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3. Radio B92 Belgrade Fights Back
5. troop movements
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1. <ST> communique
:: [ST] update ::
As of actions after the summer, the Shrum Tribe Collective will be taking a much needed period of developmental R & R.
At this time, <STC> would like to recognise one:
and bestow upon her the Exalted Role Of:
:: Grand High Spore ::
Agent Erika has been invaluable in assisting, organising and sewing together both <STC> events and the Collective will miss her presence in the future. We all wish her the best of luck as she pursues her rekon mission in the bowels of Montreal. Intelligence: expect more <ST> actions this fall, with <STC> collaborations in the near future. ~
:: dj tobias information ::
1. Team Hardcore Dj Profile
2. +Russ Musik Page Dj Profile
3. Shift Techno Magazine Japan
under "Interview" then "Tobias"
4. Dj Tobias Fan Site
b) contact information
604.444.8024 infoline
technoWest bookings: 1.250.384.9247
"Maybe I'm bitter because I'm generationally stuck between the
baby-boomers and the N-sync having Gen-Y teens who have all
the marketing power and attention, and everybody my age basically
just smokes weed and works an IT job, and William Burroughs and
Timothy Leary are dead, and nobody is really qualified to be the
countercultural visionary for the next 20 years.
Techno music is my personal statement that art still exists. "
-Stewart S. Walker
:::;3. audio visual
http://www.somewhere.org/NAR/Work_Excerpts/Excerpts.htm Radio Art
For political composers (looking for samplables) and those interested in the
bizarre mechanations and history of our "free" market economy... check out:
William T. Still's Capitol Crimes- a  documentary on the origins of banking.
Still argues that Central banking, (ie: The Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada)
are private, free enterprise organizations which exist solely to profit at
the expense of their respective countries. ttp://dfunct.dhs.org
"Searching for 'music that tasted like a cup of strong coffee', Hanna
discovered jazz from the fourties and fifties. With the right taste in his
mouth, the black musician from Cleveland made his first techno records.
Without knowing much about the genre. "I couldn't name you two or three
techno artists", Hanna confesses. That may well be, but his debut album
Severance is one of the better techno longplayers in months."
http://www.isolateral.com/merrick Merrick Brown RA, mixes (texas)
http://www.mp3.com/elco Electric Company and Lexanculpt
http://bmorehouse.simplenet.com/mixoff House music competition
Dj Ference of I-F
[some house on groovetech]
Mark Farina
Joe Martin, production
Tyler 't-bone' Stadius (vancouver) "pressure drop" (tech-house) 1995
Tyler Kerr (toronto) "resonance" (house) 1999
Steve Kuehl (detroit) "analogue sound modifying" (techno) 1999
John Tejada- Mix March 1999 [special premiere]
>> our live performance at 'paradox'
>> 06august1999
>> electromental ambience
mp3/realaudio @
http://rtmark.com/ Corporate Subversion: A Corporation that Subverts
William S. Burroughs
http://www.celebritydoctor.com take out celebrities
Hypeless: Subverting the Musik Industry
http://www.techno.ca/sensoria/ redeveloping the techno sound in Toronto- sensoria
http://www.sfbg.com/AandE/33/44/ambient.html Sutekh, Static and the SF scene
http://www.stainedproductions.com/feedback/news/ quality electronix nooze source
Politrickal Hacking by Timorese Activists
['spotters]. This list is a resource for track ID's, reviews, opinions, recommendations,
etc...regardless of genre. If interested go to http://www.pond.net/~matth/spotters.html
" The late astronomer and author Carl Sagan was a secret but avid
marijuana smoker, crediting it with inspiring essays and scientific
insight, according to Sagan's biographer. "
``I can remember one occasion, taking a shower with my wife while high,
in which I had an idea on the origins and invalidities of racism in
terms of gaussian distribution curves,'' wrote the former Cornell
University professor.
"Without music, life would be an error."
Nietzsche, 1888
BELGRADE, August 2, 1999
Four months after the illegal government seizure of the premises and frequency of the award-winning independent Belgrade Radio B 92, the stationís staff resumed newscasts at 08.00 CET on Monday August 2, under the name of B2-92. Radio B92 was banned by Yugoslav telecommunications authorities on March 24, but continued to broadcast via the Internet and the Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) Radio and Television Networks until its premises were forcefully occupied by a government appointee on April 2. The B2-92 news program is produced by the real team of Radio B92, all of whom refused to work for the new government management currently using the B92 name and frequency, and is broadcast on the third frequency 99.1 FM of the Belgrade municipal station Studio B. The editorial independence of Radio B2-92 is guaranteed in a contract between ANEM, of which the real B92 is a founding member, and Studio B. The B2-92 program, which is on air from 08.00 am to 20.00 CET seven days a week, has the familiar B92 mix of professional news, cosmopolitan music and culture features. A complete program schedule is available on B2-92ís web site:
The B2-92 program is part of a broader campaign to restore Radio B92 to its listeners and its rightful owners - its staff. The campaign will involve various public actions in Belgrade, cyberspace and abroad, which will be publicised on the B2-92 program and
on the stationís web site (address as above). B2-92 will shortly restore Real Audio web casts of its programs on its Internet site, as well as its Internet news bulletins in Serbian and in English. Listeners of the real B92 outside Belgrade will also soon be able to receive B2-92 news programming via their local stations in the ANEM Radio and Television Networks. The real B92 team would like to thank the many people who have supported and helped us during this difficult time, all of our listeners, and in particular our partners in ANEM. We hope you will stay tuned to our struggle to regain control of our B92 name and frequency, and to free all other media that have experienced similar censorship and repression.
4. [NO DATA]
"NO DATA is a division of Anonymous Industries, which in turn is part of a
huge transnational corporation that you don't need to know about, apart from
the fact that it's more powerful than a Government, but less accountable,
unelected, and possibly even more unscrupulous. NO DATA will hold your
details, which we will then sell to hundreds of other companies so that they
can flood you with more junk mail than you dreamed possible. You will also
be bombarded with faxes, eMails, telephone enquiries and direct marketing
initiatives. In fact, you are already not a private citizen, as most of the
details you have ever written, along with information about your address,
habits, financial affairs and political persuasions are already held by
upwards of 300 databases and innumerable Political and Military
organisations. You may as well get used to it."
On the other end of the stick, I still as yet to experience an overnight production where it starts out with near inaudible minimalistic sounds a la sahko, Ikeda type stuff, and smoothly ascend incrementally through increasing structure and clarity through to an exquisite crescendo of fierce assmauling hard tribal techno and overwhelming static bursts of noise, only to creep out of existance as stealthily as it came into existance. Classical Orchestras are the fully evolved end of centuries worth of finetuning, the conductor the essential given, fully realizing all potentia.
With the various facets of electronic music as a whole being so young, (hell, the gunks just been freshly wiped off the dripping creature with it's eyes still adjusting to the light) I guess it's just the natural law of things with the self-evident fragmented styles still to be pieced together by future pioneers. Of course, The Wire mag and it's interelated ilk, and people like David Toop and like minds already point the path to this inevitable future permutation, taking the fully realized yet openended aspects of classical and melding it with the agnostic and unlimited spectrum of the new school to create something that can make sense to all generations (optional open ear not included).
::5. troop movements::
LabourDayWeekend, Nevada BURNING MAN
sept01(van) KRIS PALESCH @ Bar None, 1222 Hamilton 604.689.7000
$35, boat party @ FF, Bassix, Hush. 604.878.8885
sept05(sea) JACOB LONDON @ BUMBERSHOOT 8-9:15pm http://www.bumbershoot.com
sept18(van) AREA 51 feat. KENNETH GRAHAM 604.443.1323 [warning: "rave"]
sept18(west coast island) ALGORITHM, MIKE SHANNON, ERIC DOWNER, DUB GNOSTIC (250)247-0095
oct08(van) KENNY GLASGOW @ LoungeX 3.0. [Warning: this should be an interesting clash of candE ravers and technoheads.] http://loungex.com
oct09(Indio,CA) COACHELLA
oct13(van) NECRONOMICON http://necronomiconrave.cjb.net/
:::;::6. addendum
Destroy your gear, set it on fire, then record the crackling onto microcassette, transfer it to recordable 8 track (they exist) then back onto microcassette again using your own saliva as the electrical conduit. Overdub onto the tape a recording of a condenser mic being passed through your digestive system (Hi Chris!), then spend six months focusing your negative mental energies onto the tape. Now you are a true rockstar, and once you've had an appendectomy (Hi again, Chris!) to remove said microphone from your swollen bowels, I will send you an Official Rockstar Certificate to hang above the molten pile of metal and plastic that was your boring, predictable gear.
The third cowboy remained silent, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.
WORCESTER, MA--Area 7-year-old Douglas Castellano's unbridled energy and
creativity are no longer a problem thanks to Ritalin, doctors for the
child announced Monday. "After years of failed attempts to stop Douglas'
uncontrollable bouts of self-expression, we have finally found success
with Ritalin," Dr. Irwin Schraeger said. "For the first time in his
life, Douglas can actually sit down and not think about lots of things
at once." Castellano's parents reported that the cured child no longer
tries to draw on everything in sight, calming down enough to show an
interest in television.
The raver community took a hard hit this morning as several young
raver-cadets publically announced they were bored at last nights underground
techno event. One young girl stated "Oh that Tobias, he's really cute, but
his music doesn't have any builds or dreamy vocal parts" Another young
raver said, "Yeah, I just didn't feel comforable with my fubu stuff on, it's
like those kids don't respect it or something". When asked what they're
going to do about it the general concensus seemed to be that they would
return to NAF. "At least when we go to NAF we here SOME hip hop and we get
to talk to our friends, I mean, these underground things are cool an all,
but they just seem sorta clique to me". While critics maintain that these
raver kids simply don't know what's up independant testing reveals that they
have average intelligance and social skills.
Would those of you who were born with an Undergound Resistance
birthmark and an early Mills tape up their ass please raise their hand.
someone was running around screaming 'TOBIAS TOBIAS TECHNO TECHNO' and running towards the outdoor room. I was like 'uhhhh'
Subject: Plastikman vs. Godzilla
PLASTIKMAN: chik tikka bum tik chikka bum
PLASTIKMAN: tik chikka weeeeeerp! bum chik tikka bum
PLASTIKMAN: tikka bum weeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiirrrriiiiiilp bloop
PLASTIKMAN: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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