon]
**donations appreciated**
This will also be a great opportunity to grab some dinner before seeing LKJ @ Sonar or heading off to Chaos Theory @ Celebrities! Join us for a warm, friendly evening of food and beats.
INFO 604.444.8024
A good friend of mine cleared up what regis says on the vocal insert on
surgeon's "force + formFor those who havent heard, the vocal snippet is regis calling surgeon from a local pub, drunk:
"Surgeon, it's Regis. Fuckin' 'ell this pub near us right  fuckin' barman's last day fuckin' giving away free pints man, just got totally fuckin' pissed. Uh, yeah, so I'll see you next week then."
[4. Seattle Noise Ordinance Action]
[ <ST>: Just after press time of last week, the proposed Veto by Mayor Schell of the Noise Ordinance was retracted. For a few hectic days, activists worked on pursuading the mayor to Veto the Noise Ordinance. We are happy to report that the Mayor finally has. However, the Council itself can still outvote the Veto. Every effort is necessary to convince Seattle Council to support the Veto by the Mayor and realise the unconstitutional groundings of this Noise Ordinance. Unfortunately, the Mayor only wants to see certain amendments put in place. These amendments include allowing for protests in certain areas at certain times, and giving a first warning for commercial establishments. Notice that this does not protect the rights of the individual, give equal representation under the Law, allow room for music-based events, or give a first warning to anyone or anything not a comercial establishment. Once again, commercial business is given status over the individual and the arts-- US constitutionally guaranteed rights. Furthermore, Councillors Conlin and the Mayor still consider noise a "pollutant"-- some sort of problem to be dealt with. Music is included as a pollutant. Since when is this so? One should also take careful note of the timing of this proposed Ordinance-- right before the upcoming World Trade Organisation meeting, which will bring activists from across the globe. This Noise Ordinance will severely restrict any sort of protest and give the Police power of judge and jury as the noise levels are "subjective to the Officer and the Complainant" under the proposed Noise Ordinance. --Agent T-X]
<<What Can You Do?>>
Email/call these people:
Mayors.Office@ci.seattle.wa.us Mayor Schell 206.684.4000
richard.conlin@ci.seattle.wa.us Coun. Conlin 206.684.8805
richard.mciver@ci.seattle.wa.us Coun. McIver 206.684.8800
tina.podlodowski@ci.seattle.wa.us Coun. Podlodowski 205.684.8808
snhip-no@speakeasy.org Activist Press
With this letter (or write your own!):
To: Councilmembers and the Mayor
I write in SUPPORT of the VETO of the Noise Ordinance. I fully support Mayor Schell's Veto and I strongly urge all other Councilmembers to support the Mayor's Veto as well. The proposed Noise Ordinance has several outstanding issues that are unconstitutional.
 The proposed ordinance:
~Implements a monetary penalty structure that will literally "fine"
music venues, artistic events, protests and gatherings out of existence;
~Effectively allows officers to selectively enforce the ordinance at
music venues promoting certain genres of music and against certain genres of protests and gatherings;
~Grants officers the authority to enforce the noise ordinance based on
sounds "which are plainly audible" to their ear and does not require
them to take a decibel reading with a meter, giving the Officer the rights of judge and jury without due process;
~Removes the current law's requirement that a warning first be issued;
~Imposes a decibel level of 60db in a commercial zone which is exceeded
by ambient sounds alone in an urban environment;
~Imposes fines, penalties, seizures and jail sentences which are ridiculously too strong and unfair;
~Denotes music, a constitutionally guaranteed right, as "noise;"
~Grants the commercial establishment more rights than the private individual, denying equal representation under the law;
~Imposes vague wording that will effectively create a police-state, that will eventually fine all clubs and artistic events out of existence, as well as curb protests, gatherings, and general social activities guaranteed under the Constitution.
This will curb and/or directly oppose Rights of Freedom of Expression, Protest, Gathering and Music as defined under the Constitution. It destroys the Culture, life and vibrancy of Seattle.
Voices and music are constitutionally protected free speech rights. These are not gifts that Council may take away or give back with the vaguaries of the Law. These are sacred, protected rights that we are born with and you are sworn to defend. Several Councillors have considered sound a pollutant. May it be reminded that music, protest, speech, and voice is protected by our constitution.
We have seen selective enforcement by the police department against
music venues, events and protests in the past and are greatly concerned with any proposal giving the police broad, sweeping enforcement powers to shut down music, protests and any other sort of "noise." This is a matter of the greatest urgency for the Seattle music and arts community as well as for the democratic process as a whole and the average citizen. We urge you to oppose this ordinance by sustaining the Mayor's veto.
In a recent Disney cartoon, animators sent Donald and Daisy Duck on a whitewater rafting trip: They fell into the river. The Disney standards board wanted them to wear life jackets. "We just looked at them," recalls writer Roberts Gannoway, "and said, 'But they're ducks.'
[5. audio visual ]
http://www.emusic.com/artists/2696/ Richie Hawtin and Pete Namlook
Derrick, Juan. Stacey, Kenny, etc.
[see troop movements for protests over this issue]
Wednesday, October 13, 1999, Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge
signed asecond execution warrant for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal,
setting the execution date for December 2, 1999. Despite the overwhelming
evidence of his innocence and national and international outrage at the
injustice of his conviction and sentence, the state of Pennsylvania seems
determined to take the life  of this innocent political prisoner. We will not
allow the state of Pennsylvania to kill our brother Mumia.
http://www.bckweb.com/mumia/ send a fax to the Governor for free!
[commentary from the UW Agents, ff'wd by Madame]
 A new book that is out by one, laura doyle, entitled _the surrendered wife._  It's about just that -- ms. doyle's philosophy that the key to sucessful marriage is for woman to surrender herself completely to man. Filled with christian dogma (surprise-surprise).
"Respecting your husband means refraining from comment no matter how much you disapprove of the way he loads the dishwasher. Respect means that when he takes the wrong freeway exit, you donít correct him by telling him where to turn. It means that if he keeps going in the wrong direction, you will go past state lines and still not correct or try to change what heís doing, unless it hurts you physically or spiritually. In fact, no matter what your husband does, you will not try to teach, improve or correct him. That is the essence of a surrendered wife. "
[What a LOAD OF SHIT-- Agent T-X]
http://www.mearone.com/ LA Graffiti Artist and Painter
Steve Venright, Toronto Surrealist, Artist, Activist, Poet, Writer
Activist Webcentre on the West Coast
http://www.jps.net/scritch/swear.html swear in every language
http://www.nac.org/sensory/overload.html Sensory Overload-- east coast performance art and techno musik
http://www.smallfish.co.uk Pondlife musik zine
http://www.urbansounds.com UrbanSounds musik zine
http://www.myplay.com Store 250MB of MP3s for free!
http://ele-mental.coil.com/ele_ment/think/original/think.html evolution of techno
http://www.deathclock.com/  How long till you kick it?
http://www.fufme.com/  Fuck over the Net
http://www.ryerson.ca/ryersonian raver dies of overdose in TO
what he should have read-- Dancesafe
http://www.whiskers.com/ejaw.html what ravers are turning into...
Some Genius Juxtaposing Religious Iconography And Bodily Waste Yet Again
SAN FRANCISCO--The ultimate taboo was broken for the 856th time Monday, when the controversial art exhibit "Doo-Doo Messiah" opened at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art. The shocking series of sculptures and paintings, which, among other things, depict Jesus Christ
enthusiastically eating St. Paul's feces and blessing himself with the
urine of John the Baptist, has sparked outrage among Christian leaders,
many of whom flew straight from the Brooklyn Museum Of Art's "Sensation"
exhibit to begin work on protesting this latest shocking installation.
"This is the most horrifying, blasphemous excuse for art I have ever
witnessed again," said Father Theodore Dickey of the Archdiocese of
Boston. "I have seen many excrement-Jesus sculptures, but this is easily
one of the 20 worst." Pastor Joseph Annunciata of the Cincinnati League
of Episcopalians was equally shocked, asking, "Why would they display
such a thing in a place where decent Christians are going to see it when
they come to protest it?"
[6. troop movements :: activism near you]
**This is not a comprehensive listing. This is subjective upon taste, styles, and also hearing about it. If you have events, or know of them, send the info to <ST> at: shrumtribe@techno.ca**
oct23(van) FREE MUMIA ABU JAMAL protest @ Vancouver Art Gallery
oct25(van) SATYRDINNER @ DV8 w/ John Lemma-- free! 
oct25(van) LKJ @ SONAR (British dub-beat poet)
oct27(van) FALL OF THE INFORMATION AGE cd launch @Western Front
oct28(van) METALHEADZ TOUR@ the Wett Bar
oct29(van) NECRONOMICON http://necronomiconrave.cjb.net/
oct30(van) SATYRICON 604.444.8024 <ST>, B-Side, HQ, TeamLounge
oct30(sea) THE ADVENT @Freak Night III [Warning: rave massive]
604.475.6625 [Warning: rave massive]
nov06(windsor) KOMPRESS feat. RICHIE HAWTIN 519.259.4322
nov18(van) DAN SAVAGE LIVE @ Richard's on Richard's
nov18(calgary) STEWART WALKER, JAKE MANDELL, UNIT @ Republic
dec11(van) XXX-MAS TeamLounge ambient event. Not to be missed!
dec18(detroit) 313 Home For the Holidays @ Motor (313-list party!)
sun(van) GAIA @ Sugar Refinery ambience from TeamLounge/HQ
mon(van) DEEP DOWN AND DIRTY @ Naked/Ballantynes w/residents Leanne and open turntables.
mon(van) CHAOS THEORY @ Celebrities w/residents Tobias, Jereme Oliver and Otaku. Focusing on tech-house, techno and house.
weds(van) PERCEPTIONS @ Lotus w/residents Jereme Oliver, Kris Kringle
6. addendum
[from Agent T-X]:
You Know You're a CandyKid When....
> > - you use "tight", "phat", "mad", "kidz", "blow the
> > shit up", and "bounce" in nearly every sentence.
You can't spell, type, or communicate effectivly because of
fingers moving too fast from meth and a jaw permanently
locked from E. See: http://www.whiskers.com/ejaw.html
> > - you only know the "raver's skip" , and think you can
> > dance better than all those beeaatches in the
> > breakin circle.
You also can't remember when there weren't such thing
as "beeaatches" or "breakin circle[s]" because all
the parties you go to are the most heavily publicised
massives on the planet whose attendance is solely
determined on flyer size.
> > - you quit smoking because your mouth is constantly
> > covered by a dust mask or pacifier.
You quit eating as well.
> > - your bedroom looks like 3rd grade show-and-tell gone
> > horribly, horribly wrong.
Including the bong, bag of empty caps, mirror, razor, rubber
hospital tubing, spoon, candle, syringe and bag of needles.
> > - you've ever inquired about buying glowsticks in
> > cases.
You've never *really* considered why.
> > - the sound of the bell on the ice-cream truck still
> > has you beggin your mom for change.
Because you still live with your parents.
> > - you've ever uttered the phrase "Again! Again!" ala
> > the Teletubbies.
Because TV is the only medium, and this particular show
is the only medium, that you can still associate with and maintain
an attention span.
> > - your diet consists solely of Dr. Pepper and
> > Twizzlers.
You look like it too.
> > - Sesame Street's "Brought to you by the letter E"
> > evokes shrieks of laughter.
Followed by Smoker's Cough, Meth Addict's Twitch,
E-Tarded Jaw Clench and eventually Death.
> > - you own more hair dye and gel than Beauty Brands.
You own more hair gel than a power-suit '80s women in
the height of LA, 1986. How does that make you feel?
> > - you didn't know Mitsubishi is a car company (among
> > other things).
You are clueless about practically everything.
> > - going to the circus still sounds like a fun thing to
> > do.
Little do you know that you are actually in it.
> > - you don't watch anything on TV unless it's animated.
Everything else is "unPLURry."
> > - your backpack is in the shape of any animal, person,
> > cartoon character, etc.
Because everyone else does it. At least this year.
> > - your nickname is the name brand of any candy.
You can't remember your real name, and you don't have
any legal ID anyway, so who cares!
> > - you've ever seen an episode of H.R. Puff N Stuff.
Most of people have never seen an episoide of H.R.
Puff N stuff, but you seem to obsess over not  having seen it.
> > - the whipped cream in your fridge has never been used
> > for dessert.
Instead you just spray it all over your funfur and try to imagine
what it is like to be, like, totally fun-furred out and, like, covered
in whipcream.
> > - you practice giving hugs.
To a mirror.
> > - you're mesmerized by anything that blinks or glows
> > in the dark.
You are easily killed by moving traffic at night.
> > - your choice of clothes depends on how good they look
> > under a black light.
Making you look like a walking circus advertisement on crack
during the day.
> > Candy Kid Nathan
The Devil/
> > "... boredom is the root of all evil."
> > - Soren Kierkegaard
I don't think Kierkegaard would have exalted in the
choice of the Candy Kid.
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