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1. <ST> communique: Toronto, Info, Satyricon
2. Auralphobic Silophiliac
3. The Seattle Teen Dance Ordinance
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5. deployment
6. addendum
[<ST> communique]
I. Toronto Update
Since the last transmission, new and positive developments have occured in Toronto. In response to the repressive Rave bylaw, local promoters gathered in dance-protest at an event called "iDance." Despite the corporate allusions to the iMac (even the flyer was styled after the iMac design), the event gathered over 10,000 people during the day in support of rave culture in front of Toronto City Hall. The event seems to have been fairly successful, with many Councillors changing their mind about rave culture. The event was also successful in another way: it brought rave culture into the realm of the blatantly politrickal. Faced with a fight-or-die situation, the mostly corrupt & commercial culture came through with Action, even if it was modelled after an iMac. This has resulted in some changes to the Rave ByLaw, including (from the Hullaboo message board):
1. the ban on having raves at city-owned venues was lifted. (by a vote of 50 to 4)
2. the rave protocol was passed. (by a vote of 50 to 4)
3. clarity was added to the police portion of the protocol. now, police have to use "past historical practices" as a guideline in determining numbers of PDOs. also, the police have to give written reasons when deciding on a number. this is *crucial* because it adds clarity and accountability to the whole process.
4. *i-dance* will be an annual event to celebrate electronic music culture in toronto. this was olivia chow's motion and when it passed, city council erupted in applause.
However, this is worrying:
"the city is keeping a list of *good promoters* and *bad promoters*. if you demonstrate to them that you are willing to work with them, then they will treat you fairly once the protocol becomes a by-law. if not, then you will have a very hard time getting city approval once the by-law is passed. (and the new by-law will likely include severe fines for anyone trying to throw an event without following the guidelines.)"
This is BS. What of smaller events that cannot afford the policing costs, the bribery & the permit? Once again, this Law creates an economic/social division which also divides rave culture between commercial & creative.
Pictures of iDance: http://mentalfloss.kosmic.org/misc/ppp/iDanceRally
Today: Seattle.
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[2. Auralphobic Silophiliac]
( ( ((auralphobic silophiliac)) ) )
sunday august 13th, 2000
featuring sound-sculpturalists:
pirate jenny
(free radical, vancouver/montreal)
(<ST>, shrumtribe.com, vancouver)
(firstfloor.org, vancouver)
(not affiliated, vancouver)
+ guests
...play the Silophone created by [The User]
Sound sent through the Internet to a grainery
silo in Montreal, mic'ed for your Pleasure.
@the Sugar Refinery, 1115 Granville St.
9pm-12am. [[possible $3 cover charge]]
for more info:
 [3. The Seattle Teen Dance Ordinance]
The online version can be found by searching for Council Bill 113302
at http://www.clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/CBOR1.htm
Tim Crowley of www.freespeechseattle.com comments on the proposed TDO:
I think it might be helpful if I offer a bit of insight into the efforts of the Youth and Music Task Force. I have attended quite a few of the meetings, and have actively been working to repeal the poorly designed and never enforced Teen Dance Ordinance. This is an issue of much importance to me, and Free Speech Seattle. Please feel free to forward this document to anyone you think may be interested in this subject.  I have great respect for the members of the Task Force and the work they have done. I do have major concerns with the details of the new proposal,
as I understand it.  My over riding concern is the same as with that of the current law. I don't think it is fair or constitutional to have special laws for businesses that play music or allow dance. I find music and dance to be very basic forms of expression that are protected under our State and Federal constitutions, as well as protected as basic human rights. The right of the people to peacefully assemble is also in play. It is my view that we have enough laws in effect to protect ANYONE dancing, that we hardly need a special law for music & youth. This proposed law goes a step further and only effects a certain type of music. Dance music is the
only thing this effects. Concerts are exempt. When US District John Coughenour struck down local and State "added activities ordinances" he pointed out the constitutional protections afforded music.  Specific concerns include; Background checks. I agree with others that these may be racist in nature and I do not feel they offer any real protection. The requirement for a one year license. I feel this makes it very hard on people wanting to have one offs. If I want to have a fund
raiser with dancing, I could not just get a permit, but would have to get a one year license. This is exactly the type of prior restraint that Judge Coughenour says is unconstitutional.
Let's move down to a point by point accounting for the proposal. I will use the provision numbers as listed on the City of Seattle Web Site Labeled council bill 113302 (go to  http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/CBOR1.htm and stick 113302 in the bill number field) I believe this is the language that passed out of
The Whereases are ok. But I would have, and have suggested we start with a
whereas that acknowledges the special protections afforded to music and
dance by our constitutions and by our basic human rights. No-where does
the bill seem to acknowledge this. We use language that says that young
people SHOULD have access to music, dance and culture, but we do not
acknowledge that they not only SHOULD, they DO have a basic human right to
do so. Music and Dance are our most basic expressions of free speech. We
must make access to these forms of free speech a stronger priority. I do
not read that in the whereases.
(from here on-out, I will indent the proposed language and follow with my
concerns with it.)
 6.295.020 Construction of Chapter.  The provisions of this Chapter
 shall be construed liberally to accomplish its purposes. Nothing
 in this Chapter modifies, repeals or supersedes any provision of
 another ordinance, rule or requirement that may relate to All-Ages
 Dances or All-Ages Dance Venues, including but not limited to
 building, zoning, planning, health and fire codes or the noise
 control ordinance.
Personally, I think this says it all. I believe that we can keep kids at
dances safe with our existing, building, zoning, planning, health, fire,
licensing, noise and the myriad of policies we have in place without ANY
special regulation for youth dance. If we cannot, we have sure wasted a
lot of money and time.

 6.295.040  Definitions.  For purposes of this Chapter, the
 following definitions shall apply:
 A.  "All-Ages Dance" means any public dance: (a) which persons
 under age eighteen (18) years are authorized or permitted to
 attend or (b) at which each patron is not required to show valid picture
 identification, showing that patron's date of birth, as a
 condition of entry.  If a fair, festival or other such event includes one
 or more separate All-Ages Dances or All-Ages Dance Venues, then only
 one license shall be required pursuant to this Chapter; provided,
 however, that each such All-Ages Dance or All-Ages Dance Venue
 must otherwise separately comply with the requirements of this
 B.  "All-Ages Dance Venue" means any place or premises where an
 All-Ages Dance is conducted or operated, including but not limited
 to all hallways, bathrooms and other adjoining areas on the
 premises accessible to the public during the dance.
So far as I can see, this will be in effect for every hi-school dance,
church dance, or political fund raising dance. Is this really our
intent? If a church has dances for teens, are they really required to get
a special license?
   C.  A "concert" is any event at which live music is played or
 sung, and at which the primary purpose is for patrons to view a
 musical performance.
 D.  A "dance" is any event at which music, either live or
 recorded, is played or sung, and at which the primary purpose is
 for patrons to dance as that term is commonly defined. However, a
 "dance" shall not be defined to include an event that is a
 "concert" as that term is defined by this Chapter.
This separation of dance and concert is unfair. Are we saying that we 
have ample protections for youth under existing law to protect youth at a
concert, but we need special protections if they are not just looking at
the performance?  Why???
   E.  "Department" means the Executive Services Department of the
 City of Seattle.
   F.  "Director" means the Executive Services Director of the City
 of Seattle, or his or her designated representative.
 G. "Knowingly" shall have the definition set forth in Seattle
 Municipal Code Section 12A.04.030 B.
 H. "On-site manager" is the person present at an All-Ages Dance or
 All-Ages Dance Venue who is responsible for the direct operation
 and oversight of the dance or venue and supervision of other
 employees or workers.
   I.  "Person" includes any natural person and, in addition, a
 company, corporation, partnership, governmental entity, non-profit
 group or unincorporated association.
   J.  "Public dance" means any dance that is readily accessible to
 the public.
ok there are the definitions. No surprise there. Except you do have to ask
your self why we have this difference between a dance and a concert. I
would challenge that special restrictions are required for dancing, that
would not be required for a concert.
 6.295.050  All-Ages Dance License Required.
 A.  No person shall conduct or operate an All-Ages Dance or All-
 Ages Dance Venue unless the person who is conducting or operating
 such dance or venue has obtained a license in accordance with this
This means that someone wanting to hold ONE dance even for a party, a
wedding, ANYONE must obtain a license. Not a permit. There is no permit,
under this proposal for a one time event. If the Green Party wished to
hold a all ages dance to celebrate the victory of Joe Szwaja, we would be
required to obtain this license.
   B.  The requirements of this Chapter shall not apply if the All-
 Ages Dance or All-Ages Dance Venue admits fewer than two hundred
 fifty (250) patrons.
sigh, even small events are not exempt. I would be much closer to going
along with the other things I don't like about this ordinance if this
number were 1000, but 250 is a pretty small house party.
 6.295.060  License - Duration.  Each license issued by the
 Director under this Chapter shall be valid for one (1) year.
One year??? Why?
 6.295.070  Fees.
 A.  The fee for a license issued pursuant to this Chapter shall be
 one hundred twenty dollars ($120); an additional fifteen dollars
 ($15) may be charged for each individual for whom it is necessary
 to obtain fingerprints for a criminal-history check.
$120 even for having ONE party. That's pretty hefty. Fingerprints???? What
country am I in?? We are going to force a business owner to submit to
fingerprints in order for him to allow youth to dance in his
business?? How do we justify this? I can run a school, a boy scout troop,
an all ages bookstore, a toy store, a sporting club or nearly any other
business that has youth clientele, including concerts, without giving up
my fingerprints, but suddenly when these same youth stop looking at the
band and start dancing to the music, I must submit to fingerprinting. We
KNOW this is wrong.
 B.  The fee for transfer of a valid All-Ages Dance License to a
 new location pursuant to Subsection B of Seattle Municipal Code
 Section 6.295.120 shall be thirty dollars ($30); an additional fee
 of twenty dollars ($20) may be charged for each individual for whom a
 criminal-history check is performed; an additional fee of fifteen
 dollars ($15) may be charged for each individual for whom it is
 necessary to obtain fingerprints for a criminal-history check.
We may not have had this in there if the Rave community was better
represented on the YMTF, many rave promoters change location with each
event. Things are starting to get expensive.
 6.295.080  Authority of Director.   The Director is authorized to:
 A.  Make rules for the interpretation and implementation of this
 Chapter pursuant to the Administrative Code; and
 B.  Grant, deny, suspend or revoke licenses according to the terms
 of this Chapter; and
 C.  Collect fees according to the terms of this Chapter.
Hrmm, I thought the proposal that came out of the YMTF had a citizens
panel that would have a say in this. Instead we are giving these important
rights to a "director". Is this an elected official?? (i don't think so,
more likely hired by the Mayor.)
 6.295.090  License Application.
 A.  The person desiring to conduct or operate an All-Ages Dance or
 All-Ages Dance Venue shall be responsible for obtaining a license.
 The applicant shall complete a license application, which shall
 include the following:
 1.  The name (including any aliases or former names), address, day
 and evening telephone numbers and date of birth of the applicant.
 If the applicant is not a natural person, then this information
 shall be provided for both the applicant and for the natural
 person making the application on behalf of the applicant.
 2.  The name(s) (including any aliases or former names),
 address(es), day and evening telephone numbers and date(s) of
 birth of the on-site manager(s) of the All-Ages Dance or All-Ages Dance
 Venue.  At least one on-site manager must be designated for each
 such dance or dance venue.
 3.  The name, address and day and evening telephone numbers of the
 owner of the premises upon which the All-Ages Dance will take
 place or at which the All-Ages Dance Venue will be located.
 B.  If the answers to any part of Subsections A1 through A3 of
 this section involve a company, corporation, partnership, governmental
 entity, non-profit group or unincorporated association, the name
 of such entity and the names (including any aliases or former names),
 addresses, day and evening telephone numbers and dates of birth of
 the limited partners, partners, officers, directors and principals
So, if the Green Party decided to have a party, they would give whose name
and contact info??
 D.  A statement from the applicant that the premises are in
 compliance with all laws and other legal requirements, including
 but not limited to building, zoning, health, planning and fire
 codes and the noise control ordinance; a statement that the
 applicant and on-site manager will, in the conduct of the All-Ages
 Dance or All-Ages Dance Venue, comply with all laws and other
 legal requirements, including but not limited to the building, zoning,
 health, planning and fire codes and the noise control ordinance,
 and a statement that no person listed under Subsection B of
 Municipal Code Section 6.295.100 is disqualified from licensing
If we ended this here, I would be a big supporter. We HAVE detailed
regulations in place that protect us ALL when we gather in a business. We
need no special laws just because their are young people dancing.
 E.  Such other information as the Director requires by rule
 adopted pursuant to the Administrative Code for the health, safety and
 welfare of the patrons of All-Ages Dances and All-Ages Dance
This frightens me. WHAT other information?
 F.  A certification or declaration under penalty of perjury under
 the laws of the State of Washington that the information and
 statements in the application are true and correct.
sigh. I think this same declaration was on my business license
Ok, here comes the good part. There is a lot of material that follows
before my next editorial copy. A huge list of criminal offenses that will
prohibit you from getting a license.
 6.295.100  Approval or Denial of License Application - Grounds.
 The Director shall grant a license unless:
 A.  The applicant or the venue for which the application is sought
 has failed to comply with all laws and other legal requirements,
 including but not limited to building, zoning, health, planning
 and fire codes or the noise control ordinance; or
 B.   The applicant, or the natural person making the application
 on behalf of an applicant that is not a natural person, or any
 limited partner, partner, officer, director or principal of an applicant
 that is not a natural person, or the designated on-site
 1.  Is currently the subject of a license suspension or revocation
 pursuant to Municipal Code Section 6.295.160; or
 2.  Has, at any time, been determined to be a sexually-violent
 predator pursuant to RCW Ch. 71.09 or equivalent statute; or
 3.  Has been convicted within the ten (10) years preceding the
 filing of such application of:
 a.  Any sexual crime involving a minor or child as a victim,
 including but not limited to:  such crimes charged under RCW Ch.
 9.68A (sexual exploitation of minors), or RCW Ch. 9A.44 (sex
 offenses), or RCW Ch. 9A.64 (family offenses), or RCW Ch. 9A.88
 (indecent exposure and prostitution), or such crimes included
 within RCW 9.94A.030(33) (sex offenses), or such crimes included
 within RCW 43.43.830(5) (crimes against children or other
 persons), or a crime for which a finding of sexual motivation has been
 made pursuant to RCW 9.94A.127, or extortion for sexual favors pursuant
 to RCW 9A.56.110;  or
 b.  An attempt or conspiracy to commit any crime as set forth in
 this Subsection 3, or of aiding and abetting such crime; or
 4. Has, under circumstances not requiring license denial pursuant
 to the preceding Subsections 2 and 3, been convicted  within the
 five (5) years preceding the filing of such application of:
 a.  Any felony crime involving the unlawful manufacture, sale,
  dispensing, distribution, or the possession with intent to
 manufacture, sell, deliver, dispense or distribute a drug, legend
 drug, controlled substance or imitation controlled substance,
 including but not limited to those crimes charged under RCW Ch.
 69.41 (legend drugs), RCW Ch. 69.43 (precursor drugs), RCW Ch.
 69.50 (Uniform Controlled Substances Act) and RCW Ch. 69.52
 (imitation controlled substances); or
 b.  Any felony crime of violence as defined by RCW 9.41.010(11), a
 most serious offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(23), a violent
 offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(38), or a felony with a deadly
 weapon finding or verdict under RCW 9.94A.125; or
 c.   Any sexual offense, including but not limited to: a sex
 offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(33) or RCW Ch. 9A.44, a crime
 for which a finding of sexual motivation has been made under RCW
 9.94A.127, crimes charged under RCW Ch. 9A.64 (family offenses),
 extortion to obtain sexual favors pursuant to RCW 9A.56.110, or
 sexual offenses included within RCW 43.43.830(5) (crimes against
 children or other persons), or crimes charged under RCW Ch. 9A.88
 (indecent exposure and prostitution); or
 d.  Any other felony crime in which a minor or child was the
 victim; or
 e.  An attempt or conspiracy to commit any crime as set forth in
 this Subsection 4, or of aiding and abetting such crime.
 6.295.110  Approval or Denial of License Application - Time Frame.
 The Director normally shall approve or deny a license within ten
 (10) business days of the filing of a complete application under
 Municipal Code Sections 6.202.130 and 6.295.090; provided,
 however, that the Director may take reasonable additional time for
 approval or denial when necessary to conduct a criminal-history
Whew. Now that is a mouthful. Anyone that knows what all those laws are is
a better person than me, and one with too much time on his hand. I hope we
are all aware of our government's war on drugs, and it's huge impact on
people of color. I have read email from the supporters of this saying it
only prohibits felony drug traffickers and child abusers from getting a
license. That's sure not my read of the actual language. It seems to
include people convicted of prostitution or just about any drug "sales"
(or possession with "intent"), including those convicted of "conspiracy".
I find this passage very dangerous. If it only prohibited child abusers,
maybe I would be more inclined to agree. But think about it again. Here I
am, a law abiding toy store owner. I decide to throw a dance party for 250
of my best young customers. JUST because I let people dance in my
business, i am required to submit to a criminal background check. I work
for a local hospital and was not required to submit to such a
comprehensive criminal check.  Another thing I fear, many groups that work
with youth who have been in trouble for drugs or prostitution encourage
them to put on positive events like dances. We should encourage youth who
have been in trouble with the law to put on events. These are people who
have paid their debt to society, such as it is. Outside of clear child or
sexual predators I see no use for this section.
 6.295.120  License - Limited to Licensee and Location - Transfer
 to New Location.
 A.  Any license issued under this Chapter shall apply to a single
 licensee and to a single location only. Such license shall not be
 transferable to other persons or licensees, and shall not be
 transferable to other locations except as provided in Subsection B
 of this Section.
 B.  A valid license issued under this Chapter may be transferred
 for use by the same applicant at another location only as follows:
 1.  The applicant must complete a license transfer application,
 which shall include the same information and statements required
 for the original license application by Seattle Municipal Code
 Section 6.295.090 and such other information as the Director
 requires by rule adopted pursuant to the Administrative Code for
 the health, safety and welfare of the patrons of All-Ages Dances
 and All-Ages Dance Venues. The original license application for the
 license sought to be transferred may be attached to the transfer
 application, and its information incorporated by reference when
 2.  The Director shall approve the license transfer application
 unless the applicant or venue for which the application is sought
 fail to meet the criteria for license approval set forth in
 Seattle Municipal Code Section 6.295.100.  No additional
 criminal-history check need be performed prior to approval of a
 license transfer under this subsection for those persons for whom
 such a check was performed at the time of application for the original
 license sought to be transferred. The Director shall approve or deny a
 license transfer application within the time limit provided by
 Seattle Municipal Code Section 6.295.110.
Ok, it just seems like a lot of humps to jump through. I just wonder how
much of this language would be here if concerts had not been exempt.
 C.  The transfer of a license issued under this Chapter to another
 location shall not result in an extension of the duration of that
And your new improved fee and application does not even extend the
license. sigh. this is BIG government. Not a plan to make life easy for
and encourage youth dances.
 6.295.130  Security Personnel.
 It shall be the obligation of every person licensed under this
 Chapter to insure that security personnel are employed and in
 attendance at an All-Ages Dance Venue during and following each
 All-Ages Dance, in order to maintain order and ensure compliance
 with the law. Specifically, such person must provide two (2)
 persons who have received formal training in crowd control and
 event management, plus one (1) additional person so trained for
 every one hundred (100) patrons admitted to the All-Ages Dance or
 All-Ages Dance venue in addition to the first two hundred fifty
 (250) patrons so admitted.
Ya know, I am actually ok with most of this. I do object that this
requirement is in place ONLY for dances. I can hold any other type of
event and I am not required to have this security? Maybe this should be
something we include in a more comprehensive events ordinance. 
 6.295.140  On-Site Manager
 It shall be the obligation of every person licensed under this
 Chapter to insure that at least one on-site manager is employed
 and in attendance at an All-Ages Dance Venue during and following each
 All-Ages Dance, to be responsible for the direct operation and
 oversight of the dance or venue and supervision of other employers
 or workers.
It's nice to have someone in charge, when you have an event. Again, dances
are the only event where we are asking the government to legislate that we
have an On-Site Manager.  I could run a Big Time Wrestling promo and not
be required by law to have an "On-Site manager". I probably would have
one, most likely would not need Father City to require me to have
one. Only dances require this paternalistic interference.
 6.295.150  Indemnification.
 The licensee shall indemnify and hold the City harmless from any
 and all losses, claims, actions or damages suffered by any person
 or persons by reason of or resulting from any negligence of the
 licensee or its agents, employees, or patrons or on account of any
 act or omission of the licensee in its exercise of its license or
 use or occupancy of the premises. In the event any suit or action
 is brought against the City, the licensee shall, upon notice of
 the commencement thereof, defend the same, at no cost and expense to
 the City, and promptly satisfy any final judgment adverse to the
 City or to the City and the licensee jointly; provided, that in
 the event the City determines that one (1) or more principles of
 governmental or public law are involved, the City retains the
 right to participate in such action. The above liability shall not be
 diminished by the fact, if it be a fact, that any such death,
 injury, damage, loss, cost or expense may have been, or may be
 alleged to have been, contributed to by the negligence of the City
 or its officers, employees or agents; provided, however, that
 nothing contained in this section shall be construed as requiring
 the licensee to indemnify the City against liability for damages
 arising out of bodily injury to persons or damage to property
 caused by or resulting from the sole negligence of the City, or
 its officers, employees or agents.
This is the section I like the best. It is completely appropriate for the
City to hold people who organize events liable for what happens at those
events. I was not aware we needed a special law for it.
 6.295.160  Suspension or Revocation - Grounds and Duration.
 A.  A license issued pursuant to this Chapter may be suspended or
 revoked pursuant to the terms of this Chapter upon a finding that
 any one (1) or more of the following violations exist or have
 1.  The license was procured by fraud or false representation or
 omission of material fact in the license application; or
 2.  The applicant or licensee, or any officer, director or agent
 thereof has knowingly made any false statement or given any false
 information in connection with an application for a license; or
 3.  The licensee or any employee, agent, partner, director,
 officer or manager thereof has, on three or more occasions during
 any one- year period, knowingly allowed or permitted on the premises the
 unlawful possession, consumption, opening, sale, purchase or
 supplying of liquor as defined in RCW 64.04.010(19), or knowingly
 has failed to remove from the premises any minor who appears to be
 under the influence of or affected by liquor; or
Ok, now you have jumped through all these hoops, submitted fingerprints,
paid your money all for permission to do something you already have a God
Given and Constitutionally protected right to do and here comes Daddy City
telling  you all the things they can accuse you of to take away this
"right" that you just paid (paid again, you paid the true price the day
you were born) I think the most offensive of this is the last
sentence. You can loose your license by having ANY employee fail to remove
someone who APPEARS to be affected by liquor? You want to regulate that
any employee have the medical skills to tell if someone has been
drinking, or will you not risk ousting people who have medical conditions
that make them "appear" to have been drinking.  Obviously you do not want
people drinking at all ages events (ANY all ages event, not just
dances) but the responsible thing to do is to kick out someone for
drinking, or having liquor, not for "appearing" to be effected. 
 4.  The licensee or any employee, agent, partner, director,
 officer or manager thereof has, on three or more occasions during
 any one- year period, knowingly allowed or permitted on the premises the
 unlawful possession, manufacture, sale, delivery, dispensing,
 distribution, or the possession with intent to manufacture, sell,
 deliver, dispense or distribute a drug, legend drug, controlled
 substance or imitation controlled substance, or knowingly has
 failed to remove from the premises any person who appears to be
 under the influence of or affected by any drug or controlled
 substance; or
Excuse me. Not all drugs are bad. Some people are required to take
controlled substances to live. I know youth who would die if they were not
permitted to possess appropriate drugs. This whole section is drug war
nonsense. We have laws against a great many drugs. If we want to stop drug
abuse we would work to get rid of some of those laws, not make a special
one for people who choose to dance to music rather than watch the band.
 5.  On three or more occasions during any one-year period, the
 building, structure, equipment or premises for which the license
 was issued has not complied with the building, zoning, planning,
 health and fire codes, or the noise control ordinance; or
Hrmmm, wouldn't we want to take a look at the new noise ordinance that the
city is still working on ?(ask why you haven't heard much about that whole
 6.  The licensee or any employee, agent, partner, director,
 officer or manager thereof has knowingly allowed or permitted:
 a.  Any felony crime of violence as defined by RCW 9.41.010(11), a
 most serious offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(23), a violent
 offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(38),  or a felony involving
 the use or display of a deadly weapon to occur in or upon the
 premises; or
 b.  Any felony sexual offense, including but not limited to a sex
 offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030(33) or RCW Ch. 9A.44, a felony
 as defined by RCW Ch. 9.68A (sexual exploitation of minors), RCW
 9A.64 (family offenses) or RCW Ch. 9A.88 (indecent exposure and
 prostitution), a felony sexual offense included under RCW
 43.43.830(5) (crimes against children or other persons), or
 extortion to obtain sexual favors pursuant to RCW 9A.56.110 to
 occur on the premises; or
 c. Any felony sexual offense involving a minor as the victim, or
 any crime involving prostitution or promoting prostitution, or
 indecent exposure to occur on the premises; or
 d. Any act of solicitation for prostitution to occur on the
 premises; or
 e.  The unlawful possession of any weapon or firearm to occur on
 the premises; or
Granted, we do not want employees of dance halls to permit crimes to be
broken. But don't we want this for ANY business. Why is this just for
businesses that permit dance.
 7.  The licensee or any agent, partner, director, officer,
 principal or on-site manager thereof has violated any of the
 provisions of this Chapter or committed any act which is a ground
 for denial of a license issued pursuant to this Chapter.
 B.  The duration of any suspensions or revocations of licenses
 issued under this Chapter shall be as follows:
 1.  A 30-day suspension upon the first violation during any one-
 year period by any licensee or at any All-Ages Dance Venue;
 2.  A 90-day suspension upon the second such violation;
 3.  A one-year revocation upon the third such violation;
I guess there is no use giving someone a license, if you are not prepared
to take it away.
 Provided, however, that if a license is suspended because of a
 determination or conviction as set forth in Subsections B2, B3 or
 B4 of Section 6.295.100 of this Chapter, then the periods of
 disqualification as set forth in those subsections shall apply to
 any person to whom such disqualification pertains; and provided
 further that, for purposes of this subsection, the fourth and
 subsequent occasions during any one-year period upon which the
 licensee or any employee, agent, partner, director, officer or
 manager thereof has knowingly allowed or permitted on the premises
 the unlawful possession, consumption, opening, sale, purchase or
 supplying of liquor since the license was last granted or renewed
 each shall count as a separate violation; and provided further,
 that for purposes of this subsection, the fourth and subsequent
 occasions during any one-year period upon which the licensee or
 any employee, agent, partner, director, officer or manager thereof has
 knowingly allowed or permitted on the premises the unlawful
 possession, manufacture, sale, delivery, dispensing, distribution
 or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, deliver, dispense
 or distribute a drug, legend drug, controlled substance or
 imitation controlled substance each shall count as a separate
 violation; and provided further, that for purposes of this
 subsection, the fourth and subsequent occasions during any
 one-year period on which the building, structure, equipment or premises
 for which the license was issued has not complied with the building,
 zoning, planning, health and fire codes, or the noise control
 ordinance, each shall count as a separate violation.
Don't we already have laws on the books that cover all of this??
 6.295.170  Operating without a License.
 A.  Any person who shall conduct or operate an All-Ages Dance or
 All-Ages Dance Venue without a valid license issued pursuant to
 this Chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor, and may be punished by a
 fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by
 imprisonment for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days, or by both such
 fine and imprisonment. Absolute liability is imposed by this
 Subsection pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code Section 12A.04.100.
Have a dance, go to jail. I am surprised they are not impounding the dance
hall (I better strike that line from the copy I send to my Council
Members, I would hate to give them any ideas.) 90 days in jail for putting
on a dance. Again, I have to ask what country we are in. This is not the
type of law I want in a FREE country.
 B.  Any person convicted of a crime pursuant to the above
 Subsection A is ineligible to apply for an All-Ages Dance license
 for (30) days following such conviction.
 6.295.180  Appeals of License Denials, Suspensions or Revocations
 Role of Music and Youth Commission.
 A.  Appeals from denials, suspensions or revocations of licenses
 issued under this Chapter shall be heard and decided jointly by
 the Hearing Examiner and two (2) Youth and Music Commission
 members as provided herein. Except as otherwise provided herein, these
 appeals shall be heard in the manner prescribed by Seattle
 Municipal Code Chapters 3.02 and 6.202.
Due process? Now tha's a nice idea.
 B.  Whenever the Hearing Examiner receives a timely notice of
 appeal, pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code Section 6.202.270, of a
 decision to deny, suspend or revoke a license issued pursuant to
 this Chapter, the Commission shall without delay select, by
 majority vote, two (2) of its members to hear and decide that
 appeal jointly with the Hearing Examiner.  Only Commission members
 appointed by the City Council pursuant to Subsection A 1 of
 Seattle Municipal Code Section 6.295.190 shall be eligible to be
 selected to hear and decide such appeals. In considering the
 selection of Commission members to hear such appeals, the
 Commission shall apply the provisions of Seattle Municipal Code Section
 4.16.070.  No Commission member whose participation in the hearing and
 decision of an appeal would violate Section 4.16.070 shall be
 selected to hear and decide such appeal.
This is not a bad idea at all. If it were part of a fair and
comprehensive event ordinance, I might favor it. But as it is, it is part
of an ordinance that targets only one specific type of music event. And we
see below, while the rest of the law only deals with this one type of
music, the "Commission" is dealing with music in general...
 6.295.190  Music and Youth Commission - Composition and Authority.
 A.  There is established a twelve (12)-member Music and Youth
 Commission. Six (6) Commission members shall be appointed by
 majority vote of the City Council, and six (6) Commission members
 shall be appointed by the Mayor, as follows:
 1.  Five (5) of the six (6) Commission members appointed by the
 City Council shall be Seattle residents with a demonstrated
 interest in matters relating to music and musical events,
 neighborhood or youth-related issues, public safety or law-
 enforcement. To the extent possible, these Commission members
 should represent persons of diverse ages and interests, and should
 represent a variety of the City's neighborhoods. The City Council
 also shall endeavor to appoint Commission members that include
 parents, youth, band members, persons involved in conducting or 
 operating musical events or venues, and members of neighborhood
 groups. Commission members appointed under this subsection may not
 be employees of the City of Seattle, and will serve without
I am not sure why band members and people operating other musical events
or venues should serve. All the rules, regulations, and punishments
described in this proposal ONLY effect dance music. Shouldn't the
"commission" also be made up of people in the Dance Music community. Maybe
if the YMTF had included people in this community we wouldn't be looking
at this proposal. 
I really do like the idea of a youth and music commission. But like the
other sections of this proposal that I like, I feel that it should be as
part of a fair and comprehensive event ordinance (if the city really is
lacking in such laws)
 2.  The sixth Commission member appointed by the City Council
 shall be a City Council member or Council staff person.
 3.  The six (6) Commission members appointed by the Mayor shall be
 City employees with a demonstrated expertise in or professional
 responsibility for law enforcement, public safety, musical events,
 or youth or neighborhood issues and related matters. Mayoral
 appointees shall include, among others, representatives from the
 police department and fire department.
In a democracy wouldn't we want to elect these people???
 B.  Each Commission member shall serve a two (2)-year term;
 provided, however, that three (3) of the initial City Council
 appointees and three (3) of the initial Mayoral appointees shall
 serve initial terms of one (1) year, to provide for staggered
 terms. Following the initial appointments, the terms of one-half
 (1/2) of the Mayoral appointees and one-half (1/2) of the Council
 appointees shall begin on January 1 of even-numbered years, with
 all other terms beginning on January 1 of odd-numbered years. No
 Commission member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.
 Vacancies shall be filled for the duration of an unexpired term in
 the same manner as the original appointment. If a person is
 appointed to fill the duration of an unexpired term, then that
 term shall qualify as one (1) of the two (2) consecutive terms only if
 the portion of the unexpired term actually served is one (1) year
 or more.  If the appointing authority fails to appoint or re-
 appoint a person to fill a Commission position before the
 incumbent Commission member's term has expired, then the incumbent may
 remain in his or her position for a period not to exceed 60 days
 until such appointment or re-appointment is made. The authority that
 appointed a Commission member may remove that Commission member at
 will.  The Commission may, by majority vote, remove from office a
 Commission member who is absent without excuse from three (3)
 Commission meetings during any one (1)-year period. The Commission
 may adopt, promulgate, amend and rescind administrative rules and
 regulations for its own conduct.
Just housekeeping.
 1.  The purposes and duties of the Commission are as follows:
 a.  To promote and facilitate communication and understanding
 between and among all-ages and youth music and dance promoters and
 licensees, musicians, youth, parents, and governmental officials;
 b.  To promote an understanding of laws, policies and resources
 relating to all-ages and youth music and dance events and venues
 in the City, and to make recommendations concerning these laws, 
 policies and resources; and
 c.  To provide, through its own broad-based membership, an
 informed opinion concerning all-ages and youth music and dance venues in
 the City, to complement the work of the City's elected officials and
 departments in these areas, and to make recommendations to those
 elected officials; and
 d.  When pertinent, to solicit public comment on issues relating
 to all-ages and youth music and dance events and venues in the City;
 2.  Pursuant to Subsection B of Seattle Municipal Code Section
 6.295.180, to select Commission members to hear and decide,
 jointly with the Hearing Examiner, appeals from the denial,
 suspension or revocation of a license issued pursuant to this Chapter.
It just seems very odd to me that the same ordinance that creates rules,
license and punishment for only one very specific type of music, then goes
out a creates such a broad commission. Again, if we are going to have a
law that ONLY deals with dance music, the least we could expect is that
the commission we form to deal with that law will also come from the dance
community. It's the big thing this entire proposal lacks. Fairness. Rock &
Roll is good. Disco Sucks. sigh.
 6.295.200  Validity of Licenses Issued under Former Chapter 6.294.
 All licenses issued under former Seattle Municipal Code Chapter
 6.294 prior to the effective date of this ordinance, and which are
 otherwise valid, shall remain valid for thirty (30) days following
 the effective date of this ordinance.
   Section 3.  All violations occurring, all proceedings begun, and
 all notices given under Chapter 6.294  of the Seattle Municipal
 Code as it existed prior to its repeal by this ordinance shall
 continue unaffected by this ordinance.
 Section 4.  Severability.  The several provisions of this 
 ordinance are declared to be separate and severable and the
 invalidity of any clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision,
 section, or portion of this ordinance, or the invalidity of the
 application thereof to any person or circumstance, shall not
 affect the validity of the remainder of this ordinance or the validity
 of its application to other persons or circumstances.
   Section 5.  This ordinance shall take effect and be in force
 thirty (30) days from and after its approval by the Mayor, but if
 not approved and returned by the Mayor within ten (10) days after
 presentation, it shall take effect as provided by Municipal Code
 Section 1.04.020.
   Passed by the City Council the _____ day of ____________, 2000,
 and signed by me in open session in authentication of its passage
 this _____ day of _________________, 2000.
That's the whole deal. While I have great respect and admiration for those
that worked so hard on it, sometimes allies must disagree. I find this to
be blatantly unfair. I think we should go back to the drawing table. I
think we should have Public Hearings (it would be nice if Council Members
would attend, the last Public Hearing on this was attended by only one
Council Member.) We should look carefully at existing laws that regulate
businesses and events. We should look at building codes, fire safety
rules, drug and liquor laws with a critical eye. I think if we look at the
totality of laws on the books now, we will find we do not need this
proposal and can safely repeal the Teen Dance Ordinance. If on the other
hand, we find we are missing something and we really need a new law to
protect our youth at events, than that law should be fair and
comprehensive. It should be constitutionally sound. It should apply to all
events ever a certain size.
I believe that people who support this proposal believe that it is
significantly better than the current law, and that it is the best we can
do, at this time. I respect that opinion, but I do not agree. I think if
we stick to our guns we can continue call for a complete repleal of the
We must act fast to let the City Council know our wishes. They seem to be
of the mind that their is no opposition to this proposal from the music
community, or the dance community. It is important that we let them know
that many of us are actually quite concerned with the details in this
Tim Crowley
Free Speech Seattle.
seattle music web - http://www.seattlemusicweb.com/
free speech seattle http://freespeechseattle.org/
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The partial result-
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I was in the pub last night, and a guy asked me for a light for his cigarette. I suddenly realised that there was a demand here and money to be made, and so I agreed to light his cigarette for 10 pence, but I didn't actually give him a light, I sold him a license to burn his cigarette. My fire-license restricted him from giving the light to anybody else, after all, that fire was my property. He was drunk, and dismissing me as a loony, but accepted my fire (and by implication the licence which governed its use) anyway. Of course in a matter of minutes I noticed a friend of his asking him for a light and to my outrage he gave his cigarette to his friend and pirated my fire! I was furious, I started to make my way over to that side of the bar but to my added horror his friend then started to light other people's cigarettes left, right, and centre! Before long that whole side of the bar was enjoying MY fire without paying me anything. Enraged I went from person to person grabbing their cigarettes from their hands, throwing them to the ground, and stamping on them.

Strangely the door staff exhibited no respect for my property rights as they threw me out the door.

--Ian Clarke
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