<st.022> transmissions
1. <ST> communique
2. audio visual
3. troop movements
4. addendum
<ST> communique
1. >>appearances
tobias <ST>
    february 27 Seattle WA
    april 10 "un-named event" van.
    may 07 <STC>01: in partibus
    june 30 Plur My Ass!
for full info-- see Troop Movements
1. (Shift Techno Magazine, Japan)
under "Interview"
2.>> Generation Why?
Rogers Cable Television
(channel 04, Vancouver)
>>TUESDAY 7PM/ dj Tobias Interview
2. >><STC> 01<<
        in partibus    MAY 07 666-1
to join the <STC> collective, contact~
604. 444. 8024 info
::audio visual::
http://www.24-7mf.com Basic Channel in NY
http://www.tb303.com/nibc 5 brand new mixsets
DJ Rolando/Jim Masters Interview-- RA
>>The Champ "Breakfast with the Champ" (house)
>>Greg Gow "Infiltrated" (techno)
>>SWOPE TRANSMISSIONS (KUCI 88.9 in Irvine, CA) broadcasts every saturday morning from 3-6 am Pacific Standard Time. You can expect to hear a variety of electronic music.
IDM, Detroit and Minimal Techno, Electro, Drum n bass, and more  To listen over the internet visit http://www.kuci.org
or click onto the SWOPE TRANSMISSIONS website
Kevin Saunderson
Richie Cult
Baby Ford~ Niko Tzoukmanis
Techno: Detroit/German
Granular Synthesis:
3. troop movements<<
feb20(sea) JOHN AQUAVIVA $10 @ Showbox. 21+
feb23(van) METASONIC Paola (mexico), Jereme Oliver
        7$ @ door. 604.650.0858 day of only.
feb27(sea) Delicious Green Velvet/Cajmere, Kenny Glasgow
feb27(sea) TOBIAS @afterhours.
mar3(van) ED RUSH Richards on Richards $9 604.515.6789
            http://hqcommunications.com 19+
mar12(pdx) TERRY MULLEN @Zoot Suite 503.727.3368 $10
mar24(van) LTJ BUKEM @Palladium $25 604.515.6789
DJ Dazee, DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, Johnny L, Bailey, Randall, Ed Rush, Optical,Swift, Technical Itch, and Decoder, DJ Craze, and MC Chikaboo, among others.
apr23(sea) Aro.Space
apr24(van) Sonar
may07(van) <STC>01:in partibus
july31(sea) SHPONGLE LAND Twisted Records UK Crew~
    Simon Posford, Hallucinogen. Approved location in the
    Cascade Mountains.
4. addendum
" I'm hoping ", TP says, " that my associated labels can provide for myself  as well as other artists, an outlet to release good music without the politics that unfortunately dominate this business of music! "
Psychologically, a process in which one type of stimulus produces a secondary, subjective sensation, as when a specific color evokes a specific smell sensation.
So dim the lights, burn candles and incense, spray aromatic oils, and create your own private retreat where you can enjoy tasty morsels, drink wine, smoke cigars, read books, write letters, paint pictures, smell fragrances, or do nothing but listen.
and FUCK.
Next month: Pre-listening relaxation: massage, aromas, herbs, and baths (and the revolution). Most people do not realize in this consumerist society that they are hedons.
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