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2. n e w . m o o n (::o3) cancelled
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(heya: first of all, a little something going on tonight:)

Tonight @ Sonar Freedom from Toronto will be spinning up a storm
along with Two others (can't remember the names) on the Metro
Breaks Label. Freedom is Probably the best North American Female
D&b/Jungle Dj.

(thanks to vivid)


n e w . m o o n (::o3)

status: cancelled.

report: other manouevres by Moontribe LA in this sector in a free-party
format forced us to reconsider ground zero of sept. 05, 1998.

1010101details1010101 ST and together 604 were all set to bring in
technoheads forest green and the animal beau burke in from the
southern lands of Uncle Sam101010another free gathering being put
on by Moontribe1011010couldn't risk the competition as we would
have had to have charged a small fee10101technohead crowd in
vancouver is still small and fledging10101010the n . m series will be
continuing101010stick to this channel101010

current status: no word on target manouevres

termination: effective.


status: spew hitting streets in van, vic, seattle and down the coast

details1011010Keep your eyes peeled in the fall for an interesting piece
of spew, music and propaganda hitting the streets in van, seattle, vic,
and down the coast.

current status: more tba

dodge the draft: If you are a writer, artist, advertiser/business or
all-round wanker, email tobias@techno.ca for more info.

(co-mmunications up-date)

recieve at http://www.techno.ca/shrumtribe

status: basic, incomplete, and should be up and running in 2-3 days.
On it is info about ST and ST djs, photos from past events, links to
other sites and some neat mushroom pictures. Also check out
techno.ca, the host site, for excellent techno/house/dnb' RA, events,
and home to the technolist, tech-house list, dnb' list, and a bunch of
other work-wasting material.

Events on ST
(in-ternal co-mmands)

~If you want your event posted here, please contact me at least a
~week before the event. This is because I want to limit the emails from
~ST as much as possible, and so group it together with other postings.
~This is also not to say that all events will be posted- all events must
~fall under the guidelines outlined in the ST Info (the thing you got
~when you joined).

`If you have relevant comments about events, djs, promoters etc.,
`please keep them coming. However, this is not a discussion list, so if
`you really want to get into it, take it to NW-Raves, evolve, technolist,
`etc. If you have a comment provide facts to back it up- please no

end of transmission