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[<ST> communique]
<ST> welcomes back all to the transmissions.
Today a look at the media and the way
it views protest, and the way protesters
view each other.
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[ 2. the media]
Mainstream media (usually owned by conservative interests) and the police
are maintaining a tradition of intolerance toward protest. To them,
protesters are an annoyance that should be eliminated.
Mainstream media seems to have an unwritten doctrine of blaming the victim.
Coverage belittles the demands of the protesters, tries to portray
protesters as social undesirables, and, when violence is used to disperse a
protest, will blame the violence on the behavior of the protesters.
Conservative elements of society willing to resort to violence to quell
dissent and inflict economic violence (slashing social spending, despite the
continuing decay of the job market), are called "responsible."
The police simply work with government to find legal excuses to suppress
protest. Vancouver is setting an example in this method. Vancouver bylaws
equating protests with festivals have resulted in the random, after-the-fact
billing of legal protests for "police protection" and surveillance
(resulting exorbatant bills that are thousands of dollars, some more than
$10,000). Now some protests are cancelled when organizers are told what the
costs might be when they apply for a permit.
Last year there was a protest against the APEC pepper spraying and Canadian
economic policies during Jean Chretian's visit to Vancouver. I was there and
it was, ironically, as brutal as the original APEC incident (maybe not
surprising, seeing as "Seargeant Pepper", who gave the order for the APEC
spraying, was organizing the police presence).
After a few protesters got behind police lines (and were arrested), the
crowd of protesters, most of whom were sitting down, were marched into by
riot police. The police beat people who were in their way with batons,
resulting in a number of injuries. I was on the other side of the building,
where we were blocking one of the entrances, and was bodychecked in the back
by a police officer, who after knocking me to the ground jumped on another
protester, forcing him to the ground. I wasn't injured by the hit, but I
could easily have been. There was no need to resort to violence... the main
entrance was protected by police and easily accessable.
Although some coverage showed the bleeding victims of police violence, most
media coverage of this event unsurprisingly blamed the police violence on
the protestors.
Peaceful protest is a legitimate way of expressing dissatisfaction against
unfairness. If a society doesn't tolerate dissent then it is no longer free.
Many people today have been lulled to sleep by the insidious programming of
mass media, feeling uncomfortable with expressing radical opinions, feeling
uncomfortable of dreaming of a more fair, sane future.
[Agent M]
[3. peaceful protest & anarchism]
From a discussion between Madame Psychosis and
Agent T-X on the semi-violent actions of anarchists
at N30 (Seattle WTO protest). Agent T-X is responding
to Madame's claim, that:
> It is thus important to remember that the individuals that acted violently
> today were not part of the protest; they were not violent protesters nor
> necessarily violent people but, rather, people acting violently.

You guys have such troubles with Anarchists, eh?
I thought it was funny when the news saw the Anarchists.
They were like "they dress all in black, they wear hooded sweatshirts," etc,
and then the business owners were like "well if you are going to protest
don't protest like this," one guy even said that "anarchists should protest
peacefully just like everyone else."
You know, I cannot help but bite my tongue, because _these are anarchists_.
What the hell did everyone expect? Peaceful anarchists? Cuddly anarchists?
Some anarchists believe that the only way to bring about change is through
violence. Violent upheaval. Same with many diehard socialists.
There seemed to be much ignorance on the part of the news with this conference.
They were so shocked and stunned the whole way through. I mean, did they even
cover APEC when it was in Vancouver? Did they even notice what went on? Did they even notice or report on what happened at the WTO last year in Geneva? Or APEC 5 years ago, when _hundreds of thousands_ rioted?
People are complacent to the point where they expect social change to happen
with sign-carrying and chanting. Well, it's all fair and good, but Nike does not give a shit and neither do the dearly elected officials.
On the other hand, small groups of anarchists smashing business windows
does little as well.
If people really want to stop the WTO and go beyond being a soft-hearted liberal,
they've got to either
1) organise like Ghandi
2) riot like the Bolsheviks
3) fight like the Canadians (We burnt down the White House).
Now, hopefully, Ghandi-esque action will work.
But nothing short of millions will do.
Hopefully this does not occur too late--
the WTO is a monster that has already caused far, far
more damage than some broken shop windows, tear-gassed
individuals and destroyed newspaper stands.
Here in North America, we are so caught up in our own self-indulgence
that when mass social movements happen we get so caught up in our
own narcississtic loss and/or gain that we forget the bigger picture.
These anarchists are perhaps rioting because they see it as the only way
to bring about social change on a massive scale in order to completely
destroy the capitalist machine that creates(d) things like the WTO.
People forget that protesting, and the act of protesting, does not make
you a card-carrying member of capitalism or American/CDN styled democracy.
Some people are protesting against the entire system.
And you've also got to wonder as to the underlying social tensions which
are existing in order to create this sort of violence.
Serious problems exist, and waving signs, while maybe good for the media,
won't change those sweatshops, strike down environmental laws, and stop
general human self-suicide.
> The more important issue is whether these "violent protesters" are
> protesters at all.  This is not the most visible issue, but I think it is
> the issue that really gets to the bottom of this feeling of "unfairness" we,
> the peaceful protesters, have about the handful of people who acted
> violently.  The people who engaged in violent and destructive activities
> today were not part of the protest at all, or, at least, they were not
> necessarily protesters.  To protest is to have a message; the purpose of
> protesting is to convey that message.  The message we all gathered downtown
> to express today was one concerned with the effects and implications of the
> WTO (and the effects of free-trade in particular) as well as a message
> concerned with corporate rule and the legitimacy of the authority of the
> multi-national corporation.  I do not believe that the goal of the "rioters"
> was to convey such a message.
I disagree.
> if the "goal" of the "rioters"
> was to take a jab at the WTO and corporate power, attacking this jewelry
> store would be completely counter-intuitive!
Again, I think the point is being missed. The point of an anarchist, a violent anarchist, is to smash capitalism. In all its forms. The point of an anarchist is also to cause social upheaval. By any means possible. By doing things such as throwing M-80s into the crowd.
>  It's perfectly reasonable to believe that vandalizing or
> stealing during such a situation is less likely to be one motivated by the
> ideologies of the protest and much more likely to be motivated by, "hey --
> free shit!"
I think you doubt some of the ideologies of these people--
namely socialists and some anarchists--
that is:
private property is a crime.
> I commend the media, too, for doing a surprisingly good job of making it
> explicit that the "rioters" were not representative of the protesting going
> on.
Sure they were. It's just that you don't agree with them.
There is no easy way to close off the "set" of protesters.
This sounds highly suspicious to me--
"you are only a protester if...."
Remember that any set of anything is defined in tautology;
what constitutes the set *is* the set.
These people were not peaceful-- but they were out to make a point,
just as the peaceful protesters.
I just think that people are incredibly complacent to the point that
when violence occurs, it utterly shocks them. Don't be surprised,
is my answer. Just because we are in North America does not mean
that social upheaval cannot happen.
> It is thus important to remember that the individuals that acted violently
> today were not part of the protest; they were not violent protesters nor
> necessarily violent people but, rather, people acting violently.
Right, and:
"It is thus important to remember that the individuals that acted peacefully
today were not part of the protest; they were not peaceful protesters nor
necessarily peaceful people but, rather, people acting peacefully."
It holds.
[Agent T-X in response to Madame Psychosis]
[4. stimuli ]
more info on Underground Resistance vs. BMG/Sony
real audio interview about the issue
> in other news, alec empire and dhr are also waging a legal battle against
> sony because they used one of their songs on a commercial outright without
> permission. alec empire also talks about his support for ur on his website
> http://www.digitalhardcore.com
funk balls- insane violence
> 5. Canadian Civil Liberties Association Seeks Investigation of
> Mass Strip Search at Rave
> > UFO sound-system organised a free party this weed-end near Fontainebleau, 60 km
> > south of Paris. About 1000 people and a 10 kw rig. At 8 police attacked suddenly
> > with lacrymo gas & flash-ball, hitting everybody, molesting girls, destroying
> > decks & cars. It was a show of histeria. Of course, many of the ravers started
> > to throw stones or anything toward police. Fight ceased afer one hour and 4
> > policemen were hurted and at least 20 ravers. 11 people arrested. UFO's (hired)
> > rig was confiscated. Thing is, police never tried to negociate anything : they
> > just attacked !
> >
> > Troubles are getting more and more serious here in France...
> >
> > regards
> >
> > ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
> > Emmanuel Grynszpan
> >
> > vice-prιsident de Technoplus http://www.technoplus.org
> > ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
[5. deployment]
::techno deployment across canada and the west coast::
please send rekon to: shrumtribe@techno.ca
feb27[van] Eye of Newt Collective at the Blinding Light Cinema, 8:30pm
mar02[vic] Interchill Organic Electronic @ Neptune Soundbar
mar03[vic] Orca w/ dub gnostic & spencer @ Neptune Soundbar
mar04[vic] Modern Deep Left Core Tete LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
mar04[sea] Multiple Technological Orgasms: Ambient Party
mar05[van] NINJA TUNE [Amon Tobin, Wiggy Smalls, Steinski]
@ the Sugar Refinery 1115 Granville St. Tix @ Boomtown only
 mar4-5[waterloo] STUDENTS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS conference
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mar09[sea] Aron Schoppert @ Aftertouch
mar11[vic] Velvet LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
mar11[toronto] JEFF MILLS @ Mach2
mar17[vic] Organic Decay: Tyler Stadius & dub gnostic @ Neptune Soundbar
mar18[vic] Cobblestone Jazz (Garden City Dubs) LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
mar24[vic] Jae Chubb & Spencer @ Neptune Soundbar
mar25[vic] Q LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
mar30[sea] TOBIAS @ Aftertouch http://www.grokstudios.com
apr15[vic] Pilgrims of the Mind LIVE @ Neptune Soundbar
may12[sf] TOBIAS @ Tetractys http://www.philtre.com/tetractys/
may16[sf] TOBIAS @ Static http://www.belief-systems.com/static/
may19[university of chicago] dialogue: jeff mills & richie hawtin.
may25[sea] TOBIAS @ Aftertouch http://www.grokstudios.com
may27[sea] Quelque Chose release party, feat. Tobias, Sutekh,
Neb Eliven, Brahman. http://www.grokstudios.com
the henry art gallery @ the university of washington currently has three
quality exhibits:
::shifting ground:: - transformed views of the american landscape
this exhibit looks at the evolving relationship and tension between
landscape and technology.
::inside out:: - new chinese works
this exhibit isn't going to be at the henry much longer -- only through
march 5th. film, installations, sculpture, etc. this is a must see;
definitely one of the best exhibitions at the henry this academic year (if
not _the_ best this year).
::iρigo manglano-ovalle:: - banks in pink and blue
an installation inviting a "dialogue about the legal, artistic and ethical
issues surrounding genetics and dna." cryogenic sperm banks (one pink, one
blue) containing gender-separated sperm specimens. a video with a woman
reciting the contracts negotiated between the specimen lenders, museum, and
artist. the whole thing ironically (?) has a very cold and sterile feel.
all three are worth seeing. i recommend visiting soon -- before "inside
out" is gone.
info: hartg@u.washington.edu
or: 206-543-2280
[6. addendum]
Wright unveiled a new poster for newsrooms across the country entitled "Practise Safe Sourcing." It includes a list of FBA-approved neutral sources on various issues that reporters can quote without fear of contaminating their stories with bias, including:
The Fraser Institute
Business Council on National Issues
The Fraser Institute
David Frum
The Fraser Institute
Preston Manning
The Fraser Institute
Conrad Black or any other CEO earning more than $200,000 per year
The Fraser Institute
Any WTO or APEC official
Monsanto (or the Fraser Institute's genetically modified spokesperson)
A second informational campaign called "FBA's Ten Most Biased Sources" will be targeted at the public as well as media workers. The poster includes mugshots, aliases and descriptions of "dangerously slanted" suspect sources. Writers are warned to "quote with extreme caution" and readers are urged to contact the FBA immediately if they see these sources in print.
The FBA's Ten Most Biased Sources include its "Canada's Media Balance Enemy Number1" Maude "Anti-Corporate Conspirator" Barlow, a.k.a. Mendacious Maudie, or the Neo-Socialist Socialite. Other FBA sources on the most biased list include:
Svend Robinson
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Mel Hurtig
Council of Canadians
Noam Chomsky
Stevie Cameron
Alexa McDonough
John Ralston-Saul
NDP Anything  
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