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<ST> welcomes back all to the transmissions.
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[2. On DJING]
it's a scary fact: i've played at parties where some of the DJs have their setlist written down mix for mix, even where to do the friggin' mix at in the song! and i've had plenty of djs show up to do a guest slot on my halifax radio show with 6 records, a set written down mix for mix, etc. disgusts me that the urge to "be a dj" has many new "djs" forgetting that if you have the *passion*, the key is to practice practice practice. if you're not in it (djing) for the music, (fame, $, women/men, whatever), then you can get the heck out as far as i'm concerned. anyone who started djing in the 80s (or before) knows what i mean when i say that dj culture has turned the dj from someone who got mistaken for the bartender in the 80s to someone now so popular that people forget that, though there are djs who make music for djs, there are also ARTISTS out there (and yes, some of the artists also djing, you can do both :)) behind the records that djs dj. don't forget the artists, but it seems to be happening. people in the scene tend to know all the djs but they can't name the artists the djs are playing. check out the commentaries
on cognition (http://techno.ca/cognition)about this, the theorem interview on the importance of artists playing live, and the interview with john acquaviva in the same
place re: djing back then vs. djing now.
the direct url for the commentaries
[Andrew Duke]
> Something is wrong with that sort of culture
> (I no longer consider myself a part of it).
> I mean, you wouldn't go promote yourself
> as a professional violinist or guitar player
> after only playing for a couple of months
> of half-assed practice, would you?
> Something has to be said for integrity and
> practice, and furthermore, self-respect.
> It would seem to me to be a matter of
> honour and conversely shame not to
> spin-out, especially market yourself (its
> a different thing to work up your skills
> playing house-parties, say) if you simply
> can't even handle the basics. It's like
> not knowing all the chords on your guitar
> or not knowing all the hand positions as a
> violinist. It's cheating, and fake, and soul-less,
> passionless and destitute. It's attention-grabbing
> and fame-hogging. Observers like me certainly
> question the motives of such a "dj."
[Agent T-X]
Just because someone produces awesome tracks, doesn't
mean they can DJ!!! DJing is an art in and of itself,
and artists and producers who actually put effort,
practice and thought into DJING and their music
collection, and are good at it, should get to play out
more, and should get some freaking respect already!!!
What makes me nuts are producers, who just play record
after record, and get booked regularly to play out,
when it is so obvious that they either
a) do not even know how to dj (beat match, program,
etc.) or
b) do not show any skill at DJing at these gigs, but
perhaps they are just keeping their amazing skills
I paid good money to see Talvin Singh, Ashley Beedle,
and Kevin Saunderson all do lame mixing in one way or
another, for example: play one song, then cross fade
on a break into another song at a different bpm, play
another song after this one ends, la la la... etc.
How annoying!!! ...or cross fade over from song to
song for only 4 measures, song after song after song
after song for a whole set. I paid to see this?!
UGH!!! At least try...
But... with all due respect, thank you to these
(non-djing) producers for writing sick tracks! Your
music creating art is much loved and appreciated. It
just simply comes down to this... if you do not know
how to DJ, and you aren't even going to try, then
please step back, and let the people who are putting
real effort into this art do their thang!!!
Love and a 12 inch,
[Agent F-G]
One group of 4 candy kids to another group of 6.
"So do you guys all wanna go to someplace and make out?"
Reply: "Nah, We didn't do enough E."
Overheard at the entrance to Satyricon in the morning.
[3. [Agent B] Warehouse Break-In]
--- You wrote:
So a successful break-in was achieved, hmm?
Warehouse, tunnel, shipping yard?
What was the nature of the occupation?
--- end of quote ---
From this event, I've picked up a new hobby (forget the event--I just want to drive around late at night and break into warehouses), as well as discovered the instrument of my true desire: bolt cutters! How did I go through 23 years of my life without them? And why doesn't every woman have her own?
My partner and I were able to get into this place using a pair of bolt cutters (yay! guess who go to wield them) for the padlock on the gate, and a handy lock-kit on a side door.
Because this space was so amazing, I'm going to give you a long, detailed description. This was a newly abandoned warehouse/office/showroom. I think they had sold farm and construction equiptment. There were two adjacent 6,000 sq meter warehouses, with a smaller (maybe 2,000 sqm) warehouse on the other side of the building. The smaller warehouse housed a forklift and a few other fun pieces of heavy, mobile machinery with the keys in the ignition. Leading from the larger warehouses, there were a series of small carpeted office rooms upstairs, below these offices there were a variety of larger sized rooms with linoleum. The rooms were arranged bee-hive style--that's be best way I can describe it. There were several rooms facing out onto the street, which lead into interior rooms, which in turn lead to further interior room, etc. All the offices facing out to the world still had drapes on the windows. We set up our gear in an good-sized interior downstairs room. The music was inaudible from the warehouses and the outer office rooms, and much of upstairs. Nobody parked around the space, nobody loitered outside, and from the street (and even from right outside the door we used) the place looked completely unoccupied.
The electricity and heat were still running, the water in the bathrooms was still functioning, and the alarm system had been deactivated long before we arrived. There was even an operating water fountain.
One of the upstairs office rooms was stuffed with files of slides (most looked to be photos of farm equipment and construction sites), film reels of early 1970 golf tournaments, and several duplicated photographs of the old owners and employees of the company, along with some more equipment. There were so many photos that the pile on the floor took up half the room (at knee height).
Oh, and at the back of the building, behind the larger warehouses, there were some enormous sheds, a train track, and abandonded fields.
I love industry. Especially depressed industry.
[Agent B]
"[The] feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a
socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave
their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism
and become lesbians. "
- Pat Robertson, fundraising letter, 1992
[4. stimuli] 
http://indamix.simplenet.com/ Ancient house musik
http://www.notype.com/ IDM & Experimental MP3s
[SJB] WTO Audio of police scanner
"In the old days, before the discovery of eruptions, lava had to be hand carried down the mountain and thrown onto the sleeping villagers. This took time."
[5. deployment]
::techno deployment across canada and the west coast::
please send rekon to: shrumtribe@techno.ca
feb12[sea] I SAW YOU @ I<3U. Mike Perkowitz, Ben Sims.
feb18[montreal] MARK FARINA @ Stereo
feb24[sea] AFTERTOUCH opening night: http://www.grokstudios.com
mar04[sea] Multiple Technological Orgasms: Ambient Party
mar11[toronto] JEFF MILLS @ Mach2
may19[university of chicago] dialogue: jeff mills & richie hawtin.
.. ~ tapestry ~ ..
 Thursday February 17th will see the last
Tapestry at Fiction, when we are proud
to present you dj DMS from Guelph, Ontario.
Tapestry is on the move-- stay tuned for more

thursdays @ Fiction
3162 West Broadway
drinks and tapas
no cover 1opm-2am
wood bar.sofa.deep techno
end date: thursday february 17 
[6. addendum]
bahd'd said some shite to Rolando...sound was non-shite-like :) ..could
feel it the bass & have a conversation..fawk...
[DJ Rolando & Mike GRaant from Detroit just played a I dont care my
wannabe girl rocks.ok, sorryu..they layed a ..I mean, an ..a Canadian
ed. Srudents benwefit drawnk
my drunk ass is undergrd.. or resistant..I think
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