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2. Microradio: Global Alt.Media
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[<ST> communique]
<ST> welcomes back all to the transmissions.
dj tobias will be playing @ Aftertouch on March 30th in Seattle. Email shrumtribe@techno.ca for limited guestlist.
<STC> will be producing an event on May6th for Vancouver Mayworks. More information in the coming weeks:
:musikal resistance:
<STC> and MWAL
may6th @ La Quena, 7-11pm
sliding scale donation
vancouver canada
a night of musik, performance
art, poetry, images, sound and
talks from the radical electronic
Including djs tobias,
construct and glyn.
Speakers Agent T-X;
pamphlets and propaganda.
::resistance radio::
every thursday at 7pm PST
w/resident dj tobias + guests
upcoming schedule:
Send information, responses and replies to:
604.444.8024 infoline
Past issues of <ST> Transmissions are available
by contacting shrumtribe@techno.ca
[2. Microradio: Global Alt.Media]
[from Agent M]
http://www.radio4all.net/ is an archive of progressive political radio programming intended for rebroadcast on microradio. Microradio, when combined with internet distribution, could create a stronger, cooperative and more accessable global free media. This would be especially good for countries where computers aren't prevelent.
>Creating Independent Media
>Greetings from Free Radio Berkeley IRATE
>(International Radio Action Training Education)
Months before the police state and riot during the week of WTO actions in Seattle a number of incredibly dedicated folks came together to create the Seattle Independent Media Center. Its mission was to provide direct coverage from the street through all available media. It succeeded well beyond anyone's expectations and hopes thanks to the hard work of hundreds of media activists and volunteers.  Video and audio feeds were streamed from a web site bringing the images and sounds of unfolding events in the streets of Seattle to a worldwide audience. Up to the minute written reports and digital still images, some sent directly from the street via lap-tops and wireless modems, were available as well. A daily half-hour video was produced and fed via satellite to community access TV centers. And, much more, including a web cast radio station, Studio X (Voices of Occupied Seattle), which provided live running commentary, reports from the field, etc. to a global audience. Adding to this rich media mix were several micropower broadcast stations, one operating in Seattle and one beaming in a signal from the Olympic Peninsula. All of the content created during the Seattle actions is available on - www.indymedia.org.
Based on this inspiring accomplishment, many people want to build on
this model and go forward to create independent media centers for their regions, linking them together through the Internet.  With Mayday 2000 events looming on the horizon folks are organizing to create independent media operations to provide the needed coverage. To that end Free Radio Berkeley is offering a series of training workshops on micropower broadcasting, internet web casting, digital audio editing, and more. Everyone is encouraged to set up micropower broadcasting stations for May Day 2000 despite the ruling by the FCC creating a low power FM service, a move designed to co-opt people's efforts to take back their airwaves from the corporate media conglomerates. Check out - www.radio4all.org and www.freeradio.org. It would be very interesting if all micropower stations were linked together for an hour so on May Day 2000 via the internet as a statement of opposition to the corporate domination of media resources and our lives in general.
Further, it does not take much in the way of equipment to provide content to a web site. A mid range Pentium class computer with a good quality sound card and adequate disk storage plus a portable audio recording deck and microphone. Using sound editing software such as Cool Edit 2000, one can create radio programs for wide distribution.
See the web site - www.radio4all.net - for this. Information and links are provided on this site for creating audio content.  Video requires a bit more in terms of system capacity but the principles are similar. Existing micropower and community radio stations are urged to make use of the content available on the radio4all site, and to contribute content as well. Individuals and groups can download the sound files and transfer the audio to cassette for distribution amongst their associates and in their community. As we approach May Day 2000 and beyond it is important that everyone give consideration to setting up some type of informational media feed to cover events in their area. For example check out
the site set up by Radio Lora in Berne, Switzerland to cover demonstrations at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. That site is: www.lora.ch/davos/index.htm
The folks who put together the software to run the web servers for the Seattle Independent Media Center are making the source code available to anyone who wants to replicate that type of server operation. The site
for this open source software is: www.active.org.au/sydney/about
Watch out CNN, here comes ACNN - Anti Corporate News Network.
>For further information: Call 510-549-0732 or email
>to frbspd@crl.com.
>Web site: www.freeradio.org
[3. Richmond's Rave Permit ByLaw]
[With this bylaw Richmond does two very important things. One, it gives complete monopoly to only two venues in Richmond where "raves" are allowed to be held, and two, it makes throwing smaller, non-commercial events under 500 people absolutely impossibe. With the passing of this bylaw we see the blatant commercialisation of events and also the payoff scheme arranged for the two approved venues. Smaller, uncommercialised events can no longer operate legally. First, they cannot afford the mandatory policing costs; and second, they cannot rent any venues save the two massive, politrickally-paid off "richmond halls." No one would throw a 500 (or less) person party in a venue that holds 2000 and costs thousands of dollars to rent. This practically criminalises smaller events. Celebrations of small pockets of culture are *illegal* through the expense of this permit system. Agent T-X]
Subject: Richmond passes Rave Permit By-Law today
[Please note this is only a precis of the bylaw and not to be taken as an official announcement.] This afternoon, Richmond City Council passed By-Law No.7123 which enacted a new permit process for all commerical entertainment events past 2 am in Richmond.
- permit process takes effect May 1, 2000.
- it requires an application to be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event.
- it will cost $100 to process (this includes the actual cost of the permit).
- promoters and vendors must have a City of Richmond business licence.
- promoter will have to provide details on such matters as: provisions for first aid & security, crowd control, post-party neighbourhood clean up, hours of operation, sound-proofing plans and parking and transportation arrangements. As well they will be required to have proper insurance and to provide access to free potable water as well as space for community-based drug & health awareness displays.
- there must be a minimum of 1 police officer for the first 500 persons and a further officer for each additional 250 persons.
- currently events can only take place at Riverside Banquet Hall and Riverside Palace.
After meeting with a group of promoters on March 7th, city planners did make some ammendments to the by-law as per requested - however some of the key drawbacks were left intact: including the minimum policing requirement; and the monopoly to provide venues given to Riverside Banquet Hall and Riverside Palace. To add any other venue to the list will require a full by-law ammendment!
Some positive concessions were made though, including:
1) waiving the need for a permit before advertising, promoting, or organising an event. Thus anyone who plans or promotes an event but does not get a permit will have the sole responsibility of cancelling or finding another adequate and legal space elsewhere.
Resulting from our meeting they had removed "advertise" but left "promote and organise". However I pointed out that to promote and advertise is essentially the same thing in our industry as well as the fact that it would be impossible for one to apply for a permit if one hadn't even organized the event. I couldn't believe they actually wanted us to have a permit before we even organized the event!!  [This is logically impossible-- Agent T-X]
2) changing the minimum police requirement from "1 for the first 250 patrons + 1 per 250 thereafter" to "1 for the first 500 patrons + 1 per 250 thereafter".
**After much discussion they did not believe that smaller events did not require police - even though Vancouver doesn't require police on events 600 or under.** However they did indicate that they would look at the data on this at the first review period. Fortunately they also did bring down the costs for the police - such that poicing costs would currently cost around $520 for an event of 500 or under. [For a non-commercial event, this cost prohibits the event. Agent T-X]
**In my opinion, the most unacceptable stipulation is the legislated monopoly on the supply of venues. I intend to follow this up with legal counsel to see if it is legal for them to legislate such a monopoly. Zoning by-laws as well as the other stipulations in this by-law should be sufficient to avoid having raves in venues that would impact negatively on Richmond.**
If you have a problem with this or any other stipulation I advise you write a letter to the City of Richmond indicating your feelings. You can send any comments to: Mayor Halsey-Brandt, City of Richmond 7577 Elmbridge Way Richmond, British Columbia Canada, V6X 2Z8; Phone: (604) 276-4123;Fax: (604) 276-4332; or e-mail the Mayor's Assistant (Hilda Ward) @ hward@city.richmond.bc.ca]
A copy of the new by-law should be available on the City of Richmond website for public viewing sometime soon. You should be able to find more info at this url in a day or two:
Unfortunately we find ourselves in the position again where we've taken a positive step forward that will need some fine-tuning for it to be truly inclusive & effective. However it is a huge first step that needed to be taken and brings us that much closer to something more acceptable.
Dave @ High End Productions
[4. stimuli]
Check out Tamara's show and the Tech Itch and Decoder set
Dara's show Velocity every week. NYC
DnB Arena, of course
[other musik]
[other things]
http://www.standonguard.com/ Canadian World Domination
http://urban75.com UK techno resistance
pomo storytelling machine
[5. deployment]
::techno deployment across canada and the west coast::
please send rekon to: shrumtribe@techno.ca
mar24[vic] Jae Chubb & Spencer @ Neptune Soundbar
mar25[vic] Q LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
mar30[sea] TOBIAS @ Aftertouch http://www.grokstudios.com
apr01[van] FOOL'S DAY PARADE. 12 noon. 1055 Beach Ave., start.
apr3[van] LTJ BUKEM @ Sonar
apr9-16[washington DC] A16: IMD/World Bank DEMO.
apr15[vic] Pilgrims of the Mind LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
TV TURNOFF WEEK April 22 - 28 www.adbusters.org
may6[van] <STC> musikal resistance @ la quena. 7-11pm
may15[van] Mad Professor @ Sonar
may16[van] Deep Concentration 3 @Sonar [turntablism]
may16[sf] TOBIAS @ Static http://www.belief-systems.com/static/
may17[vic] Perlon Records live PA+dj @Neptune Sound Bar
may19[university of chicago] dialogue: jeff mills & richie hawtin.
june01[sea] TOBIAS @ Aftertouch http://www.grokstudios.com
june03[sea] Quelque Chose release party, feat. Tobias, Sutekh,
Neb Eliven, Brahman. http://www.grokstudios.com
june23[vic] Mike Grant @Neptune Sound Bar
july22[vic] Sutekh live PA @Neptune Sound Bar
[North American Mouse on Mars Tour Schedule]
Tue Apr 18th San Diego Casbah*
Wed Apr 19th Los Angeles TBA*
Thu Apr 20th San Francisco TBA*
Sat Apr 22nd Portland Crystal Ballroom*
Sun Apr 23rd Seattle Aero*s
Mon Apr 24th Vancouver TBA*
Wed Apr 26th San Francisco Great American*
Fri Apr 28th Chicago Metro*
Sat Apr 29th Chicago Metro*
Sun Apr 30th Detroit Magic Stick
Mon May 1st Toronto Lee's Palace*
Mon May 2nd Montreal Jailhouse Rock*
Wed May 3rd Boston Middle East*
Thu May 4th New York Irving Plaza
Fri May 5th New York TBA*
Sat May 6th Philadelphia TBA*
Sun May 7th Washington DC TBA*
[Gallery Shows]
[sea]  "Evidence" @ Consolidated Works, Contemp. Arts Center.
A graffiti exhibit displaying the works of Barry McGee, as well as AMAZE, BAM crew, MAD crew & PARS, in a two-week residency resulting in site specific murals covering every wall in the gallery. Where: Consolidated Works, 401 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA. Contact: (206) 860-5245
[van] Sakurai O'Regan @ Havanna on Commercial Drive
tokyo.london.paris.new york - spring 2000 collection
a collection of silkscreen prints...lots for sale (including slipmats!)
really-really funny pop-art...ie... hello kissy - a print of 4 hello kitty characters done up like kiss...lots of crazy postcards, stickers, posters...
[6. addendum]
Canada is bigger than and is on top of the US.
In other words, if we were in prison, the US would be our bitch.
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Kudos: Agent M, Agent T-X, Clone, Agent S(k)I, Madame Psychosis, db
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