.musikal resistance from the chora.

So if our acts become one of revolution, at the same time
we are the reflection of a hundred revolutions and silences. So if our acts become art, we are the beginning and the end of perception. So we cut the reality and fold the space into differing worlds where maybe all is one or none or more.



tobias] detroit resistance
[construct] electro voices
[glyn] deep structures
badfengshui] sonicorigami
seedy] piercing distortion
kuma] hentai na ongaku

merlyn - a/v propaganda

featuring...Revolutionaries Anonymous, DIY DOGMA,
& The Hourly Manifesto

MAY 06th, 2000
LA QUENA Coffeehouse
7pm-11pm, sliding scale cost
$4 - $10. no one turned away

Electronic music and avant-garde performance in a revolutionary context. An evening of musik, djs, art, videos, speakers, literature, drinks. Organized by the Shrum Tribe Collective and the Marginalized Workers Action League.

PDF printable poster at:

A Proud Participant of
Mayworks - Vancouver to the World -
A Fundraiser for the
Marginalized Workers Action League